Truth or Dare by Madonna

Truth or Dare 2012

02.07.2016 - 11:55 PM
Very helpful Review

Classy White Floral

Truth Or Dare is not people's favorite scent and I understand. I remember I got it in 2013 when it was on sale. I was chocked when I saw it because I didn't even know that they had it and bought it, instantly. The box is simple but chic at the same time. The bottle is also simple but chic. I like the little "spots" on the bottle. The cap reminds me of a crown (I don't know if she made it to look like a crown but anyway). The scent is a straight up floral scent. Obviously, there isn't any fruit. My mother personally loves this scent. She loves jasmine-y scents and as soon as she smelled it, she said "it smells like jasmine" before I even looked at the notes. And she was right. But jasmine is not the most "out there" note. Tuberose is the one that is like "Hey, I'm here!". If it was a pure white floral scent, it will gave me a headache but it didn't. That means that something else is noticeable which is the vanilla. The vanilla gives the white flowers a softer smell that doesn't give me a headache. It is very nice. This smell is very classy! I understand that some people don't like this scent because it isn't a playful fruity scent or anything else. If you need a white floral scent with a hint of vanilla, voilĂ !

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