Symphony by Louis Vuitton

Symphony 2021

11.10.2021 - 08:25 AM

Gorgeous bottles

First of all, I’m a big fan of many LV fragrances and find the others at least decent. The fragrances of LV are mostly easy to wear and mass-appealing, however they are also unique. I understand that many people say that they are not worth the price but in my opinion many of them are. With that in mind I opened the five samples from the five new fragrances of LV which come in a gorgeous new bottle at a very high price tag (450€).
To make things clear, as much as I like the bottle design, the price of those fragrances is not justified.
But let’s talk about the smell anyway. Symphony is the only fragrance from the collection that I see slightly more on the masculine side. It is very citrusy and fresh. When I smelled it the first time, I immediately thought that I know the smell from somewhere. Now, a few days later, I think it’s similar to Creeds Aventus Cologne. I would describe it as denser, thicker and much longer performing.
I could easily smell it 16h after applying. To be honest, it wasn’t projecting at this point anymore, however it’s a fresh scent and it was still there.
So if you search for a long lasting fresh scent, you might put this one on your list.

Overall, I like the scent, but I currently don’t like it 450€-much. After testing the others from the collection too, it is the only one that I probably would go for as a men. For women, I really can suggest trying Dancing Blossom ans Stellar Times.

However all of them don’t seem to be as unique as the ones from the regular collection. I believe that LV has chosen a few good selling niche fragrances, got inspired by them and produced a much denser version of them.
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