28.02.2021 - 07:06 AM
Gourmand feel-good fragrance
Now it has also found its way into my home. After I praised the mighty Oud Satin Mood by MFK to the skies, I can do the same for Grand Soir. But differently. Grand Soir doesn't have that punch, is quieter, but still has good sillage and longevity for me. I can't understand the reviews that criticize this very thing. If you love warm perceptible vanilla scents, you have to try Grand Soir. It could pass for a designer fragrance in terms of pleasantness for me, but seems more sophisticated and complex. I don't think the name Grand Soir is well chosen, OSM is more appealing. But that doesn't detract from Grand Soir, sometimes it's the subtle nuances that please and don't "overpower". Grand Soir is one of the fragrances, which I can wear for weeks and enjoy it again and again.
I perceive less progression in the fragrance pyramid, although the fragrance becomes warmer after about 2 hours. Tonka bean and vanilla are very present to me, amber I can not judge, because I do not know how amber smells. I find that the fragrance has its charm in every season, although I would actually use it more in the evening in summer.
In conclusion, Grand Soir has captured my heart. I've tried almost all of MFK's fragrances and can't do anything at all with many of them. However, Grand Soir (and of course Oud Satin Mood :)) makes an exception. I think it hits the zeitgeist and shows its strengths especially now in times of home offices and seclusion. It doesn't need to play to the fore and is still present, flattering. Although I don't appreciate gendered attributes in fragrances, Grand Soir embodies a unisex scent according to conventional expectations, as I imagine it. It is sweet, soft and at the same time strong and deep
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