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Interesting Facts

It was a long way until "Lush" established itself as a cosmetics brand, which already started in 1976. In that year, the British Elizabeth Weir founded her cosmetics label "Constantine and Weir" together with Mark and Mo Constantine. The products of "Constantine and Weir" are represented nationwide and are an essential part of the portfolio of "The Body Shop". In the early 1990s, "Constantine and Weir" sold all its patents and recipes and used the proceeds to establish the mail-order business "Cosmetics to Go." After the insolvency of this business model, the first cosmetics store under the name "Lush" followed in 1995 in the British town of Poole. Since then, the label has significantly expanded and has more than 100 stores in Great Britain alone. Lush features dozens of stores in Germany too.

"Lush" produces one of the most comprehensive cosmetics ranges ever. The range extends from products for hair, skin, and teeth to bath and shower products, soaps, perfumes, and makeup. Production takes place at the main British plant in Poole and in several European countries. In Germany, Düsseldorf is the "Lush" location.

The label is characterized (in addition to the large product range) by high social responsibility.
Thus, Lush prioritizes animal welfare, and completely refrains from animal testing in its products and expects the same from its suppliers. In addition, several environmental organizations are supported by Lush on a regular basis.
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