Odeur Poudreè 2019

Odeur Poudreè by MGO Duftmanufaktur
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Odeur Poudreè is a new perfume by MGO Duftmanufaktur for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Ylang-ylang, Vanillin, Sandalwood, Galaxolid, Patchouli, Frankincense, Hedione, Linden blossom, Ambermax®, Iris, Jasmine, Musk, Tonka bean absolute



7.7 (38 Ratings)


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7.1 (23 Ratings)
Submitted by Caligari, last update on 07.10.2020.
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Powder time again!
Hi folks! How you guys doing? I hope as always good, especially in these times, when there are still annoying corona viruses lurking everywhere and life is a little bit more restricted, well, except maybe for President Trump, who even walks with the virus or something :D
So those who stay at home more because of this can best do only one of three things: sniffing and discovering new scents, gambling and discovering new games, looking at dirty stuff on the internet and discovering new dirty stuff :D I am also more at home at the moment and have seen and discovered a lot in all three areas and yes... okay, let's get down to the scent.

It's about Odeur Poudreè from MGO, which sounds very soft and gentle, comparable to the fur of cats or the skin of ladies, I think at least, what do I know, because I, who for years could only stroke the fur of cats instead of the fur, uh the skin of ladies... *sigh* :DD he he.

If you take a look at the scents, the scent shouldn't actually be bad. Vanilla, iris, tonka bean, jasmine, musk, sandalwood, etc... all fragrances that normally always give a very pleasant feeling in the nose. Well, the Ylang-Ylang worries me a little bit, because I don't like the scent, because it is usually stuffy, sultry and very heavy and therefore often takes away the pleasant aura and often even the sexyness of the scent. Well, this is my opinion in any case. I apply the scent now and then I see how the scent develops.

The smell:
At the beginning the fragrance has a slightly medicinal scent, which smells like sweetish cough syrup, but which one does not like to drink very much :D
Then I already smell the first gentle fragrances like amber and iris, maybe also some jasmine and incense.
The other scents are more difficult to determine, because I do not know how Hedion, Ambermax or Galaxolid smell like. But that's not too bad, because a little later I smell mainly vanilla and iris, and also slightly amber-like sweetness.
A few hours later it basically still smells as described, so it is still sweet and powdery. It's just that you can now smell a slightly more intense vanilla in particular, while everything else takes a back seat. The vanilla not only smells good as usual, but also quite authentic.
The later base also smells almost exclusively of vanilla and I think it's good that the fragrance is somehow not disturbed by sultry scents like ylang-ylang, even if the scent lacks a bit of variety.

The Sillage and the durability:
The sillage is good, the scent starts a little weaker, but then unfolds better and better, so you don't have to get really close to smell the scent on someone.
The durability is even extremely good. I could not only smell the scent quite well on my arm the next morning, it even stayed on it for a little while (in a very weakened form of course) after I had scrubbed my arm with soap several times. So I gave it the full score for durability.

The bottle! The bottle is slightly inflated, has a fairly thick glass base and a gilded spray head. On top of this is a slightly milky transparent rectangular cap. There is no label, but instead, the brand name and fragrance name are printed on the bottle in a rather simple machine print. All very simple, I think more would have been possible with this bottle shape.

Soo, this scent here belongs for me to the "typical vanilla scents", which in itself exist like sand at the sea. By this I mean that they are quite nice scents, but they all smell the same at the base, almost only vanilla. But that's okay, because first of all most of these scents have their own beginning, even if they should also look familiar, and secondly vanilla is a wonderful, soft and powdery scent that smells pleasant.

Just now, when we have autumn and winter is coming soon, such fragrances are perfect for everyday use as well as for going out, as vanilla always smells delicious. Now I think there are more beautiful vanilla scents than this MGO here, but vanilla fans can still have a look, because some might like the beginning better than other scents, or because the fragrance smells mostly only of vanilla, well, it depends.

It is nice that the ylang-ylang did not smell opulent, which increased the sexiness of the fragrance for me. Because with sultry Ylang-Ylang I would never want to nibble on you ladies in my life,... well well, maybe I would, because I'm a desperately crazy freak, but most of them are not :DD

So anyway, the scent is worth testing. That brings me to the end and yes, keep taking good care of yourselves in these times and have a nice evening :)
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