Assassin Remix Assassin 2004

Assassin Remix / Assassin by Lush / Cosmetics To Go
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8.2 / 106 Ratings
Assassin Remix is a limited perfume by Lush / Cosmetics To Go for women and men and was released in 2004. The scent is resinous-green. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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Fragrance Notes

PinePine LimeLime NeroliNeroli Blackcurrant absoluteBlackcurrant absolute Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute OakmossOakmoss



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Interesting Facts

The fragrance was initially part of the brand B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, a company that is regarded as "sister company" to Lush. The scent was re-released in 2018.
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Schrödinger's Cat
Dang! At last - like always around this time of the year - you don't want to buy new perfume anymore and then Lush launches a fragrance with blackcurrant, pine, vanilla, lime and oakmoss. Yes, copied pyramid, but simply because I do love all these notes. What could go wrong? I mean, have you ever been disappointed by Pyblitru (read: "Pyramid Blind Trust", an insidious perfumery disease that stimulates consumption)? Like, ever? To make it worse, Assassin is only available online, no sample chance.

At least my discipline was strong enough to wait until I got hold of a souked sample, which I opened together with KayLiz and KingLui. A little absurdly this act reminded me of various unboxing videos from the Internet, which I've usually met with skepticism and incomprehension. Kay sprayed the fragrance on herself and - tadá! - I was cured: Sweet tonka powder, uhh. A sticky gourmand who played so far away from any listed notes or even advertised fragrance categories, that my next assassin act at best opened outrageous holes in Lush's marketing employees.

At home a second forlorn test on me and this time delicious sour currant streams towards me. Like it's a different scent. Tonka powder too, but this time blended sumptuously. Just as the Lush stores smell of all sorts of things - some folks love it and others can't stand it - also in Assassin there is something bubbling under the citrus-fruity surface, tarty and soft at the same time. Sticky sweetness, forest rather as resin than as collection of green branches, later dark dusty mixed milk cocoa. So natural - not really - like their flashy bath bombs and in its inflated aroma almost a little too much of a good thing in its sweet-sour (trick or treat?) overall package. And yet, kind of awesome. In its majority certainly gourmand.

The icing on the cake is the smoking oakmoss at the end, but this time it's surprisingly natural. Having grown fond of oakmoss during the natural fragrance project, it occasionally swells to the light after half of the day and sets smoke signals. Assassins successful. Mission accomplished, total duration from eight in the morning to midnight.

By the way, then sold out. Which I find EVEN bolder than the pure online sale, but now from the buyers, to whom I did not allowed to belong. Gnah. Then I spotted a lonely as-good-as-new flacon on Kleiderkreise, a German second hand platform with a focus on clothing, where the private vendor generously left me with further exclusive lush (shower gel) samples. And now it's mine. The rest follows Schrödinger: Before you open a used bottle, there is as well the original scent and some kind of fake nonsense dupe in the bottle. Only after spraying, the flacon decides for a quantum state. With me fortunately to the original, yay!

I believe, my Schrödinger's Cat was an anti-consumerism cat.
Unfortunately, Assassin killed it. Smells good, though.
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