Fantabulosa Ladyboy 2004

Fantabulosa / Ladyboy by Lush / Cosmetics To Go
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6.0 / 1012 Ratings
Fantabulosa is a perfume by Lush / Cosmetics To Go for women and men and was released in 2004. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Banana, Camomile, Labdanum, Kelp, Oakmoss, Violet leaf



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Submitted by Ironheart, last update on 26.03.2019.

Interesting Facts

The fragrance was initially part of the brand B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, a company that is regarded as "sister company" to Lush. In 2010, the fragrance was incorporated into the Lush range. The scent was re-released as Fantabulosa in 2019.
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1239 Reviews
Memories of Beich's Bananas...
I've now worn Lush LADYBOY several times, a testament to the potency of this house's potions. My sample vial contained 2 ml, but it seemed as though I'd never reach the bottom! Of course, that's great news, if you happen to like the rough-hewn, home-grown "perfumes" of this house. The largest size they come in is a 1 ounce bottle--and with good reason!

My problem with Lush in general is that I find the compositions harsh, not lush. Even the ones which are less harsh are still so much more harsh than most niche perfumes. Have I become a snob?

LADYBOY opens evocatively with a blast of artificial banana which instantly calls to my mind my walks home from junior high school. Why? Because there was a Tenneco along the route, and I often stopped there to buy candy, with Beich's Bananas at the top of the list. I have no idea why I liked that candy. If I saw it today, I'm sure that I'd read the ingredient list and veto it immediately. It's bound to be filled with a laundry list of non-food items. What was great about this candy was that it came shaped in these huge rectangular pieces that filled your whole mouth, and the texture was totally awesome (and I have chosen those words deliberatively!). I'm sure that Beich's Bananas are (or were--not sure if they still exist...) every dentist's dream come true. How many fillings have need to be fixed because of Beich's Bananas? I ask most sincerely. On the dental-work destruction front, they are rivaled only by JuJuBes and Milk Duds.

Anyway, the very same artificial banana flavor appears to have been used to create Simon's little joke about a lady boy's anatomy. Ha ha. Good thing he didn't go into the entertainment business. Once the banana fumes clear out (and they are very fumey--like most of the loud scents of this house, always toeing the paint-thinner line), then judging by the ingredient list on the vial, I should love LADYBOY. Anthemis nobilis (chamomile), Cistus ladaniferus (could be a type-o--it's supposed to be labdanum resinoid), Viola odorata (no explanation needed!), and the sacred evernia prunastri (oakmoss), which everyone knows has been pulled from the vast majority of perfumes, resulting in sometimes tragic reformulations.

I do think that this particular Lush concoction ends up smelling pretty decent by the end, and it is not destroyed by Simon's apparent near anosmia to citrus oil (I can imagine him in the "kitchen", adding more and more lemongrass oil to his creations, never reaching the point of detection, all the while unaware that he's actually hyposmic to the stuff!) No, grâce à Dieu--or reasonable facsimile--there is no lemongrass or any other citrus whatsoever in this perfume! It's a miracle! But in place of the caustic citrus oil, there are banana fumes.

I think that LADYBOY is okay. For me, it's a sure trip down memory lane, every time I wear it. But how many more times do I need to reflect upon my junior high school days, walking to Tenneco to fill my mouth with Beich's bananas? Not on my wish list, in the end.
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Pink bits and bananas!
I recently purchased a sample set of LUSH frags on Ebay, simply because the history of this house was intriguing, along with the deliciously obtuse names of some of their frags.
Being a drag artist, a frag named 'Ladyboy' piqued immediate interest and while it's very interesting I probably won't be adding it to my collection anytime soon. There is no patchouli listed in the pyramid, but this stuff fairly reeks of it ... and I don't like patchouli when it's obvious in a frag.
It's probably a combination of the violet and oakmoss ... *shivvvvveerrr* ... smells a little more 'grandpa' than 'vivacious tranny' to me.
The banana up top (according to the LUSH site added as a joke) is undoubtedly there to bring to mind the bits of a 'ladyboy' that make her exactly that. I'm sure some would love this ... unfortunately not for me.
In it's favour it has good sillage and longevity ...

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