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Kamasurabhi (Eau de Toilette) by Lorenzo Villoresi
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Kamasurabhi (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Lorenzo Villoresi for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-woody. It is still in production.
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Top Notes Top NotesExotic blossoms, Jasmine sambac, Rose, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesTuberose, Ylang-ylang, Narcissus, Sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Musk, Amber, Leather, Patchouli



7.2 | 53 Ratings


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7.2 | 43 Ratings
Submitted by Michael, last update on 29.12.2020.
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Italian-Classical + Indian-Opulent
This fragrance is about craftsmanship, abundance, pleasure and opulence.
Before I describe this wonderful fragrance, I would like to tell you something about the perfumer.
Signor Villoresi, a studied philosopher, is a Florentine through and through. He owns a palazzo there, which has been in his family for generations and is associated with numerous Florentine artisans. He also sees himself as such. As a perfumer he is self-taught. On the homepage the Pallazo is described in fairy-tale flowery words. The studio of the Majestro, where he, shielded from the noise of the city, works on his fragrances, overlooking the roofs of Florence and the Arno...
A living room with large windows and equally spectacular views of the city, where exchanges with visitors take place. A piano stands there and a portrait of the grandmother
( painted with certainty...), looks more or less benevolently at the visitors...
The enterprising perfumer has other visions, which he is currently working on. An academy, a meeting place for all perfume enthusiasts. There will be workshops on the subject, a garden where visitors can watch perfume raw materials bloom, grow and flourish, and a fragrance museum is also planned. Signor Villoresi has also published several books on the subject of perfume This is all very exciting and possibly worth taking a closer look at.
Just like the beautiful, if overcrowded Florence, where art and history are to be admired at every corner. And just like this city, the special, beautiful perfume, Kamasurabhi a little old-fashioned, has fallen out of time. But you could also say timeless.
The word Kamasurabhi comes from Sanskrit and means " fragrance of pleasure and joy."
The perfumer was inspired to create this fragrance, you can already guess it, of course: from a trip to India How does a Florentine convert his colourful impressions of such a journey into fragrance? Colourful and yet classic. I will try to describe that Already with the first sniff at the sample I am impressed...., it smells good! It smells like a really good herbal, flower and especially at the beginning, also rose soap. The variety that not only cleans, but also lets you indulge in its noble, creamy foam. It is reminiscent of the good, handmade soaps that you can buy at craft markets. Where nothing is cheaply tinkered with and good oils and scented oils are in it.
A cheerfully opulent, unsentimental floral fragrance, soapy, slightly tart and at the same time beautifully full and round. In the background, fragrance number two is already slightly perceptible, in which the initial scent gradually changes, but at the moment it is only a light, slightly "bacony" leather note to notice, this "much flower soap - little leather mix" will last for quite a while. And yes, an almond-eyed, Indian beauty with flowing black hair and colorful sari would look good. Well, what is good for Indian princesses, can't be wrong for white-skinned European women either The rich, full-bodied, (actually full-nosed) flower kaleidoscope slowly, slowly, within hours ,recedes into the background.
Later on you will smell creamy sweet, warm, greasy ylang ylang ylang flower with the same sandalwood and a little bit of light leather. This combination is absolutely enchanting.
Anyway, an Indian fragrance has to be colourful and opulent, it has to be full of colour and a little bit of grouchiness is allowed to be part of it.
The classic, timeless, perhaps a bit antiquated aspect of this perfume, is probably more the Florentine part of the creation.
I am definitely very fond of this scent and I already have an idea what I could wish for Christmas. I would like to pick up the perfume myself in Florence, in this legendary, fairytale palazzo of the Villoresis, which is steeped in advertising ( for a shop there is of course also still place !) . One may still dream and I would wink at the venerable portrait of the grandmother, if the opportunity arises, conspiratorially ;-)

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