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7 Plata by Loewe
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7 Plata is a new perfume by Loewe for men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-spicy. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesItalian mandarin, Moroccan spearmint
Heart Notes Heart NotesRed pepper, Indian ginger, Somalian frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk



7.9 (28 Ratings)


7.6 (24 Ratings)


6.9 (25 Ratings)


7.3 (32 Ratings)
Submitted by FrohSinn, last update on 31.12.2019.
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172 Reviews
Very helpful Review    2
The incense of the line, but more herbaceous and metallic.
Taking a walk through the mall, I went to the perfume shop and asked the clerk if there was anything new, and she kindly told me that Loewe 7 Silver had just arrived. I have been testing it during the afternoon and I must say that I like it, it is not something exceptional or new, but I like it.

Loewe 7 Silver is a greener incense, spicy and metallic than its predecessors, it is fresh and herbaceous, but with a metallic nuance of very sharp incense, which I liked. Here the spices feel more natural and raw, not so clear, but very fresh, and the incense of their predecessors is, but this time something more crystalline and herbaceous, which I liked a lot.

In performance it is not a pump, but it maintains a good hours in skin with a moderate projection pulling down.

The price has seemed a little high for what it is, but well, as it is a novelty, it will go down, and since I have not loved it to buy it now, I will wait to catch a good offer, if I find it, and if not, well, nothing happens either.
8.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
Spanish Silver
Actually, I was on the way to Bvlgari, the tiger's eye has long been on my wish list.

Hamburg, coming from the Alster, is a branch of Türkisen right at the beginning of the 'Neuer Wall'. I had time, why not make a detour? I entered the scent temple, was briefly addressed and replied that I wanted to 'rummage'. The Hamburger understands that.

After a little prudence, I came across the silver bottle. He looked promising and felt good. I asked for a sample to test the fragrance, as I always do, a little longer and more extensively. There was no sample.

Since the visit to Bvlgari was planned, I had not put on a scent to keep the body ready for new scents. Why not, the tiger eye I knew, there a test did not have to be more so necessarily.

I applied the scent, but I sprayed a bit more than usual.

A somewhat bitter, fruity citrus scent, with very fine mint, rose immediately into my nose. Only after the top note, I could have already bought the fragrance, made it simple and very beautiful.

Peppery and spicy notes began to round off the fragrance. A hardly perceptible admixture of incense resonated. The incense, however, remained in the background, probably it was inserted to make the fragrance more durable. The fragrance took on contours.

I left the branch with the words: "I'll let it dry out and then maybe come back - bye-bye".

To get to Bvlgari, I had to go further into the New Wall. On the way there, there were also Louis Vuitton and some other scent offers, which are rather rare to find in 'normal' scent temples.

The smartphone in my pocket makes itself felt. "I'm just... i could - then we could... make a spontaneous dinner date.

From time to time I would sniff my arm. Moschus and Amber made their appearance
The fragrance shone and was perfect. Spicy, green wood hung on my arm. The incense note had become stronger, unexpectedly for me. The fresh scents ensured that these nuances did not become too exuberant. Very balanced.
Whoever created this fragrance had my inner applause.

Food and conversations dragged on and when I entered the street again, there was a lot of time, only time left.

Smell your arm again, quick, quick decision: Will have!

There was no time left to penetrate into the depths of the 'New Wall'. Why didn't the shops, their addresses, seen from my point of view, have at the beginning of the street? The tiger eye had to wait once again.
For a short purchase at Türkisen, but it should still be enough.

On the shelf I was aiming for, a hole yawned at me. Demand - Sold out - maybe next week again. Opposite on Ballindamm ... the same. At least somebody here picked up the phone. When and where, perhaps? Maybe next week.

The tiger's eye, then? The time was missing.

I remained without prey and began my further way.

In the evening, I had to keep smelling my arm. For a fresh fragrance, '7 Plata' had a very good stamina.

I was annoyed that I didn't take one of the last flacons right after the first spraying. Half a blind buy, but it's also a blind buy. I was thinking of the Esencia EdP, the black one, from Loewe. Of many offers, one cannot speak there, at present also not. What if that's similar at '7 Plate'?!

I sat down at the PC. ... The market didn't give up many suppliers for '7 Plata'. After all, he was online to get.

A few clicks ... in a few days, this fragrance will leave the place on my watchlist.

After longer wearing, I will bring here, perhaps still the one or other addition.

Until late in the evening, the spicy freshness was still clearly perceptible.

If I were asked for a comparison scent right now: Luna Rossa' first. But it is more the basic idea that has something connecting. With '7 Plata' this idea was much better developed and implemented. Much finer tuned, without synthetics and with a much longer durability. But please, don't "nail" me to it.
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