N°. VII - Petits Papiers Nobile / Petits Papiers by Mad et Len

N°. VII - Petits Papiers Nobile Petits Papiers 2011

20.01.2020 - 01:49 AM

woody vanilla with a twist

This starts with a gentle vanilla and dry smoked wood (the copaiva?) but immediately turns to take on a sweet cereal grain note that reminded me of Parfumerie Generale’s Une Crime Exotique. (UCE, while beautiful, grew to smell sweeter and sweeter to me, until I couldn’t wear it any more. Mercifully, Petits Papiers is less sweet.) At 6 hours, it is back to a soft woody vanilla, a real comfort scent. It’s a good choice for those of us who like our comfort scents unsugared.
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