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Sur la Route by Louis Vuitton
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Sur la Route is a popular perfume by Louis Vuitton for men and was released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Calabrian citron, Calabrian lemon, Calabrian bergamot, Mown grass, Peru balsam, Pink pepper, Nutmeg



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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 02.04.2020.
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0 Reviews
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Synthetic or not, the main thing is to like it! Right? ...or not? :)
Wow... two comments on the statement within a few minutes, then I have to explain it briefly:
The head of 'Sur la Route' (SLR) reminds me very much of the synthetic and the impression of engine oil of '#87, Series Three' by Six Scents, which can be seen in the background...
I'm sorry to say it like this.

Sur la Route' is supposed to have lemon and lemonade lemon?
When I think of citron lemon I think of 'L'Etrog' by Arquiste, where I can smell and feel the sweetness and tart note of citron lemon,
in SLR here I smell something that seems citric or lemony or lemon-like, but overall for me disappears in the synthetic overall picture.

And when I think of the fragrance 'lemon', I think of the lemony impression of 'Monsieur Balmain', for example.

And the scent of 'cut grass':
probably refers to the synthesised produced substance 'cis-3-hexenol', which corresponds to the natural molecule contained in the plant cells of grass and released when it is cut.
As far as one can smell this substance at all individually, I smell it most likely in
"Ichnvsa" by Profumum Roma,
than here in Sur la Route.

And I also smelled bergamot in other fragrances better, more intense than here.

Some commentators here at Parfumo mention a leather note.
In contrast to perfume, Fragrantica also includes leather in the fragrance pyramid.
I know what the comments mean by leather,
when I smell 'Sur la Route' but the leather note is here,
in my opinion,
very faint and 'reminiscent' of leather and then only in a rather artificial way, far away from the leather in 'Knize Ten' or the likewise semi-synthetic 'Cuiron' by Helmut Lang, which come to my mind spontaneously.

I have summarized these feelings in my statement,
because at the end of the day, Sur la Route is not a fragrance I would call natural.
I really have nothing against partly synthetic or fully synthetic fragrances,
i find a mix of synthetics and natural appearing ingredients very interesting.
But if I can somehow smell each of the listed scents a little bit and then only synthetically, then it is for me a synthetic scent overall
and there's hardly anything natural in that fragrance.
Hence this statement.

Apart from that, I think that too little is said here about perfume and not enough about the synthetic ingredients.
Here and there the most famous artificial substances, such as Cashmeran, Hedione, Iso E Super and and and and... as they are all called, are called
but that in many, many fragrances of the last years a lot or only synthetic substances are used, this is not discussed so much here at Parfumo
or rather, the scent specifications of many perfumes do not reflect this fact.

The fragrances often only tell you how the scent is intended to smell, although often little or none of the fragrances listed is a natural substance.
There are many artificial fragrances that smell a little like a lot of things,
e.g. a little bit like apple and e.g. a little bit like leather
and then the fragrance is listed as apple and leather and it is assumed that there is really apple and leather in it.
But this is NOT the case with very, very many scents at all! And if you then use several artificial fragrances in one perfume, there is olfactory overlap and the fragrance takes on a different direction and suddenly smells, for example, of moss or grass
or autumn or an association that reminds of autumn!
These artificial substances are cheaper than the natural ingredients,
they are also more stable in quality. And a mass corporation like Louis Vuitton wants to sell a lot and expensively over a long period of time what it has produced cheaply.
Expensive, natural ingredients do not fit into mass production.

And it is exactly the same (in my opinion!) with 'Sur la Route'.
3 Replies
9.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Lower expectations and don't fall for the hype
Hello Parfumo Community,
as a long-time (accountless) reader and fan of this site and its community I created an account some time ago and (a few days ago) decided to become an active part of this wonderful community.
Thanks to my first and incredibly nice sharing partner Norleans, who made it possible for me to test this fragrance in a 5ml sample. Everything went smoothly, we also had a nice chat about other things and I am happy that my first experience with Parfumo was so enjoyable.
Before I get to the scent, I ask for your understanding. Understand that this is my first comment. Understanding that I am still inexperienced in writing comments. Understanding for my subjective opinion.

About the fragrance itself:
The prelude is, as can be read from the scents, citric. We speak here of quite fresh, qualitative and (unfortunately) entertainingly citric. This pleasant citrus note fades very quickly and, admittedly, flows very harmoniously into a grassy, leathery composition in which this wonderful and authentic lemon can only be seen again quietly and in the distance.
Cut grass as a scent is very unusual, but incredibly precise. With your eyes closed, you could really think you're lying in a heap of cut grass, while in the background someone is peeling lemons and pressing this peel.
In this performance, the person lying down is wearing an old (again high-quality) leather jacket Because it clearly smells leathery. Without wanting to rip the smell great, but it definitely smells slightly musty. Not unpleasant or disgustingly musty, but clearly and thank God only subtly musty and this association cannot be denied. At least for my nose But this does not mean in the overall picture that the Sur la Route makes a bad smell. For me, it is just not a fragrance that deserves the praise that it gets here for the most part. Praises that almost made me buy this fragrance blind. I am a fan of leather scents. I'm a fan of citrus scents. I should worship the scent on principle, but I don't. And this is largely due to the distribution of leather/grass/citrus. This fragrance is not citric with leathery, grassy nuances or leathery with citric nuances.
Potential buyers and interested parties must be aware that this is not a clean-cut/fresh-citrus scent, which gains in distinctiveness and depth from the leather and grass notes.
This is a mature, mature, grassy, musty leather scent with citric nuances, which definitely stands out for its quality and uniqueness as a unique fragrance. But not the fragrance I was hoping for And with that I definitely see this fragrance on a more mature, smarter guy, who values quality and distinctiveness instead of pleasing people. He must not care about this slight mugginess, he must even love it. He should be a fan of rich, tangy weed. He shouldn't be a fan of the first sniffer.

Personally, I don't really like this fragrance, especially not for this price.
To this I must say Sur la Route should in my opinion critically evaluated due to the high price.
It is not a bad scent, but not a groundbreaking invention or perfection of an everyday scent.
It is pleasant, special and of high quality, but fair to the price? I would say no But I find the ratings here most deceptive, especially in the Sillage area. The Sillage is VERY discreet and after 2 sprays on the upper arm it can only be smelled close to the skin and difficultly by an air blast.
There will probably be an addition to the shelf life, as this is more or less my first reaction or first hour with the fragrance.
I've only seen the bottle in photos, but the whole LV range is just right for me. Subtle, clear, noble. Favored.

I found it important to write this comment, because I
1. wanted to cherish my first experience with Parfumo and Norleans
2. i was missing a critical comment on the fragrance in contrast to the statements
3. really do not consider the fragrance to be special

Friends of Sur la Route should enjoy a high quality fragrance. Those who want to become it and other interested parties, I can only recommend to test this fragrance before a purchase.
8 Replies
10.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    16
Louis Vuitton has done it for the second time.
"Sur la Route" is the second fragrance from the house of Louis Vuitton and just like "Orage", my entry into the world of fragrances of the French decadent fashion house, it is a candidate that I liked from the start - whether better or worse than the thundery, vetiver-heavy scent brother is a matter of debate and will be discussed later.

As with "Orage", we are dealing with a rather simply appearing scent creation. It may be that the pyramid of scents lists a lot more in this case, but in the end what counts is what reaches the nose - lemon, cut grass, leather.
The lemon is fresh and not biting, in no way reminiscent of disinfectants or toilet stones. The grass is fresh and juicy instead of musty and dried out. The leather is subtle and pleasant for my nose - something that not many fragrances can create, which includes that. All this together results in an incredibly round fragrance experience, in which the initially quite dominant lemon is immediately tamed, but always remains perceptible in the background. The cut, fresh grass blends exquisitely with the leather, which reminds me strongly of "Santal 33" from Le Labo, except that with the Louis Vuitton creation I do not feel the need to get the scent off my skin as quickly as possible. The grass-leather-combination in "Santal 33" is not a very pleasant one for my nose, because it lacks freshness completely. The green leather smells musty here and is simply unappetizing for me. Sur la Route' prevents the development of such a fragrance by using a lemon in the background to create the necessary freshness and prevent the above-mentioned mustiness. In addition, this lemon even manages to remain on the skin for quite a long time, although this is actually a fundamentally volatile fragrance, just as is usually the case with grasses. It is quite possible that the leather I like so much is able to bundle those light scents and secure their existence.
And yes, that smell is always there. Just like with "Orage" I catch my nose again and again, how it hears this smell even after hours. This fragrance experience is even more intense for the environment than for the wearer. In both creations, "Orage" as well as "Sur la Route", the nose adapts apparently extraordinarily fast, allows only very difficult conclusions to be drawn about its own external effect, only to catch a few scent impressions from time to time. I can't shake off the suspicion that the company Lous Vuitton uses ISO E. This would explain a lot. And lo and behold ... on Fragrantica, both "Orage" and "Sur la Route" list that fragrance component - unlike here on Parfumo. Whether it is included or not, in the end, only plays a minor role for me. Both scents last long enough and are perceptible, even if difficult to assess, for me and my environment. I don't really care how all this happens and how it is made possible.

In summary, we can say that Louis Vuitton has now grabbed me with the second fragrance I tested. A purchase decision between the two greens would be difficult for me, as far as the finances allowed, but I think that the grip would still go to the thundery, hazy, fresher "Orage", even if with "Sur la Route" something really great has succeeded.

PS: "L'Immensité" is ready for the next Louis Vuitton test ;)
11 Replies
9.0 10.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    8
Walking alone at night..
I seek solitude that appears in the darkness...
Dry is the grass around me...
My hand is roaming...
Tears flow, thoughts are united...
I wonder why...
Yet there is no return...
It hurts to touch...
Fresh memories don't want to go by...
All because of stupid decisions...
I wonder where...
A slight hint of truth hits me in the heart...
My soul shattered into pieces...
The words come out of me without thinking...
My feelings now only felt as pain...
Am I looking for someone to heal me...
The moon shines to distract me...
Enveloped by an aura, this moment is...
We'll never be apart again...
You are my air...
Sur la Route, my scent..
4 Replies
10.0 7.0 7.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    21
210 Euro for 100ml
Above you can see what you have to pay for "Sur la Route". 210 Euro for 100ml, actually my upper pain threshold. I have already tested some of the Luis scents and found them mostly "quite nice", e.g. "Orage", which is very hyped here, but only stayed with me for a short time and I was rather bored. Well, it's all I could think of on "Sur la Route." Wrong!

The first test was not quite convincing, even though it was not a test in the real sense of the word, it was more a spray on the hand to see how it is. I didn't think much of it. I smelled it on my wrist every now and then and thought: Nice. I wore the T-Rex from Zoologist, but it was already on for a few hours. Later in the day I went to my girlfriend, who told me what a horrible smoky scent I would wear, smelling like a smoking man. However, a short time later, we sat on the sofa, she asked what smells so good here. I told T-Rex back and I didn't think anything of it. She said, ne not on your neck, I hate that smell. Then I remembered the arm sprayer a few hours ago and told about "Sur la Route". I was unbelieving that she could smell / mean it, since it was only a small sprayer on her arm. So I let her smell my wrist and she was blown away. Said it was the best she'd smelled yet. Completely exaggerated I thought to myself and let her have her opinion ;)

Later in the restaurant she said that a small waft of scent of the great scent always came over to her. Now it became too colourful for me, that can't be the Luis? I wondered if it could possibly be the drydown of the T-Rex that she just mistook for the one she's got? We agreed that the next day I would just put on the "Sur la Route" and we would test it properly. And indeed, it was him she smelled all the time and now I can also explain to you why you can smell this fresh pussyfooter so well - in a double sense.

We're dealing with a masterpiece, I've been able to see that. A fragrance that has a durability and silage that looks like it was created by a master craftsman and has a very unique effect. At the beginning "Sur la Route" is quite strongly perceptible and starts citric-fresh and drifts thereby again and again - fabulous - into the leather! Fresh leather, unbelievable! This immediately gives it something of adventurous elegance, of a globetrotter in a noble twist. Later on it develops more into a grassy, fresh and tangy wine and appears quite classic and masculine, but remains elegant. Powdered lemon and the grasses are now fully present. You often think that the scent has already gone, but every few minutes a nice buzz comes up, reminding you that it is still there. The same goes for the environment. My girlfriend smelled him for hours today, sometimes more, sometimes less. She said that he starts out slightly musty for her, but I can't confirm that (you vll.?). I have been wearing it for 7 hours now and I can still feel it. The shelf life is therefore good for a fresh fragrance, as is the Sillage. It gets exciting in summer, when it will probably unfold even more beautifully, with a little sweat added ;)

---> This afternoon we were still at my mother's house, she also found him gorgeous and said already with the first hug: What do you have great things to offer?
My initial scepticism was now gone, I never thought I would buy it when I first sprayed it! Now I have just completed the online purchase at Luis and I am relieved to have it soon. Seldom have I so quickly and consciously spent 210 euros for 100ml and felt so much joy.
12 Replies
10.0 8.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    24
Long live subjectivity! // Vive la subjectivité!
Dear Perfume Community,

this is all very crazy.

Basically, man is so predisposed that he believes he is living in an objective truth. But the fact is that every human being lives in his own subjective reality.
This can be seen very well in the example of the Internet, social media, or forums like this one here.
Especially with topics such as fragrances, which are taken up very individually, the so-called "clash" ensures interesting developments and insights.

For the last two and a half years I have tried to find a line for myself to give myself clarity. As I have neither the money nor the space to own 100e bottles, I was looking for the direction to concentrate and learn.

Independent houses here, niche fragrances there, cheapies there, mainstream here, rankings, comparisons, fan-boy bashes, batch discussions.
Even on scents I tried to limit myself. Just to keep track of things.

But because of Sur La Route by Louis Vuitton I realized that all these thoughts of the last two and a half years are just subjective nonsense.
Recently I realized and also wrote a blog about how incredibly high quality and interesting independent perfumes are. I'm not backing away from that either.
But even here, unfortunately, I had to realize that art has nothing to do with wearability, perfumers craft with pleasantness and innovation with satisfaction.

But this fragrance showed me absolute perfection like no other.

The leather note is not leather but balsamic. The freshness runs through the entire fragrance and the citric acid always says "Hello, I'm still here too" even after 7 hours.
But the most fascinating thing about the fragrance is that you don't smell like you're wearing a perfume .
I don't want to start with the tiresome topic of "compliments", we should all know by now that we wear perfumes for ourselves and not for our environment. But it's interesting to see that no other fragrance has brought me so many compliments as Sur La Route.
The fragrance simply exudes an aura of good smell and not the maybe too much applied or even annoying perfume. This is combined with the perfect shelf life, the high-quality sprayer, the timeless flacon and the attractive packaging. "Sure, it's LV" some of you would think now, but this total package has nothing to do with the origin. But I notice also alone at the "Juice" how high-quality this is made and which perfumer's art has flowed in.
With this commentary, I not only want to bring the fragrance closer to you, but also encourage you to look more often into the meta-level. The distribution channel doesn't count, the brand doesn't count, the price doesn't count, the talk of nerve-racking people like me doesn't's always the fragrance in the glass that counts.

This year I already gave T-Rex from Zoologist the 10/10. But unfortunately, I had to drop it down to 9/10, because it is simply not suitable for everyday use.
Welcome Sur La Route to my Olympus.

Thanks for reading!
11 Replies
10.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    8
A Top Favourite from the Second Moment
When I was sprayed with all the scents by an overzealous employee at the Louis Vuitton Store a year ago, I got stuck with the typical L'Immensite and bought it immediately
In the store I wasn't very impressed with the "Take 2 Candy" top note from Sur La Route. The smell was a little too artificial for me and that despite the supposedly high-quality and natural oils.

Still in the subway home the light leather note of Sur La Route came more into the foreground and replaced the "take 2" feeling a little bit. I caught myself sniffing more at the arm with Sur La Route than at the just bought L'Immensite, which I was still driving in the beautiful orange paper bag.

I didn't have the much described "I drive in an old convertible with leather seats along the Amalfi coast", but the subway with its imitation leather covered benches was more than enough for me.

Sweet and fresh with a hint of leather. I knew I had to have the scent!

He quickly became a favourite, which I like to wear - even in autumn ;-)
9.0 7.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    8
Summer at the Côte d'Azur
A warm summer day. We are located in the south of France. On the Côte d'Azur, to be exact.
The convertible with which we are on our way makes its way from Cannes to Saint-Tropez at moderate speed. Always along the coast. Past several large citrus plantations, on which beside lemons also bergamots are cultivated for some time. A fresh summer citrus scent lies in the air, which, in addition to the citrus plantation scent, also evokes slight associations of lemon grass.
Passing the small, picturesque villages with their cliffs, we reach Fréjus at some point, around which the lush green meadows are mowed. Pure summer feeling. The smell of freshly cut grass is a welcome change from the whole citrus fruit.
Only a few kilometres later we pass an old farm, which is situated north of our route on the mountainside. A fire set fire to a small field in front of the farmhouse. A thin cloud of smoke moves from there in our direction and causes a slight melancholy on this wonderful summer day.
After passing Fréjus, our cabriolet takes the last few metres along the winding road to Saint-Tropez. The smells of lemon, freshly cut grass and smoky balsam slowly fade on the way and make room for new experiences. A beautiful summer day is drawing to a close.
3 Replies
10.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    10
The painter of Montmartre
A day in late September. Summer has escaped like air from a balloon. The city is waiting for autumn.

The painter on the Place du Tertre is dreaming his way back to summer. First foliage at his feet, the sky grey, Paris melancholic, but different from the Saudade of the Portuguese. The painter, his easel, a stool, the hectic tourists, the inconspicuous locals - everything together is quiet at all volumes.

In front of him a white-primed canvas.

He generously dabs abstract citric on the still emerging picture. Lemon maybe, but he thinks of something that resembles more lemon grass or lemon balm. The scent of this color brings him back the summer and the warmth. He thinks of the weeks he spent in the south, in the Drôme valley. It had been in July and early August. He's always out and about in his little Peugeot. Espenel, Vercheny, Pontaix, Die. He thinks back to the mown meadow on which he spent the night under the starry tent, chirping everywhere, gentle summer night winds in the poplars on the banks of the river, gurgling water.

The mowing, he wonders, how long had it been lying there, sprinkled with dew in the morning, steamed by the sun during the day, a fragrant pillow for his head in the evening? He's trying to paint that smell.

A little bit of citric still, he thinks, layers, blurs, as if the gentle wind of the south were asking both elements to dance.

It needs even more warmth, this picture - warm juices of southern nature. He applies balm with a fan brush. A little here, a little there. Very hidden. It's not about the smell, it's about the warmth. The balm is good for that.

The present brings him back to Paris. He thinks of the fire some time ago, the cathedral. He feels the need to record the event. He lights a piece of leather and blows the smoke against the canvas.

Then he lets everything dry, five, six hours perhaps, in which he dreams of a trench coat, remembers his father's stories about Paris in the 1950s, his reading of Camus' The Case and later Foucault's Insanity and Society. To the changes of the decades and the longing for the enduring.

He looks at the picture and rejoices. Not out loud. It doesn't make him euphoric either. But it touches something in him in a good way. He won't sell it. He'll hang it up at home and look at it from his armchair from time to time. And then all of a sudden everything will be there again, no matter whether snow is priming the squares and stairs of Montmartre outside, as if it were a white canvas and the undescribed future lay softly on the story.
8 Replies
10.0 9.0 9.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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On the way... no, I've arrived!?
I'm sure you don't ask yourself that the first time you smell "Sur la Route".
At first I quickly dismissed him as "something citrically nice again", but the more I wore him, the more he catched me!
This start doesn't pick you up right away...but after half an hour to an hour it becomes absolutely ingenious.
Initially citric, but of very high quality. Then a note is added that reminds you of freshly cut lemongrass.
The whole thing is lightly underlined by finest, not too pushy leather, which reminds you of a new product of the small leather goods brand.
A fragrance that manages to unite the following: Freshness and the feeling of being luxuriously "dressed" by the fragrance.
I personally think the SLR is even better than his brother "Orage", who is immo's top scorer here at Parfumo.
Orage is great, but ends for me in the DD after something already smelled. Something between Aquaysos and B22. Great, but is too similar to me currently in DD to B22.
In short, the SLR is a unique specimen, and in addition one that smells absolutely great and conveys luxury, but without being "not also casual" wearable! A declaration of love? Maybe!
I don't want to lean too far out of the window, but the scent has what it takes to become a signature!!
Further tests of the LV series will follow! Actually, I didn't expect anything from the scents! That was a mistake, or just the right one?
If you are looking for grassy, fresh, green, woody and luxurious - try ORAGE and SUR LA ROUTE!
7 Replies
9.0 7.0 7.0 3.5/10

16 Reviews
Getting my lawnmower
I think a more adequate name for this perfume would be “Tondre la Pelouse”. I don’t know what route Mr Vuitton was thinking of, but I have a hard time thinking that you can find a road that starts with a single exquisite lemon tree and a very small, very fresh pepper bush followed by endless fields of dewy newly groomed British grass lawns. My travels along this route was “Wow, I want to go this way forever!” for the first ten minutes to “Could you please stop mowing the lawn!?” for the remainder of the trip. After six hours, when you arrive at your final destination, the lawn mowers finally stop. There is a very distant forest of Peru Balsam when you exit your vehicle, which is a pleasant, very (!) close to the skin, resting spot.
8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    24
Really enthusiastic - very artfully arranged powdery-dusty-citric grass scent
Every now and then perfumes come out that impress me with their independence and that radiate a speciality that makes you realize that the perfumer really cared about his work.

"Sur La Route", my first fragrance ever from the designer handbags creator, is very catchy for me. And the pretty impressive 8.6 points above don't come from about.

First there is something dusty, very dry on the skin, mixed with a few fine lemon sprinkles. One thinks remotely of "Habit Rouge" in a quite different way, which gets along without orange.

This slightly desert dusty, also discreetly powdered, is complemented by a quite central, very fine grass note. Very finely balanced, not strictly green or too vegetable, but very lightly hay-like and casual.

Peru balsam, which is described in literature as heavy, discreetly sweet, like slightly smoky vanilla, may be responsible in "Sur la Route" for the somewhat sweet dusty resinousness. Balsamic in the whole in any case, the arrangement tenderly and nobly embracing and the citric and grassy a dotted warmth lend.

This is already a really exquisite classic French fragrance style, which this Vuitton is able to reproduce. Somewhere between cultivated, casual to almost solemn, ideally suited for strolling on Parisian streets in mild spring or autumn, but also catching the interface to office use. Beautiful and worth testing!
4 Replies
9.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Less helpful Review    1
Perfect scent
Very high-quality, pleasant and interesting fragrance. is for me the next in the collection. Price is not without, however, with 210,- € Louis Vuitton is as always no bargain.

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