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Vanille de La Réunion / Vanille Bourbon by Les Senteurs Gourmandes
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Vanille de La Réunion is a popular perfume by Les Senteurs Gourmandes for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is being marketed by Parfums par Nature.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMadagascan vanilla
Heart Notes Heart NotesSalted butter caramel
Base Notes Base NotesWhite musk



7.5 (94 Ratings)


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6.1 (73 Ratings)
Submitted by Antoine, last update on 21.12.2019.

Interesting Facts

The scent was renamed Vanille de La Réunion in 2016.
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5.0 7.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Challenge in Advent: On the way to "my" vanilla scent - 20 December 2019
"Vanilla de la Réunion" is a beautiful, tender-sweet scent. I am happy that I can now call it my own for the winter. But - it is not a classic vanilla scent, as I think, but a gourmand through and through, and that is not the same for me. "Vanille de la Réunion" has a very clear scent of sweet caramel, of roasted almonds or even of caramel popcorn, depending on which image the imagination first tries; I think it is difficult to distinguish so clearly between the caramel notes of popcorn and roasted almonds, as both caramel notes reach the nose in a similarly fresh and hot state. Vanille de la Réunion" is very similar to "Lait de Biscuit" by Chabaud and to "Salt Caramel", whereby the latter two are also very similar to each other. Lait de Biscuit is the only fragrance that doesn't have that slight hint of salt, but otherwise achieves exactly the same caramel popcorn Christmas market note and is by no means enriched in the area of cookies or cakes. During my many tests in the last months, I am getting the impression that this caramel note can be achieved really accurately, whereas it might be more difficult with sponge cake scent if the whole thing is not to look artificial like FlavDrops. The salt is, as I said before, just a gentle breeze, which is of course very pleasant - that's how it has to be, a very tiny half turn, a glance in the other direction, so that through contrasts the scent remains alive. This is very well done in Vanille de la Réunion and Salt Caramel. So it remains for me to say that Vanilla de la Réunion is not what I had in mind, but as a soft, gentle winter cuddly gourmand it is indispensable: soooooo delicious!
Later today, I'll talk about "Un bois vanille" by Lutens.
7.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    12
Île vanilla*
Three to four tons of this valuable product are imported per year from La Réunion.
A quantity that according to a Hamburg vanilla importer is "meaningless" on the world market.
This spice reached this 2,500 square kilometre piece of France in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar and Mauritius in the course of colonisation from the middle of the 17th century onwards.
The climate means it well with this kind of orchid plants; only the hummingbirds necessary for flower pollination are missing here.
A slave just 12 years old came up with the revolutionary idea of hand pollination: the "Mariage".
Because La Réunion knows that fine quality is essential in order to survive on the world market, and because vanilla importers today have a niche existence, they still adhere to this time-consuming process.
This is another reason why Marie LeFebvre, who runs the perfume label Urban Scents in Berlin together with her husband, swears by this special vanilla: La Réunion is her second home.
Part of her family lives on this island.

The entire history of "La Réunion-Vanille" is told in the April issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin. A "beauty special", which is dedicated to feeling, seeing and smelling and therefore still contains many interesting things for us sensualists.
I have taken previous information from this article or quoted from it.
It's worth reading!

The relatively low vanilla harvest also explains why Madagascar vanilla is listed as the main ingredient in the "Vanille de La Réunion" fragrance pyramid.
This had irritated me a bit at first, but becomes understandable after reading the above article.

Wherever it comes from, this vanilla is dreamily beautiful: noble and almost a little stunning in scent, felt creamy and heavy, creamy white with many small spots.
Aphrodite and her entourage have secured this fragrance for themselves for their sensually beguiling "craft".
This vanilla not only awakens all senses; it also contains a great addiction potential.
This feeling is intensified by salted butter caramel - sinfully beautiful and also lavish in fragrance!
White musk adds the crown to this fragrance creation: it becomes extremely exquisite!

"Vanille de La Réunion" is one of the most beautiful vanilla fragrances I have experienced and enjoyed with all my senses!
Maybe it's because I now know the stories of "Île Vanilla "*.
Even if the shelf life is not as great as with many other vanilla fragrance compositions, this fragrance shell, which floats warm and protected, is something very fine!

I am very excited that there is still so much of this magical elixir available in the trial bottle.
So I can get involved for some time and would like to quote Goethe again:
"So I stagger from desire to pleasure, and in pleasure I am made to desire!"

*) "Île Bourbon" is the title of the mentioned article in the FAZ magazine
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5.0 7.0 10.0 9.0/10

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Helpful Review    9
The scent of security
Today is the big day :
Mama has saved some money and we are going to the fair !!
It's late afternoon in winter, cold and dark, but that intensifies only the feeling of an adventure and already when entering the small town from colourful booths I see the many lights and smell the wonderful smell of roasted almonds and caramel........ We go on, I get to buy 1x lots and win a consolation prize - a tiny plush bear of which I am very proud and which I keep firmly in my hand.
Finally we arrived at the children's carousel and I have to decide: Would I like to ride along 1x or rather a bag of the expensive roasted almonds ? I decide for the carousel, because the smell of the almonds lies so wonderfully over everything that alone it makes me already content.
At the end there is a surprise, because I can even get a
buy a small portion of cotton candy and I'm completely happy.......

Arrived at home, the next surprise is already waiting :
Mama cooks me my beloved vanilla pudding! The homely scent runs through the apartment and with the still fresh memories of the scent of roasted almonds I am looking forward to the crowning conclusion of this wonderful day.
With warm pudding in my stomach I cuddle up in my bed and fall asleep blissfully.......

I love it when fragrances awaken beautiful memories and when someone can do that for me, then this one - childhood memories and a pleasant feeling of security.

The Sillage is at first very strong, almost room-filling, but after a few minutes it becomes strong, but not overwhelming, but after about 4 hours the scent can only be perceived very close to me I would describe the durability with 8-10 hours as extraordinary, on clothing even much longer
I hope that I have succeeded in describing the fragrance and its course in a somewhat descriptive way, if not, please forgive me, this is my first attempt at a comment ;)
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5.0 6.0/10

96 Reviews
The Vanilla Search Continues
When I sampled Vanille Bourbon, I was taken by its simplicity and comfort. So I decided to choose one of the vanillas to buy (there are many versions to choose from). The price is very reasonable but unfortunately, this vanilla was not for me simply because the lasting power and sillage were nonexistent. The vanilla is a bit synthetic with a creamy balance. I do not detect much boozyiness in terms of this being bourbon. The problem is that the scent disappears right away. It did not last on me even for 15 minutes. If you overspray, however, the scent becomes very unpleasant. There is just no way around it: my vanilla search continues.
2.5 2.5 2.5 9.0/10

240 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Low Fat Cream Soda
This is a very good quality Madagascar vanilla extract fragrance for the price- not cloyingly sweet, but with a touch of airy cotton candy fluff spun with just the right amount of yummy vanilla and very natural compared to Comptoir Sud Pacifique's "Vanille Abricot", for example, which I find very contrived. LSG's Vanille Bourbon is with a touch of soft white musk and natural coconut with a tad of powder in the base. there's a bit of a burnt sugar (caramel) not in the finish, but it's fairly subtle on me. I also get a very light touch of the aniseed/licorice but it's an after thought to a strong cream soda vanilla core with light whispy touches of cherry tobacco underneath. It is easy to wear and easy to blend with other fragrances. My only issue with this scent is its rather pitiful longevity. Inspite of its liquid sheer quality and fleeting staying power, Vanille Bourbon creates a beautiful aura last about an hour with a non-nonsense vanilla cream dream. I just want more!!!

74 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Lindt white chcolate truffle
One of my indulgences is the Lindt white chocolate truffles, and this embodies them in fragrance form. Very vanilla, creamy, and a little heavy on the nose. I did not notice any berries. But the advantage to this fragrance is that the old saying "one moment on the lips, forever on the hips" does not apply here.

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