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The origin of the Linari brand comes from the field of high-quality fragrance systems. In 2010, Linari first presented its fragrance creations as eau de parfums. They are characterized by their high olfactory complexity paired with the highest quality using the finest perfume raw materials.
The collection is created exclusively in close direct collaboration with top international perfumers such as Mark Buxton (including the Mark Buxton collection, Comme de Garcons, Salvador Dali), Maurice Roucel (including L'Instant by Guerlain, 24 Faubourg by Hermès, Envy by Gucci) and Egon Oelkers (Linari, Biehl Parfumkunstwerke). The perfumes developed here are consistently exceptional, multi-faceted and far from the mass market.

With these highly concentrated eau de parfums, Linari addresses special customers who have the desire to underline their own personality and who find what is special in aesthetics and beauty.

The flacon designed by Linari mastermind Rainer Diersche is particularly noble. The outer trademark is the design of the high-quality heavy bottle made of French glass. Due to its unusual shape, circular with a very large diameter and extremely low height, the bottle developed especially for Linari appears as a timeless and perfect design object.

Decorated the bottle with three elegant deep black wide bands, which are visually separated from each other by 2 circumferential fine rings of precious 22-carat gold plating. The large round cap made of the finest African wenge wood picks up the extreme design of the flacon again.
Research and text by Odeur23Odeur23