Sinbad by Lubin

Sinbad 2019

29.01.2022 - 05:04 PM

floral, gourmand , spicy, resinous , woody , you name it

The start of this fragrance reminds me of Rahat Lokum, Which is because of nothing but roses in the opening. And because of the citruses, a little freshness accompanies this feeling of being a gourmand scent. As the scent starts settling down, It starts to become spicier, and The main notes that you would be feeling after are vanilla and resinous benzoin. And what comes after would be a little bit creamy-woodiness, which is the base for this Gourmand-spicy-floral-ish fragrance. After a while, the vanilla would settle and tone backs, and the gourmand vibe would. I would recommend this for colder seasons and weathers, that with good longevity would accompany you everywhere except formal situations.
Final Verdict:
If you are in the market for something Gourmand, spicy and floral, give this one a try. It's not the most unique, but it would do the job done very well.
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