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Maison Royale - Plaisir Oud Noir by MD - Meo Distribuzione
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8.8 / 102 Ratings
Maison Royale - Plaisir Oud Noir is a perfume by MD - Meo Distribuzione for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is smoky-green. It is still available to purchase.
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523 Reviews
An Effect Of Temporal Bliss
Of all the ten fragrances in the Plaisir collection, this is the forbidden fruit. Many people, including myself, have probably never smelled the original hashish or even the cannabis plant, which are still delightful smells according to those who have tried them. And the same goes for the original oud's scent, very expensive and often replaced by the synthetic one. Plaisir Oud Noir doesn't have the smell of a coffee shop, a burnt joint, or the medicinal smell of resin at all. These unobtrusive notes are pleasantly present; they work well with the rest of the notes and smell diametrically opposite to the bottle's white color, which is gloomy and mysterious. Still, it is a biting and aggressive scent, sometimes disturbing and sordid. Very virile, in the sense that if testosterone were a perfume, this would be it; not in a gym stereotypical way but a stout gentleman type, cigar smoker, scotch drinker, refined, mature, hipster. I imagine the Plaisir Ous Noir worn by that kind of Arab man with a scraggly beard and gorgeous eyes surrounded by the most succulent lashes as if he highlighted them with dark Kajal. Still, the perfume is unisex but slightly more inclined towards the masculine universe. I took a sample from the IdeaBellezza perfumery shop in Milan and immediately realized it was worth it.

Aside from coffee and tobacco, which I barely get, there are all those notes mentioned above. It is herbaceous, resinous, woody, sooty, and at the end of the drying phase, when you put your nose on the skin and inhale, you smell a fantastic rich aroma, gooey, balsamic, semi-sweet blend. Yes, it has a vigorous nod to grass, but it's not overwhelming, hiding behind the wood, incense rich in smoke and oud and peeking out from time to time. The most striking note to me is a smoky note that starts rich and robust and simmers to a dull chord. All around are musky green notes, amber, incense, and oud.
It opens with an alcoholic, woody, and resinous blend, with something that smells of licorice root, making it very dark and intense. The notes of smoke and tobacco come almost immediately when the initial roar fades a bit, and to my nose, the smoky and tarry scents show that the woody accords seem to play a fundamental role in the composition. There is a grassy background, almost like there was damp hay between the green notes. It could even be wet tobacco leaves. The oud, placed as a base note, comes up promptly upon application and feels dark, mossy, intensely aromatic but not medicinal, balmier, I would say. The cannabis and green notes combine to create an herbaceous and earthy accord.

It takes about half an hour before entering the heart of the composition, which stabilizes around the cannabis notes, along with the more resinous ones. As already mentioned, I don't get as much hash as supercharged wood and licorice. These heart notes remain for the rest of the lifetime. Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes, this stage is beautiful and utterly, relentlessly enveloping. I get zero coffee out of this. If I smell a used coffee cup with some leftover and then compare it with my scented skin, there is no authentic coffee vibe in there. Still, the tobacco is more prominent than the coffee, and both combine, enhancing the dark wood character of the fragrance.

Eventually, it becomes a sooty oud with a very subtle sweetness that smells like a pomegranate when it dries. It turns musky, a bit sour and smokey. The smell is intriguing. Raunchy. Adventurous. Carnal. Dirty. The incense adds a smoky tone that gives the fragrance a slightly burnt wood touch. Once Plaisir Oud Noir has reached its full dry-down, I can summarize it as a strong, dark, and smoky woody and herbaceous fragrance with resinous accords.

For my nose, the most noticeable note is the incense. On my skin, I get a very smoky incense smell. Finally, this perfume is a beautiful Ayurvedic incense stick burning experience: spiritual and meditation inducing like an opium den inside a temple full of incense next to a grove of burning trees. The cologne lasts long on me and forever on clothes. If I spray it on a pillow in the evening, I can still smell it the following day on me. It's a late fall, and throughout winter scent, suitable for evening events and nights out, a little goes a long way.

This review bases on a 100 ml. (3.4 fl. oz.) bottle I own since December 2020.


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