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Brise Marine is a perfume by ArteOlfatto - Luxury Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is aquatic-synthetic. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesYlang-ylang, Coconut
Base Notes Base NotesBourbon vanilla, Musk, Coumarin



5.5 (14 Ratings)


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7.1 (13 Ratings)
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Very helpful Review    4  
Holiday falls into synthetic water!
Brise Marine's a great name, I think. Because "breeze" sounds like a breeze, well, just a breeze, a slight gust of wind, which can certainly do you good during the hot days. Unfortunately the breeze, if it ever comes, is extremely warm on hot days, so that it blows a warm air into your face, which might be pleasant, but unfortunately is not refreshing.

Well, anyway. Let's get to the term "Marine". That sounds so great! Even though a navy is a nation's naval force, it stands for everything that has to do with the sea. So you have to think about the sea, and what could be more beautiful in summer than the sea? Beautiful blue water in various shades of blue, cooling water that couldn't be more refreshing, and wild waves that one likes to jump into. And then you notice that the waves were a bit stronger and you are pressed into the seabed and dragged along there, cursed inside and also try not to get disgusting, salty sea water in your mouth and nose, which happens anyway and you rattle endlessly afterwards when you finally manage to stand up again.

And like so often you don't learn anything from it and jump back into the next wave so that the game starts all over again. And if you get off the water at some point, you might have some reddish, abraded spots, but nobody notices that the waves have wiped the ground with you, because everyone thinks that these are just small sunburns, hell hell hell hell :DD
And if you are very lucky, they might even look like hickeys (Again, hell, hell, hell! DDD).

Whatever. As I said, the sea is something so great and I therefore like all the scents that remind me of the sea or holiday in general. And I hope that the scent smells great, because there are such holiday-like scents meanwhile like... yes just like sand in the sea :D

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell something citric, but also something sweet, whereby both scents are difficult to determine, what exactly they now smell like. The sweet thing could be musk, but I don't smell bergamot in the citric, but almost chemical-synthetic "something". In general, the beginning is totally synthetic, but unfortunately not in the nice way, but where you think that it could be one of those quickly made cheap scents. The fragrance is therefore neither beautiful nor pleasant at first, nor anything else...
Then there are salty notes that are supposed to stand for the Navy. Yes, the fragrance is salty, a little bit algae, and the fragrance could have done something with it, if it hadn't been for the extremely bad, synthetic impression I just mentioned, which you just don't want to like.
Over time, the fragrance also becomes sweeter, which at least "hides" the not so successful synthetic notes a little (although these are getting weaker and weaker in the base anyway) and the fragrance becomes a little more fragrant. This sweetness comes now from the vanilla, which one recognizes also well. The coconut can then also be recognised (but probably only in the sprayed area), which increases the (exotic) holiday feeling with the scent.
In the later base, however, it is again as if the synthetic notes become stronger again, as at some point the sweet notes gradually fade away again. Although these synthetic notes are somewhat less bad than at the beginning, they still do not smell good. So the scent is not so bad for me that it would be repulsive, but unfortunately it is far from being nice.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is strong, for a maritime summer scent it is even very strong, so that you will not only smell the scent from close up for a while.
The shelf life is quite long, the fragrance lasts loosely the whole day and even smells a little on the skin if you should take a shower.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and filled with a matching blue scented liquid. The black label looks nice, the gold/chrome plated lid is solid and looks high quality. All in all okay, even if typically "niche scented" simple.

Oh no... I was looking forward to a nice, maritime and/or aquatic fragrance with this fragrance. And even if the fragrance radiates a maritime aura through salty scents, it does so very artificially, so that you immediately notice the synthetics and think of less successful fragrances. As always, this doesn't mean that synthetic is bad (as I always mention: It depends on the scent, because there are also very well made artificial scents), but here it's really bad :DD Especially the top note and the middle part smell very artificial.

The scent (towards the end) actually had a lot of potential, because in the end the vanilla doesn't smell bad and the coconut comes across as quite holidayy (even if the coconut should be weak). These good approaches are clouded by the somewhat overly strong, general synthetics in my opinion too much,... a pity!

The fragrance is already summery, although the already quite strong salty aura could probably have a crushing effect in midsummer. If you are looking for well-made maritime or salty fragrances, you could take a look at Heeley's Sel Marin, for example, or, if you want to save money, at Seathalasso from Douglas' own brand.

In short: From my side there is no recommendation here! But as always, tastes are now different!
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