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Breath of God (Perfume) by Lush / Cosmetics To Go
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Breath of God (Perfume) is a perfume by Lush / Cosmetics To Go for women and men and was released in 2007. The scent is woody-smoky. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lemon, Melon, Jasmine, Amber, Musk



7.2 (146 Ratings)


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5.4 (97 Ratings)
Submitted by LiliaSophia, last update on 05.12.2019.

Interesting Facts

The fragrance was initially part of the brand B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, a company that is regarded as "sister company" to Lush. In 2010, the fragrance was incorporated into the Lush range.
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Greatly helpful Review    13
Divine Invasion
Breath Of God is an addictive, complex, dazzling scent that tells endless stories.
He lives from his contrasts, which develop such an exciting dynamic in themselves, that he always remains interesting and multi-layered from the beginning to his (very late) end.

It starts with a menthol-like ethereal freshness, contrasted with a woody smokiness that is demanding and nischig, but never scratchy or exhausting. Combined with an unsweet exotic fruit note, this creates a fascinating, multifaceted, iridescent picture.
From the middle BoG becomes much softer and ends in a seemingly endless fadeout on soft, subtle sandalwood. This end is almost the most beautiful of this great fragrance, it remains present like a fine veil until one can no longer distinguish between memory and reality, as if one glides on an infinite slide further and further into space.

If you want head cinema, an overgrown Far Eastern temple peels out in the rainforest, cold ashes and wild fruits. Mystical, archaic, colored, smoky, fresh.
A trip to Tibet finally inspired Simon Constantine.

A lot has already been written about the Lush brand in the comments, I can't underline the praise enough - until recently I also had the image of a hipster bath bomb shop in my head and was all the more enthusiastic about its fragrances, as well as about the rest of their range.
Straight BoG is extremely courageous, could be e.g. also of Bertrand Duchaufour and is so completely not at all Mainstream and nevertheless not pretentious or strenuous.
May this breath not run out so quickly.
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4.0 7.0 7.0 7.5/10

165 Reviews
A fun and fresh smoked melon
A gourmand-fruit incense, fresh and cheerful, that I like and dislike in equal parts, is young and fun, but has a specific moment, which reminds me of a cupboard freshener with the smell of melon, and at that moment, leaves to like me, but it's only a moment and then the perfume changes again for the better, but only that small part has me scammed.

From the beginning you can feel a very sweet and luminous fruit aroma. Do you know those bright yellow melons, small and round? then, a ripe, juicy melon smells the beginning of this perfume, along with a tad of lemon, some neroli and a little incense. Then, little by little the initial sweetness decreases in intensity, but it does not disappear, and the incense becomes more noticeable, adding to the whole a tad of pepper and juniper, which makes it feel slightly woody and balsamic. Later, a small smoky leave is added, contributed by cedar and vetiver, but without losing the initial melon smell. The finish is a sweet mixture of smoked melon, with a slight woody bottom.

In general, you could say that the perfume is a smoked melon from start to finish, with a multitude of nuances that come and go.

The performance is regular, having remained in skin for about 5 hours, with a moderate projection at the beginning and moderate-low to die close to the skin. Cheerful perfume, for warm and temperate times, and to dress it diurnally. It is a soft and pleasant aroma that I see more appropriate for the warm days of spring and summer, and that, the same, its poor performance is due to not getting along with the current cold, I do not know, but I will try it when the warmth I see in these parts and I will tell you how.

I liked the perfume a lot, but there have been times when it reminded me of a fruity fragrance cabinet air freshener, except for that, it is not a bad perfume, but at € 35 the 30ml with such poor performance, I will not replace it when finish
6.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

143 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
Absolutely Surreal
Scentrack: Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie and Clyde (Herbert's Fred and Ginger Mix)

Breath of God was really tough to describe. This shape shifting monster changes every minute. The sweetheart bubblegum, the smell of fermented autumnal leaves on cold wind, the old chimney smoke, the morning fresh toothpaste... Breath of God is in everything. Even its acronym BOG stands for God in my language.
The incense of ancient temples meshed with the mint and garnered with sweet melon and other fruits. Accompanied in the drydown with unbelievably dark woods.
A surreal fragrance, worth waiting. An unexpected masterpiece from Lush.

Rating: 8/10
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5.0 10.0 10.0 9.0/10

91 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Interesting and unique
I like the opening with it's strong woodsy feel. Vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood all anchored with incense. Like Lust by this house, I love it after about three hours, when the rose and ylang-ylang take the stage. It actually reminds me a lot of the best parts Lust, but with a different feel to the opening and base. The Rose and Ylang-ylang never get as strong as they do in Lust but they sing all the same. It has that "head-shop" feel to the base that I get from many this house's scents, but it's a good thing.
Like all of the Gorilla scents by Lush it has amazing Longevity and a Nuclear sillage


484 Reviews
Very helpful Review    7
Gorilla Perfume’s Breath of God gets the sweet/savory balance that has become one of the go-to references on see-it-not-taste-it TV food competition shows. The sweet/salty comment has become part of our expertise-without-in-fact-experience vocabulary. It’s a function of our pop quest for unearned authenticity that is the logical outcome of distressed denim. Other such food show comments have to do with ‘a little more acidity’, better mouth feel, or the benefits of sous vide preparation. Reality TV has left us spring-loaded with such vocabulary. We really are fucking ridiculous.

But Breath of God gets kudos. Prada Candy, with it's talk of benzoin, would convince us that it is a salted caramel, and therefore stakes a claim to salty/sweet sophistication. Breath of God reaches for more and gives us an oyster and melon raw bar, completing the triangle with mint. It's ingenious, and makes a refreshing sense.

The drawback is that although the accord is appealing and distinctive, the execution is murky. Similar to other Gorilla fragrances (also Tokyo Milk fragrances) there is an unfortunate blurring of notes. A bit more separation would give a more dynamic quality. Breath of God suffers from the aromatherapy conundrum. Just as in mixing essential oils, it's easy to have a blurring rather than a synergy. A solution might be to use it as scenting for personal care products. Another Lush/Gorilla product, Dirty, is better in Lush's hair paste than as a stand-alone perfume.

Lush doesn't compete with Tom Ford, by Killian, or Guerlain. It's more like the Etat Libre d’Orange alternative to the Body Shop. Breath of God could use what my grandmother called ‘a friendly hand’ to spruce up its composition, but it is a brilliant perfume in its inventiveness. It is attractive and distinctive. It's memorable. It wears well and doesn't fall apart. It would be easy to dismiss it as quirky if you don't look closely. Give it a bit of consideration, and it'll change your point of view.

from scent
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4.0 8.0 8.0 6.5/10

468 Reviews
A very long breath needed
Now sold in Lush-stores and hailed by Luca Turin as a "masterpiece", I tested this and can't share the enthusiasm. The initial blast of dark, incongruous, biting notes is simply unnerving and hard to bear. After 30 min, the scent morhps into a comfortable, transparent, smoky, woody veil, not in the least as vile as the beginning, but very pleasurable. Yet the fragrance is not good enough to make me want a bottle for my collection.

And the name is ridiculous... "What are you wearing today?" "Breath of God, honey" - well, this wouldn't even pass as an ironic remark.

But notwithstanding the preposterous title, I like my perfumes to be pleasurable from the very beginning onwards and would never buy a perfume with such unfriendly top-notes. "Breath of God" takes too much time to develop.
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2.5 7.5 7.5 5.0/10

68 Reviews
Very helpful Review    8
Brace yourselves!
Thoughts Phase One - Halitosis Infernalis (in no particular order, it was that violent!)

- Oh my God!!
- What the Hell is this? Burned tyres? Blood?
- Mr Turin, you are having a laugh! Give this monstrosity 5 stars?! Right! No more listening to you Mister.

Thoughts Phase Two - Angel Fresh has landed

- Uh? What now?
- That wasn't here a second ago. Icy ozone? Tinge of sweetness?
- This stuff is weird. Scrubber one moment, invigorating delight the next.

Thoughts Phase Three - Peace from Heaven

- Well well, I could get used to this.
- Hmm, lovely warm vetiver, my skin only better
- Yes please!
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10 Reviews
BOG was my first buy.
As a newbie to scent I did a lot of testing. This stuff is supposed to be unusual and controversial, but what did I know ? It ended up being the first perfume I felt ready to purchase, and so it was. Everyone to their own taste, I suspect, but Lush stores allow you to purchase a small bottle of this for a very reasonable price, and I can certainly recommend giving it a try as a means of seeing whether it's something you may like too.

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Ein Schluck davon und man spürt nach 10 Minuten schon den Atem des Schöpfers.
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