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Gala (1991) by Loewe
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8.2 / 10 37 Ratings
Gala (1991) is a popular perfume by Loewe for women and was released in 1991. The scent is floral-animal. Projection and longevity are above-average. It was last marketed by LVMH.
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The dark, forgotten beauty
The first time I tried Gala - I think it was a sample that a kind person sent to me, many years ago - I was completely floored. A wonderful, huge blast of soft aldehydes, sweet, very realistic jasmine, creamy sandalwood and loads and loads of dark, animalic castoreum... I had never smelled anything like it. It was like a huge piece of beautiful cloth, a blanket, a cape, a shawl, I am not sure exactly what, it was soft and heavy at the same time, it was dark velvet and airy lace, and I just wanted to wrap myself in it and breath in the beautiful scent forever. I knew I had to have it, and ordered a bottle immediately.

Strangely enough, I hardly ever wore it. I suppose I found it a little difficult to wear in public, I was worried that its heavy animalic trail would scare people away. Vintage perfumes sometimes have that effect on those who are not used to them. I love animalic perfumes myself, but yes, I admit that with some of them, people might sometimes wonder if perhaps you didn't wash for a while.

So Gala stayed in my closet, unused for years. I tested it again recently, and found that I am not as enchanted by it as I was all those years ago. I feel that the castoreum floats on top like a much too heavy lid, it doesn't blend in with the rest in the way that I remember, and I keep wishing for it to go away.

It makes me a bit sad, because when you remember something as being very beautiful, you want it to stay that way. But maybe it's just me - getting older, no longer able to carry that gorgeous velvet-lacy cape with the natural grace that it requires.

Gala will remain with me as a bitter-sweet memory in a beautiful bottle. And perhaps a reminder to wear what you love, while you are able to...
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