Suddenly Fragrances - Summer Shine by Lidl

Suddenly Fragrances - Summer Shine

17.07.2021 - 02:07 PM
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Can something smell like sunshine?

Of course, something can smell of sunshine! But the sun itself doesn’t have a smell or, if it does, we can’t get a scent. So what we are left with is the “smell” of the outside air. And this is where the story gets interesting because it turns out that the air smells different depending on whether it is a hot or cold day. It is not related to the sun, but it is the way odour molecules move. In warm air, they circulate freely, while in cold air, they move more slowly. A hot day will produce more odours. And it’s not that crazy when you think about your morning coffee. Put a steaming cup on your desk in the morning, and its puff is heavenly. Leave it there all day, and in the afternoon, that cup of cold coffee won’t tempt your nose. There is some truth in the idea that the seasons smell different. And so it happens to perfumes that appear different to us depending on the season in which we wear them.

Back to Suddenly Summer Shine, what is this fragrance all about? It is one of the few perfumes with which you can sit in the sun with peace of mind. First things first, it is oriental with amber, powdery, sweet, balsamic, floral, and fruity accords. Although I did not find any official pyramid note, from the ingredients, I guess it features tonka (coumarin), violet (alpha-isomethyl ionone), sweet orange flower (linalool), citrus fruits (limonene), rosy geranium (citronellol), balsamic (benzyl benzoate), vanilla (anisyl alcohol), ylang-ylang or jasmine (benzyl alcohol). However, it has a deceptively large number of notes. My evaluation could be a bit hit and miss, but I will give you a clue which notes are dominant and backup singers.

Summer Shine is an exceptionally thick and complex perfume. As the name suggests, it starts bright and bubbly, with a fruity element more like a powdery sorbet than juicy pulp. I get a blast of sweet ripe fruit salad on top of a floral and bitter orange blossom. I catch some citrus fruit, but the opening is not zesty. There is a resinous accord in the background. It is a rather ingenious composition, with the fruity space of citrus fruits that develops seamlessly in a floral environment, with an aromatic tone of orange blossom perceptible everywhere. It has that silky yet dense and piquant touch.

After a few minutes, it settles into a warm, soft, radiant yellow semi-sweet floral bouquet accord with fruity tones, mostly lily-of-the-valley, sweet ylang-ylang, indolic jasmine, and tons of carnation as in vintage fragrances. However, it’s hard to make clear out the notes here. The flowers are not airy but deep and milky. As above mentioned, some rose’s petals kick in. Stong is the exotic powder tone, perhaps from orris root or violet, which gives it an oriental touch—slowly getting creamier and warmer into the base.

It finally dries down to a gentlemanly spiced vanillic accord, the powder effect subdues, and there’s also something vaguely leathery lurking underneath. Still, it’s not heavy tanned leather, plus the scent of warm human skin. More earthy, brownish, amber, and sticky. Marzipan, vanilla-almond vibe oozes, deep of sweetness, some spices get noticed, roasted tonka and perhaps sweet nutmeg. That blend of sweet spice lies on top of a woody and resinous base; benzoin and styrax are also apparent. It soon adds an interesting tonka impression along with the patchouli.

Summer Shine is simply a lovely, classy yet casual oriental scent I think would work well for any relaxed occasion in the warm seasons, from late Spring to early Fall, designed to work on hot days and nights out. Many Orientals are de trop in hot weather, but this one is perfect. Despite containing heavy hitters such as styrax and benzoin, this miraculously seems just right for a day in the scorching baking sun. Targeted for women, it is perfectly unisex, and if you time it right, it could take you from a sandy seaside afternoon into that cool, welcoming bar by the evening. The Oriental notes are just enough to catch on a breeze as you move. Nothing too heavy, but still enough to be interesting. Summer Shine has a late 80s vibe, meant to have incredible density and presence, and it has that. It smells much more expensive than it was, has a lovely soft yet noticeable sillage and lasts well.

I based the review on a 75ml bottle I have owned since July 2021.


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