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Condottiere by Lubin
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Condottiere is a new and limited perfume by Lubin for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is powdery-leathery. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition
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Top Notes Top NotesLemon, Bergamot, Angelica
Heart Notes Heart NotesViolet, Blackberry, Blueberry
Base Notes Base NotesLeather, Iris, Cashmere wood



8.4 (24 Ratings)


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8.5 (24 Ratings)
Submitted by PanAroma0815, last update on 13.10.2020.
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Very helpful Review    14  
About an outstanding scent and the shady sides of the Hautevolee
Actually there is nothing more to add to the fragrance after the comment of the very esteemed member "Profumo".

Everything important and revealing was mentioned.
My humble, subjective opinion flows naturally, finely interwoven, into this text :)

This text refers only to Austria and my experiences there (Germany is a land of plenty when it comes to perfume)

Rather, I am concerned here with my personal disgust with a company policy of the
"Artificial scarcity in the luxury segment"

For some, it may be a great and exciting pastime to chase after a beloved perfume that you have wanted to have for a long time.
This form of satisfaction, when you finally hold the scent of desire in your hands after a seemingly endless odyssey, simply does not open up to me.
Of course, fragrances are my hobby and I know how much money people put into their hobbies, nobody has to tell me that, but a hobby should also be something that is fun and not degenerate into research work,

In the case of fragrances, I find this practice even more senseless and strange than, for example, the trendy bags by Louis Vuitton, Hermès or Chanel.
These are "status symbols" that almost everyone in the world knows and can classify directly.
(the crowning glory of the whole are certain models of Rolex, but this is a different matter)
A "popligen" Lubin "Condottiere" I can wear every day for 20 years and with a lot of luck would vllt. 1 person recognize this fragrance and nod appreciatively to me.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want the scent to turn me into an elitist snob, not at all...
I just don't want the manufacturer to suggest this with his sales's "just" a perfume, a consumer item......just a fragrance that sounds damn good from the description and I just want to test it before I buy it, no more no less "DOT"
But if this little thing is already the biggest hurdle to get started, something is damn lazy in the state of Denmark.

I also understand the objections of those who say:
"Yes that's why it's called luxury, you don't need it to survive and if you get so upset, just don't buy it and the drop is gone"

But I think it is arrogant and not very customer-oriented if you are supposed to buy a 250 € fragrance "WITHOUT SAMPLING" just like that!

On top of that, I:
a) I just don't have the time to write to all the perfumeries, and b) I just don't like to beg for samples which are not available in Austria !

I am probably the only person in Austria who owns this scent, because nobody has the opportunity to go into a shop and test the scent and say:
"Yes, it smells really great, it's worth the money, I'd like to buy it" "Wrap it up please" !

No where do we get to.......that would be too easy......our fragrance in the hands of Jeremy Pascal?
The manufacturer can't give you any information about where and how many of his exclusive fragrances have been shipped and refers to the list of sources.......I can do that now :)

Exactly 1 unit of the fragrance is sent from the manufacturer to Austria, without testers, mind you, and this 1 fragrance then ekes out its solitary existence in some perfumery, until someone gets a sample via detours from Germany and then mercifully writes to various perfumeries in Austria, which are listed on the manufacturer's site as sources of supply, in order to find out whether the fragrance exists at all in the listed perfumeries, in order to then learn about the perfumeries: No we never had ... Wait What...??? *BOOOOM* Brainfuck Deluxe.....
This is how customer loyalty and service is provided by the manufacturer...........NOT !

You already realize that what I have been demonizing all the time, I have done anyway!
Am I ashamed, because I underestimate this business policy by doing so ?
Yeah, I do Did I enjoy "working" so much for a fragrance so much
Do I like the scent ?
Yes beyond all measure

You can see it's pretty messy So whoever got the scent in Austria, please write to me and tell me how you did it :)

The fragrance itself:
*Insert Profumo comment here*

A really outstanding fragrance, which for me closes the circle to my hobby, as mentioned above.
The beautiful four-tone sound of green violets, fine tangy leather, powdery iris and armons of berries (without their penetrating sweetness and often pungent synthetics) testifies to great craftsmanship and an unbelievable feeling for the essential !
Something new I have to add to the fragrance after all:
You know: Swizzels - Fizzers ?
Right, that's what it smells like! D

According to my better half (unbelieving amazement on my part......she means it, can she? after what I've been through)

*Shoulder shrug*

So much for the "Oh, so great" exclusivity :D
3 Replies
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Top Review    29  
When leaders of mercenary troops still scented themselves with Iris - long time ago!
This fragrance combines three fragrances, all of which I appreciate very much: iris (or iris root), violet (or violet leaf) and leather There are plenty of iris scents, violet scents, both also in combination with leather, and leather scents are countless anyway. I don't know of a fragrance that unites all three notes, but there will probably be one.
In any case, this combination is great!
Grassy-green violet leaf, the closely related buttery-woody-powdery iris and a hint of smooth leather merge into a wonderfully bright, radiant fragrance whose floral facets are neither sweet-floral nor Indian.
Since iris and violet notes are not obtained from the flower, but from the iris rootstock, or rhizome, and the violet leaf anyway, they bring a completely different spectrum of fragrance to the rose, for example, or the lily, whose petals serve to extract the scent.
The rhizome of the iris, from which the so-called iris butter is extracted, brings along not only subtle floral but also light, talc-like, slightly earthy nuances, while the scent of the violet leaf also exudes something delicately floral, but above all a lot of light green freshness.
Both fragrances are therefore also well suited for men's perfumery, which tends to be more difficult to create with more opulent flower bouquets, especially if they consist of so-called white flowers, i.e. tuberose, gardenia or jasmine.
Iris and violet, however, are now frequently found in men's fragrances: 'Fahrenheit' is worth mentioning, but also the older 'Grey Flannel'; 'L'Homme de Coeur' by Divine, as well as the well-known 'Dior Homme'.

Condottieri were now leaders of small mercenary armies, which were highly respected in Italy during the early Renaissance and were known to strut and strut with great decorum. They are also said to have made extensive use of fragrance essences that were already popular at that time, and what could be more obvious than the heraldic flower of the city of Florence: the iris
With 'Condottiere', Delphine Thierry has certainly not created the first iris fragrance (like all the fragrances in this new 'Les Aristia', she has not reinvented the wheel), but she has created one that is particularly beautiful, and one with incredible radiance. Especially the selection of the raw materials might have been helpful here, but of course also the clever composition and last but not least the quite high perfume oil content. The fragrances in this range are in fact perfumes. No eau-de-parfumes, but actually perfumes, are therefore above the EdP in terms of the fragrance oil content, although probably only just.
In terms of fragrance development, radiation and durability, however, they behave exactly the same way as perfumes do: fragrance development is more leisurely, denser, without dramatic, abrupt changes; presence is clear and reaches quite a radius, i.e. economical dosage is indicated, while at the same time durability is enormous. Still the next morning I notice the scent clearly.

In addition to the protagonists Iris, Violet and Leather, other contributors contribute to the successful performance and should not be overlooked, although they hardly get beyond a supporting role: besides a citric-herbal Hesperides prelude, contrasted with a touch of wormwood-like angelica, there are mainly light, dark berry accents, which contribute more aroma than sweetness, as well as some cashmeran in the background.
Cashmeran is now a fragrance component that I actually don't like that much, especially not when used in a sweetishly turgid environment. But here, in a dry, floral-leathery concept, I actually find it quite suitable.

The special bottle, quoting the fragrances of the Talismania collection, also deserves a mention, as it was probably designed by Serge Mansau, probably the most famous and successful bottle designer.
Not only is the characteristic curvature of the bottle striking, which almost gives it an intrinsic body, but also the elaborate cap, which adorns the head of this bottle like a kind of crown. The bottle itself is coated in gold and becomes visibly more transparent towards the head. The crown that adorns it has a clear Art Deco look and the stone in it, alternating between light-greenish and dark violet, even shows with some imagination the heraldic flower iris (at least I think I can discover it on my bottle...).
The box itself is huge and elaborately manufactured, and the entire presentation - box/bottle/content - is extremely noble
I have already paid more for sloppy presentation, not to mention the sometimes questionable content. Not everything that comes across as oh-so-exclusive and noble keeps its promise.
But here, I have to say, I'm completely satisfied!
9 Replies

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