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Aura Pink Magnolia by Loewe
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Aura Pink Magnolia is a popular perfume by Loewe for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by LVMH.
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Magnolia, Red berries, Sandalwood, White musk



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7.7 | 28 Ratings
Submitted by PanAroma0815, last update on 03.12.2020.
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Top Review    21  
...two there, three in mind...
Like when you're a rock in the surf ,
thought of from higher,
made of granite,
steeled beyond emotions,
ground in the jungle
of active life,
purified in defeat,
blessed in failure,
increased in humility,
all at once only
Cotton-wool balls in the assortment
A conversion,
as it is in the book,
by 720 °,
there and back,
divided by four,
two there,
three in mind...

And this now after all these years
of intensive training:

In the Himalayas, you have,
for example,
climbed the rainbow,
with without help,
without Reinhold Messner,
without oxygen,
without shield,
without mains,
double bottom,
without Wlan.

In Bullerbü you
after decades
of child anarchy
seen after the right,
without pepper spray,
Water scoops,
or any rhetorical training -
let alone Swedish
A mess -
i can tell you -
Pippi's missing.

(Often the best ones are the ones who are the best
employed elsewhere)

On the moon
was made by you
exchanged the American flag
against one of them,
which are in the
"Coldplay" concerts
always blow meters high -
colorful like chalk
and light
like swarming dragonflies Glastonbury romance, so to speak
In your hometown
you could
In the last three years
two thirds of the built-up area
into blooming landscapes -
the ARD guide "Home & Garden"
recently reported on it -
so transform,
with the lawn mixture No. 12,
two tons of cosmetic seeds,
four million ground-cover roses,
and sequoia trees -
higher than the Eiffel Tower and
higher than your will carries.

And this, this transformation isn't even that casual,
even unnoticed,
came over you,
not even suddenly,

"I didn't notice anything, it's weird - where have I been again,
- i forget myself so easily - but I am also sometimes
so so up in the air,
- i don't know what's been going on lately,
it's so easy for me to do one thing or others through
- where am I with the thoughts..."

it was all a conscious decision You said yes three times And Amen Breath test in and out,
Gasping, only very briefly,
Birth panting,
Sun salutation,
spiritual power yoga
the cheeks glow,

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />
Right: rose'.
With Pink Magnolia Loewe offers a fragrance,
which is much more complex,
than his name suggests.
However, it still bears the addition
"Aura" -
and that does more justice to him then.

In an extraordinary durability
the fragrance changes
in exciting courses
from a five-minute chewing gum note,
about berries and fruits
towards flowers,
mild air and enveloping dust,
up to a noble wooden
and a delicate smoky finish.

( Now, in the evening, with a touch of the perfume on the skin
go out, briefly, on the balcony, into the cold - this one turns it up again - fabulous! )

That's not pink -
that's just good !

This "aura" does not have the elegance -
but the same care -
like the "Walks in Madrid"
who I know from the same house.
And very like
It is rather the charm of everyday life
in your hometown
and in that home
inside yourself.

Very well done.
Very nice Really nice.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />
So can
Waving flags.
Colourful like chalk.

And light Like buzzing dragonflies
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Top Review    8  
Ice crystal blossoms
Aura Pink Magnolia has no comments yet! Then I'll give it a try: I received the scent as a sample in my perfumery and quickly fell for it. Without knowing the brand or having seen the bottle, I thought it was simply beautiful. All the more pleasing that it is such a magical Shabby Chic bottle: gold, yes, but scratched off, so that the glass is transparent in places. In addition a well-fitting wooden lid in nordic style - such a mixture is typical Madrid! The city is so cool, so hip, so completely detached from the commitment to elegance that can be felt in Rome or Paris. The flacon, so that's a good start!
As I said, the smell is beautiful. It is an absolutely pure, deep, crystal-clear flower scent without a trace - so clear that my associations immediately conjure up ice crystals. A fragrance for icy cold, clear, sunny days, therefore for me a winter scent. But of course such a flower scent also fits perfectly into spring - only I find that there are so many special flower scents for spring that Aura Pink Magnolia would probably rather go under. For the fragrance is inconspicuous in any case, rather harmless, not obtrusive, not obstinate. But he's beautiful. Magnolias are magical flowers. A magnolia tree is one of the most dreamlike things that nature can give you at the end of winter, at the beginning of spring. Anyone who has ever seen a magnolia tree freeze to death due to late March snow knows how much these flowers still remind one of winter. An ice crystal fragrance that puts its star, magnolia, absolutely in the spotlight. This flower is captured here much more beautifully than in the few other magnolia scents I know. Above all, it has a fabulous creaminess, appears not as a breath but as a gentle balm. I only perceive the red fruits through a very, very subtle sweetness, but they don't stand out, just like sandalwood or musk are not consciously perceived by me individually. On the contrary, the interaction of all components here is very round, full, harmonious. However, as much as I like magnolia, I no longer feel it as natural as I initially thought. I think the red fruits create a minimally artificial impression every now and then. I never noticed it that way at the beginning of the test. Overall, the fragrance is definitely something special for cooler days because of its round creaminess. And as for me, I will wear it right away when I go hiking - a crazy idea, but it fits exactly into this context of a bare and cold winter forest for me.
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