Galaad (2012)

Galaad by Lubin
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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Galaad is a perfume by Lubin for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCardamom, Rosemary, Cypress
Heart Notes Heart NotesCopaiva balsam, Honey, Myrrh
Base Notes Base NotesCypriol, Oud, Tobacco, Cedar



7.4 (143 Ratings)


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8.2 (110 Ratings)
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5.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    26
"How do I explain the tobacco now?"
In French, Galahad is Galaad. Not surprising, since the French like to make Hs disappear, even if they insist that they aspirate them. Probably they aspirate the Hs with the aspirator (vacuum cleaner) and then they are gone.

Since the French are totally into synonyms, Galaad also means Gilead, both people from the Bible and the mountainous area of Jordan.

Galahad from Gilead? How's that gonna work?

According to the official website, Galahad is a knight from Gilead at a time when the caravans from Gilead brought myrrh to Egypt. Knight is in this context an unfavourable name, because the mythical founder of the country Gilead was called like his country (which in French is called Galaad). Already confused? So Gilead from Gilead and not Galahad from Gilead. We can also read that the holy mountains of Gilead are full of beehives and cedars. Gilead's people use cypriol and "dried Atlantis herb" to refine the balm with which the rulers of the Orient smear themselves. What is dried cabbage from Atlantis? Tobacco. Tobacco was not known at the time of the mythical founder of Gilead. The lyricist had to come up with something and appointed America as the sunken continent of Atlantis without further ado. In the 19th century there were hypotheses that the Maya and the Aztecs were survivors of the sinking of Atlantis, but that has now been refuted.

So much for the background. How does Gilead smell now? Gilead smells like cypresses first, I don't know why a knight smells like cypresses. Maybe he carved himself a Grail with his bronze sword, which must have bent in the process. Then it smells resinous and like honey. He smears himself with balm and makes himself a honey bread. After all, he infects himself with an Atlantis herb cigarette and then the bees don't sting him.

I think Galaad's pretty good so far (the perfume, not the knight). I like resinous scents. The tobacco is nicely bound and not too strong. Galaad is slightly smoky in the base. This is also nicely integrated and does not annoy. Altogether I would give almost an 8 (but then I would want to buy it and nothing fits in my perfume cooler bag anymore). Galaad may also be too tame for an 8th Gilead. Gilead is comparatively shy for a ruler. Galaad's Sillage is moderate. I can't say anything about the shelf life yet.

Galaad is unisex although Gilead is a male name. You can wear Galaad in any season of the year. Today it was over 30°C outside and that went without problems. Galaad suits most occasions. I can't imagine it that way in sports, only in carving competitions. You don't necessarily have to carve a grail.
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9.0 8.0 7.0 6.0/10

144 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Formal Knight
Just like the name Galaad suggests, of brave knight and province in Jordan, this fragrance smells oriental, archaic and antique. Old and long gone, with marks of time.
Some green cypress and tobacco, overshadowed by oud and resins, drowned in sweet honey. This miro and other resins are very sacral, and ceremonial. Although many rich notes are used, the composition seems unbalanced and somehow unfinished.
Good idea, mediocre execution. Galaad is short-lived on me. I would always choose Eau des Baux over Galaad, in terms of fragrances with similar vibe.

Rating: 6/10
10.0 7.5 5.0/10

689 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
From Weak but "Sweet Smelling" to Just Unbearably Sweet... A Fragrance Journey...
Galaad opens with a very mild mix of spices driven primarily by a cumin-like cardamom that is deftly implemented to not come off like BO as many others do, coupling with a "just barely there" underlying tobacco note that is easy to miss if you are not really trying. The open is so mild and subtle that at times it is difficult to detect much of anything beyond just the faintest hint of spice. Things do open up in the scent's heart, as Galaad gets relatively sweet with the use of an ever-growing honey note coupling with myrrh incense and the remnants of the opening spice to create a very balmy accord that gives off the appearance of a powdery consistency. As the scent proceeds into the dry-down in its final stages, the sweet honey continues to pick up further steam, turning Galaad just shy of intolerably sweet but never completely crossing the line, with the powdery balmy nature continuing as well, only kicked up another notch. Projection is minimal (especially in the initial stages of the scent's development) and longevity is very good.

The first thing I noticed about Galaad was its open while extremely pleasant smelling seemed heavily watered down. If someone informed me this was an EdP strength scent I would have laughed and bet "big money" that they were wrong, certain Galaad was really an EdC based on the "weak as water" opening I experienced on skin. Then the scent grew more vociferous (well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves here; it went from a major skin scent to a relative skin scent) but that was when things scent-wise got much less interesting for me as the honey was just overdone; and when added to the myrrh it just came off as a bit of a powdery sweet mess and not something I particularly care to wear. I may have been disappointed in the weak strength (power-wise) of the open, but it did not hold a candle to the disappointment felt as to the rest of the scent (fragrance-wise). The bottom line is Galaad is a very average release on the whole and is not recommended for purchase at its $180 a bottle retail despite its incredible looking bottle. 2.5 stars out of 5.

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