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Upper Ten (2015) by Lubin
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Upper Ten (2015) is a perfume by Lubin for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.

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Thomas Fontaine

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesItalian bergamot, Rose, Saffron, Juniper berry
Heart Notes Heart NotesCinnamon, Cardamom, Peach, Orange blossom, Geranium
Base Notes Base NotesCedar, Sandalwood, Leather, Patchouli, Musk, Amber



7.4 (87 Ratings)


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7.8 (78 Ratings)
Submitted by TheDrake, last update on 20.11.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    11
Upper Coke
My first association when spraying Upper Ten on was: it sniffs like a mixture of quite creamy and at the same time dust-dry scents. I had thought about it briefly and then I remembered that it reminds me a little of Hepster by Annette Neuffer. Both creations have at least bergamot and juniper berry in the top note and rose geranium and orange blossom in the heart note as well as cedar, sandalwood and patchouli in the base note in common
Although this occurs in relatively many fragrances and we also don't speak of a monozygotic twin of fragrances, it results in a direction that can be assigned somewhere between the two dualities of creamy and dust-dry.

My second association went towards Coke. And attentive perfumers know that a combination of cinnamon and lime is exactly what brings about this olfactory experience. At that time I had noticed cola at Hepster, although it officially contains no cinnamon at all, but lime.

With Upper Ten it's the other way round: no official lime, but cinnamon - not too scarce, but not too dominant either.
And for the creaminess I have here quite clearly musk in the suspicion.

Otherwise, the eau de parfum alternates between subliminal sweet orange blossom, warm dimmed woodiness and relaxed cardamom spice with cautious twists into the Oriental. A small trace of leather can also be found.

All in all, Upper Ten is the perfect base for friends of the black "Imperialisten Brause". But those who are not so good at cinnamon or orange blossom will be less happy with it.
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Greatly helpful Review    11
I definitely don't want to belong to those Upper Ten
Oh yes, who doesn't want to belong to the 'upper ten thousand', to the 'High Society', or as my grandmother said: to the 'Hautevolee'?!
Honestly, I don't want to - or only very rarely.
But then I would definitely not scent myself with 'Upper Ten'.

It's strange: Lubin launches a consistently successful series called 'Les Talismania', beginning with 'Idole de Lubin', followed by 'Korrigan', 'Akkad' and 'Galaad' - all strong character and unusual oriental scents - and a few years later a 'Sauvage'/'Bleu de Chanel' clone, which doesn't fit into the series, nor even reaches the level of its predecessors.
It was the team Thomas Fontaine/Gilles Thévenin who developed this fragrance again, as with the extremely successful 'Korrigan'.
And that Thomas Fontaine can create great fragrances, he has proven that enough. Unfortunately, however, also less great, like for example the new, decidedly despondent 'Patou pour Homme'.

Upper Ten' is also despondent, and how.
No trace of innovation, no courage to be special, no urge for individuality.
Those strong-willed pioneers who built America and who were later called the 'Upper Ten', those brave men and women, of all people, served as inspiration for this fragrance?
O-Ton Lubin: "Without fear of obstacles, they lived every moment of their lives as if it were their last."
With 'Upper Ten'?
Hard to believe.

Lubin's scent puts me olfactorically much more into any men's shower of a fitness center, where it smells day in day out like the same 'For Men' shower gel melange.
Not that this has to be bad. You can like that. But my case isn't.
It's a bit like putting all the pictures of the most beautiful faces on top of each other to find the most beautiful, the distillate of everything beautiful, so to speak, only to find out that the most boring thing came out of it.
That's how I feel about Upper Ten.
Of course the fragrance is well made! It smells nice spicy peppery, has a few fruity nuances to offer, besides fashionable ambroxan finish, has endurance and well balanced projection.
But so far, so yawn, so snore...

Strange that Luca Turin praises this fragrance so much. I can't quite follow him. Similar to his hymn on 'Beyond Paradise for Men' years ago, I have the feeling that I am sniffing a completely different fragrance from him.

But well, tastes are different.
According to Wowi: 'And that's a good thing too!'
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