Sweet & Sour Carbon by Linn Young

Sweet & Sour Carbon

02.12.2018 - 01:33 AM

A fragrance that makes you start to wonder...

Before I talk about this fragrance, I want to talk about the rating system here and how I can't give this the true rating it deserves. Price point needs to be take into consideration here It's a ridiculous price for what you are getting. Anyway, this is a surprisingly excellent clone of The One by Dolce&Gabbana. The One is a bit spicier on initial spray but after that they are pretty much the same. Also performance is about equal. I get about 6 hours, it projects for about 2 hours and sillage is moderate. After two hours it sits pretty close to the skin but you do get the occasional waft that let's it's presence known. As you well know, The One isn't exactly a powerhouse and is easily matched by this fragrance, which is about 10/20 times cheaper depending where you purchase it. Clones like this seriously make you question the actual cost of the liquid going into designer bottles and where the money is really going. The only winner is Kit Harrington when you purchase The One. I'll stick to Sweet and Sour Carbon by Linn Young thank you very much!
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SirSmellALotSirSmellALot 1 month ago
I own the original M7. So I presume M7 fresh is a fresher version of that? Bronce smells nothing like that. It smells like No. 85 by Next which to me is similar to 1 million intense or a kind of 1 million / Le Male hybrid. I only sprayed...
SirSmellALotSirSmellALot 2 years ago
Apparently this was a Diesel only the brave clone at some point. Milton Lloyd tend tochange whats in their bottles at times. This is a really quality sauvage clone with good performance. The proce is dirt cheap so you really can't go wrong....