Cast A Spell (2005)

Cast A Spell by Lulu Guinness
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Cast A Spell is a perfume by Lulu Guinness for women and was released in 2005. The scent is sweet-fruity. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Amber, Blueberry, Blackberry, Fig leaf, Lavender, Lily, Patchouli, Red currant



5.8 (10 Ratings)


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5.8 (9 Ratings)
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94 Reviews
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No spells here
On my skin Cast a Spell is very heavy, syrupy berries. Quite a linear perfume but... if you think you'd like a super sugary scent (much like BS Fantasy) with berries for a low price, go for it. For me it was WAY too heavy (and I usually like these types of scents). However, if you go low on the spritz and wear it at night or cool days, this could be a good choice. Due to the heaviness of the scent, be sure to test first. Might be too cloying.

If you really like mature berry scents, you may want to try Black Musk by Jovan. It's much lighter on the heavy "sugar" factor and has a much sexier edge to it with red berries sprinkled from the top and all the way to the bottom notes. (It's also cheaper!) It's the only berry perfume I've used that makes a "sexy mature female" statement rather than light or childish as berry scents tend to be.

I really wish Cast a Spell worked for me. Because I so LOVED the notes listed. Alas... This is my second disappointment from Lulu Guinness.
5.0 7.5 5.0/10

1165 Reviews
Failed to 'cast a spell' on me
I'm really on the fence regarding Cast A Spell. While I enjoyed wearing this fragrance, it didn't leave much of a lasting impression, in other words, it failed to 'cast a spell' on me.

Berry-based fragrances are something that I like smelling on others, but very rarely on myself. Blueberries, blackberries and red currants are in abundance in this composition, and remind me very much of country berry picking farms. Although sweet, juicy and flirtatious, these accords only turn sour once they hit my skin.

I was hoping that the patchouli would soften the juiciness and provide an earthier feel. A touch of greeness would have been highly appreciated too. I pictured, and in turn hoped to be transported to a mystical forest with colourful butterflies and ripe berry bushes. Unfortunately this was not to be, as surprisingly lavender stole the patchouli note's opportunity to shine.

I should add that although this isn't personally my cup of tea, it is a relatively well constructed berry scent. Much nicer than I expected. It has a nice depth to it, which makes it a wonderful scent for all seasons. Like Fairytales, also by the same house, this fragrance will appeal to young girls and older women alike.

To my nose Cast A Spell is a fruity floral with a touch of smooth, slightly herbaceous lavender, which merges into a sweet, powdery drydown. The lasting power is quite impressive, lasting on my skin well over six hours.

I have a lot of respect for this brand, and I hope to see more fragrances from them in the future. Their bottle designs are really beyond beautiful, and are worth collecting for just that reason alone.
7.5 7.5 3.0/10

1239 Reviews
Sweet Plastic Patchouli
Lulu Guinness CAST A SPELL is primarily a sweet plastic patchouli perfume, with some plastic berries thrown into the mix. This sort of composition holds real headache potential for me, but before reaching that point (if I lightly apply), it smells somewhat interesting. Similar to how I am drawn to the scent of open magic markers, oddly enough. Also gas fumes wafting off the nozzle. Perhaps in a past life I was a glue sniffer? (Or perhaps in this life, but I forgot? (-;)

As a novelty scent, for an olfactory experience lasting as long as the contents of this vial, CAST A SPELL is worth trying, but I'll not be adding this fragrance to my collection. This is not the sort of composition which melds well with my cells. There is no way that I could use a full bottle.

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