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Sikkim Girls (Perfume) by Lush / Cosmetics To Go
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Sikkim Girls (Perfume) is a perfume by Lush / Cosmetics To Go for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Jasmine, Frangipani, Tuberose, Vanilla



7.2 (47 Ratings)


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Submitted by AmyAmy, last update on 31.05.2019.
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25 Reviews
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A box full of nag champa incense cones. ...
Lush Sikkim Girls is a box full of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense cones miraculously transformed into a glorious golden nectar of a liquid and bottled for our delight and revelry. I am completely besotted with it.
This incense is unlit, there is no smoke in here. Although there may well be a genie waiting to grant your wishes and get you into lots of the best kind of trouble!
Off with the lid then, spritz and Oh! What is this? I was expecting white flowers and this is an old fashioned spicy thing - hang on a minute, what is happening, it's growing on my skin, getting bigger and bigger until I am surrounded by an outrageous triffid like floral spice bomb and now I've got to stand in the queue at the supermarket smelling like this, how embarrassing. Great big wafts of Frangipani (known in India as Champa Flowers) and warm tuberose (made rubbery, moist and naughty by the resinous halmaddi note) sitting happy and smug amongst powdery sandalwood, all larger than life and waiting impatiently to be driven off to a wild festival or concert with after-party and they are not going to calm down for quite a while yet.
Whew, this one needs a bit of fresh air and some good fun, devil may care company to go with it.

Sikkim girls will gladly stay up all night rocking it's way into the morning, in fact it can probably go without sleep for a couple of days. I can smell traces of it on some of my jumpers (oops, I mean 70's posh hippy Biba dresses ;-) days and days after I have worn it.
Please don't be put off though, I am prone to getting a bit dramatic. This is very lovely and has a wonderful way of getting really close and familiar with my skin chemistry. Although it's quite strongly floral, it smells natural and feels like it's become part of me and if applied with a light hand is wearable at any time.
It does have a soft rubbery, resinous, woodiness in the base although the notes are not listed, this must be a result of the benzyls added to the gorgeous floral absolutes. When it gets very warm I can definitely smell some naughty rubber of the latex kind - you have been warned.
I don't really get any jasmine amongst the other flowers but I get a fair amount of smoothed out spices shimmying around with them, and courmarin is there in the base to sweeten and hold it all together. There is a delicious creamy warmth here.
Sikkim Girls is different from, but shares some outrageous type DNA with my 80's favourite YSL Opium 1977 (pre-reformulation).

Sillage goes from moderate to massive to good and longevity on my skin is awesome.
This one will be staying on my favourites shelf and although I wear it whenever I fancy, really I should keep it as my get-ready-to-get-wild go to.
Must-try amazingness!
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10.0 10.0 8.0/10

23 Reviews
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Avon's Far Away, is that you?
(OK, OK, they're not even nearly identical, but there's a striking similarity in the opening - this just lacks the vanilla focal point!)

I find this, along with Avon's Far Away, to be a touch too spicy for me. This is where Far Away Gold comes into its own - being far softer. All three scents are incense based, sharp and vanillic - dominating, powdery, sweet, sultry, alluring, smooth.

In the LUSH store, after being nasally bombarded by everything else, I smelled mainly a strong frangipani note in Sikkim Girls, but having brought it home I find the opening initially dominated by an overpowering cinnamon incense, which can be just a little too much. Strong & long lasting, indeed! (When I tried rinsing this off and applying my usual dose of LUST, I discovered that this makes a sensational base! Also works the other way around, of course!)

Sikkim Girls has a wonderfully intense presence. Two sprays turned my living-room into a bazaar.
Apply with a light hand and don't breathe it in too closely - this is a room filler. A beautiful, powdery, heady frangipani and burnt woods kind of room filler.


Trucklady 8 months ago
Too much frangipani to sway me to buy. Shame, for I love the rest of it. Unashamed tuberose lover, I guess.
Chimidoro 4 years ago
In the store I was blown away by the frangipani; in reality I am blown away by the similarity to AVON'S FAR AWAY.
Ouch... What went wrong?+1

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