L'Eau en Blanc by Lolita Lempicka

L'Eau en Blanc 2012

26.07.2013 - 04:16 PM
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Lolita Lempicka meets Teint de Neige and Amyitis.

I've tried and owned almost all bottles that have come from this house. But this one surprised me. It's as if you mixed equal parts Lolita Lempicka (one of the milder summer variants or EDT) with Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige! Lots of sharp powder that's leaning towards the scent of industrial plastic. The Amyitis (Mona di Orio) kind, not the Comme des Garcons kind.
As it dries down it leaves Lolita behind and moves more and more into Teint de Neige land. Further down the road it starts to leave Teint de Neige but not quite, to move more into Amyitis realm. The plastic note has now turned more towards that charcoal-y whatever it is sharp note of Mon parfum Cheri par Camille from Annick Goutal. Man this review makes no sense does it? Well anyway it's a powdery something-else that finally ends up a balanced mix of Teint de Neige and Mon parfum Cheri par Camille, having totally left Lolita behind.. :)
edit: Powder in it has a very Carthusia feel, is it Ligea la Sirena I'm thinking of? And maybe even more so than Teint de Neige. Next couple of wears did not reveal that Par Camille charry note.
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