Afternoon Swim by Louis Vuitton

Afternoon Swim 2019

25.05.2022 - 03:13 PM
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Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Night...

Sometimes we are surprised at something by its innovation, but that's not what it's about here. Afternoon Swim is a very easy scent to please, that's a fact! I would say that it is even common to opt for a path of strong commercial appeal.

The fragrance is amber with citrus, sweet and spicy characteristics. The opening is effervescent with the freshness of orange along with the spiciness of ginger. With something that reminds me of a citrus soda. A contrast between the citrus accord of orange and bergamot with ambergris.

The perfume surprises by starting more shy and gradually expanding as if it were a flower blooming and exhaling more and more its sweet and sharp aroma.

A perfume with a good versatility in terms of weather, but in terms of occasions I think it's more suitable for more sophisticated situations or even outings in the summer. The fixation and projection of the fragrance are excellent. The perfume is sweet, light, soft, warm, luminous, shareable, refined, sensual, common and modern.
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