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Teint de Neige (Eau de Parfum) by Lorenzo Villoresi
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Teint de Neige (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Lorenzo Villoresi for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is powdery-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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8.5 (63 Ratings)


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Submitted by WiB, last update on 19.02.2020.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Teint de Neige (Eau de Toilette) by Lorenzo Villoresi, which differs in concentration.
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Greatly helpful Review   
You beautiful powder cream dream!
Perfume(o) has changed my life completely.
Before Parfumo I also used scents of course, but they did not have such a high value as today.
After the shower spray and was good!

Today my morning ritual has something of pure anticipation and joie de vivre.
Actually the morning care could not go fast enough for me - ONLY so that it finally comes to the liberation stroke and I can apply myself one of the smells, which I got either as a sample, filling or in flaconform or ersoukt gotten At this point many thanks to the members here, who make new fragrance experiences possible and open doors to perfume worlds, which one would probably never have entered before.

As a dear encore have also found a few drops of complexion de Neige to me.
And what can I say?
He's wonderful!
Cream fragrances are usually a bit difficult in terms of durability and sillage - so at least my experience (except Allure).
But this one?
All I'm losing is a "wow"!
I must of course note that Teint de Neige is not a pure cream fragrance.
He also holds a good portion of powder.
Its sillage and durability is overwhelming, accordingly a sprayer is enough and you have, especially in the clothes, until the next wash something of it.

You seem to be very well groomed with it and there are no disturbing factors for me that could spoil my scent.
However, it is absolutely nothing for fragrance carriers who wish themselves in the course of the day a decay of the Sillage.
He really radiates the whole day - that could be annoying for some people in the long run.

Especially happy makes me the fact that my husband finally noticed to a fragrance:
"Yes, it's beautiful! He suits you! That's how I want you to smell!"
He has often said that I would smell good, but Teint de Neige has hit exactly his scent nerve and is therefore a direct hit for me, which makes us both happy.

Teint de Neige is an absolute powder cream dream, which enchanted me in the twinkling of an eye and conquered my perfume heart!
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9.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
Snow flurries or the powder monster
I like powdery scents. So it was only a matter of time before I took TdN in front of my nose.
But even though I expected a powder scent, he surprised me with his monster performance.
TdN makes an impression, powerful even.
It is unmistakable and stands out.
Fortunately, I didn't make the mistake of putting it to work in the morning during the first test of this fragrance. That was actually my original plan. But I quickly read up on Parfumo again and decided to test it in the evening.

So a sprayer, a deep breath and as a first association: Christmas? Winter? And then snow flurries! It's snowing powder. Big flakes, more and more, more and more violent, stormier the flakes fall, fogged I feel.
Help, where can you turn that off? Not a chance! TdN stays with me and I want to stand it and get to know him.
It's too heavy! Terrible! Never again!
I can imagine well that he does not become everyone's friend by such an appearance.
But after some time it becomes more and more calm, cuddly, gentle, really cuddly, wonderful...Ylang Ylang, Heliotrop, Tonka...wonderfully interwoven as fragrant powder.

The Sillage is room-filling. He has enormous power and continues to move through a large apartment. The durability is also pronounced. I could smell him the next morning on my arm.
He holds on to his clothes for many days.

The next day I catch myself pulling the worn sweater, which had contact with the perfume, out of the laundry, impressioning my nose, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. You know what this means: It made an impression.
TdN is addictive!!
I would like to experience the tumbling of the scent molecules, these powdery snowflakes around me, again.

Teint de Neige is very productive, because you can achieve a great effect with little perfume.

When to wear? Since my first spontaneous thought was "winter", I would say that this is probably the most suitable season.
But now I also know how to dose him so that he doesn't surprise me with his monster performance again. Therefore I could imagine, that it, accordingly discreetly dosed, is actually always wearable, even in summer.
A lukewarm summer evening, you sit outside, and every now and then some molecules "Teint de Neige" tumble by, that fits, because TdN, the precious powder dream, is not only a monster, it is also very romantic...
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8.0 9.0 9.0 8.5/10

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Powder Mist
The title is definitely meant positive!

When I came across Teint de Neige again and again here in the forum - because I am an absolute powder fragrance fan - I just had to test him.

Once sprayed on the skin and I in the powder sky!!!! WOOW!!
Powder as far as the eye or nose can reach...

Jasmine and rose are delicately perceptible, finely wrapped in a dense powder mist... Yang Yang and Tonka give in my opinion a wonderful creaminess here...

The fragrance lasts very long on my skin... Wonderful...

I also tested the Eau de Toilette because I wanted to test the difference in durability. The edt lasts almost as long as the edp... but only almost
The edt starts with me a little finer and the powder isn't quite as strong at the beginning as with the edp.

The edp convinced me with all its powderiness!

I can't say any more, except that Teint de Neige (edp) is allowed to move in with me very soon, that's for sure :)

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6.0 7.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    6
Heavenly Cloud - Makes You Addicted
I love this creamy fragrance - it envelops me like a second skin and gives me security. Actually, I just wanted to test it - and after half an hour I hurried back to the perfumery. I had to have that! Addicted from the first sniff! I can't tell a development - from the beginning it smells creamy and flowery-powdery to me. The durability is excellent - even the next day it smells soft on the wrist. Despite its durability, the fragrance is not obtrusive. I love him all year round. Recommended for days when you don't feel well - a true soul comforter! A heavenly cloud to me!
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