Aprikose Vanille Apricot Vanilla (2015)

Aprikose Vanille / Apricot Vanilla by M. Asam
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Aprikose Vanille is a perfume by M. Asam for women and was released in 2015. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is still in production.

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Vanilla, Apricot



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Submitted by Calista, last update on 05.01.2020.
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Helpful Review    5  
Hmm... delicious peach rings?!
Today I'm testing another brand I haven't tried in a while: M. Asam, a German cosmetics and fragrance brand that I had noticed at the time because of one thing. Of course... how could it be otherwise, I noticed the scent of its excellent green tea scent (M. Asam No. 1), which together with its citric notes like grapefruit just tasted delicious... um, I meant of course great scented :)

Now comes apricot vanilla, whose only scents seem to be apricot and vanilla according to the scent list, which sounds quite simple. But hey, isn't it sometimes the case that seemingly simple fragrances just smell great?
Well, I'll see about that! And... as usual... tell you about it! :)

The fragrance:
Soo, the fragrance starts as expected fruity sweet. One immediately smells the vanilla, which radiates sweet and powdery (and also intense). Then there's the apricot, which somehow reminds me of the really delicious peach rings from Haribo, Trolli and similar brands with its peachy scent and sweet vanilla. The fragrance is quite great and tasty, but just because it smells so sweet and this sweetness also reminds of sweets, the fragrance also comes across a little girlie-like. The sweetness of the fragrance reminds me a little later of icing sugar, but this could be due to the powdery vanilla itself.
The base becomes more and more vanilla, which means that it even smells a bit like biscuits with vanilla. At this point the fragrance no longer has the Girlie aura mentioned earlier, as the fragrance now comes across as less sweet-like. Finally, the fruity notes continue to decline, until the scent in the later base only smells of pure vanilla (but quite authentic). Still beautiful, but then also a little bit one-sided.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good, because especially the vanilla radiates quite well, so that the scent will be good to smell for a while.
Most fragrances with vanilla seem to last forever, and this fragrance is no exception. Here are loosely over twelve hours in it, if not even more!

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and ends at the top in a dome on which the spray head is placed. This is closed by a bronze-pink and cylindrical lid. The brand name was incorporated into the glass at the lower end of the bottle. On the front you can see a nice, coloured label with apricots and vanilla. The bottle is very simple by and large, but quite nice.

Apricot vanilla is a beautiful fragrance, which actually only smells of vanilla and apricots. To classify it to a season, is not so easy for me despite the actually simple smell, because I find the apricots quite loose and light and therefore fresh and summery. The vanilla, on the other hand, is intense, sweet and powdery and fits more into autumn and winter. So I'll just say that the fragrance works like an all-rounder. On warm days you can use it less dosed as well as on colder days. And he could also go out because he smells sweet and tasty, and so you want to smell when you go out, don't you? :D Well, at least I wouldn't mind if a woman would smell so sweet :D
To the bite, tasty and... oh you know that meanwhile, what I always say to it so to say :D

Be that as it may, the scent is really beautiful and therefore worth a look. At the beginning it might seem a bit girly, but a little later it becomes more of an all-rounder, suitable for all ages, as long as you like sweet scents :)
But keep in mind that the scent from the base on only smells of vanilla and the scent could be a little bit boring.

And I'm strangely hungry for these peach rings right now. However I know exactly that I will not get myself these things, since I do not stand on these rings anyway soo very much anyway and therefore rather to pick pickle or so :D
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