Gentle fluidity (Silver) (2019)

Gentle fluidity (Silver) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
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Gentle fluidity (Silver) is a new perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is fresh-woody. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Nutmeg, Coriander seed, Musk, Juniper berry, Woods, Vanilla



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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

141 Reviews
Freshness & woods
This perfume is the proof that two perfumes with the same ingredients can be totally different only by changind the concentración of any of the se ingredients. While the gold one is sweet and almost gourmand, this one, the silver, is Woody and fresh. For me It is similar to aventus but with some sweetness instead of the pinneaple and the fruity notes and a bit like vodka on the rocks by kilian, with its powerful freshness. The performance is not bad but is worsenthan the performance of the other MFK perfumes that i have tried. Unisex, good for a daily use and for the warm weather.

Scent: 7.5
Longevity: 7
Sillage: 6
Quality/price: 5
Versatility: 9
Originality: 7
Global: 7.5
6.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
Unique freshness
I already tested the two Fluidity's a few months ago. Now I write a comment first of all about the Silver, which gets much more attention here. Whoever follows my comments knows that I am a big MFK fan. I could simply put almost any fragrance of this brand on my wish list. So far there are three in my collection. And rising.
Funnily enough, both Fluidity's have the same fragrance. It is difficult to judge whether this is really the case, as the two fragrances smell completely different. Maybe they just played on the amount of individual notes, as the silver is much fresher and woodier than the very sweet gold. Comparing the two, this one is much more unique with more rough edges and more masculine. Nevertheless, only gold is on my wish list for the time being, although I find it very interesting. Especially as a day scent with more freshness
The notes here are not divided in a pyramid like actually all MFKs. They all have hardly any course, which I often find advantageous. This way you don't have to wait for a great base with a moderate start and no nasty surprises with great headnotes.
Star of this creation is the juniper berry. Fruity-fresh and unmistakably unique. A note with edges and corners that one rarely encounters in the main role. Big plus. Here you get a scent where you don't have the feeling to have smelled it already x times. The juniper berry is joined by musk and wood with a subtle pleasant spice. I don't perceive the vanilla from the pyramid All in all a unique composition with corners and edges. A distinctive unisex scent that seems rather masculine to me. In any case much more masculine than its sweet-soft golden variant. Extremely suitable for everyday use, but thanks to its uniqueness it should also convince on other occasions.
Performance is especially good for a fresh scent. MFK has never disappointed me with sillage and durability. Also here the Sillage is quite good and lasts for many hours.

I can highly recommend this Silver if you want to have an extravagant freshness. Stings a lot. The gold is also great and these fragrances complement each other perfectly
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9.0 8.0 9.0 5.0/10

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Very helpful Review    13
Fell off the train
Even in Kurkdjian you have to think about how to earn your money. These thoughts are absolutely legitimate and so are the related decisions resulting from them. So Francis decided to jump on the so-called shower gel train with the "Gentle fluidity (silver)". This field is strongly occupied, very competitive and so it needs something special to stand up to the established, far more favorable competition.

I've been finishing off a little with shower gel scents lately. I sold my "Bleu de Chanel (Eau de Parfum)" because it became a bit too exhausting during the day, even though it is well made and convinces with a fresh opening. The problem here were the later woods, whose synthetic character is not catastrophic, but which was nevertheless responsible for Chanel's bestseller very seldom, so that at some point the question arose as to what I should do with a bottle. I sold it for a reasonable price and reduced my collection. Now I'm going to orient myself further, try out different things and see what will complement my collection in the future next to "APOM pour homme". Among all the fillings that found their way to my home is one from "Gentle fluidity (silver)". Greetings and thanks go out to Parfumo Marcello79.
Let's see what Francis created. Is that perhaps also such a shower gel candidate, which goes to my pointer after a short time?

Since you perfumes have already seen the evaluation I made before you looked at this text, I can actually answer my question in advance.
Yep, he's going at me, and he's going pretty fast. It doesn't even have to take a few hours to reach the "nerve state".
Francis enriched his composition with the juniper berry and did not skimp on it. The opening is quite interesting, definitely different and lets the expectations grow. However, this expectation is disappointed as soon as the woods, which are synthetic in the further course of the fragrance and even stabbing in my nose, are added. The loud juniper berry, from which I was so fascinated at the beginning, remains additionally as loud as at the beginning, my olfactory organ strains more and more and simply does not want to take back - not even a little bit.
With the insertion of the next note, by the way one that is not listed in the fragrance pyramid at all, the whole thing finally disqualified itself with me. Ambroxan's coming in. I'll eat a broom if there's none in here. Truly "Gentle fluidity (silver)" is not an "ambroxan bomber" like "Dior Sauvage (Eau de Parfum)", but it rounds off my impression of Kurkdjian's quite new creation in a negative sense, by adding new synthetics to existing synthetics and by contrast other and also cheaper shower gel candidates know how to survive without any problems, even though they can't always fully acquit themselves of the synthetics that I can't bear for too long.

Francis Kurkdjian, of whom I hold a large part of his creations in high esteem, has unfortunately exaggerated a little here. A much too dominant, quickly annoying juniper berry, synthetic woods and the unspeakable Ambroxan, which I can't smell any more, are the reasons why I might be able to jump on the shower gel train for the time being, but the case follows directly afterwards - at least when I'm sitting in the driver's cab.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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A kind or quiet water?
If one translates the name of this fragrance, the adjective "gentle" could be interpreted in many ways. Relevant dictionaries list over 20 different translation variants. My first intuition to translate it as "polite and distinguished", derived from the noble gentleman, covers only a part of the possible spectrum of meaning.
"Tender, gentle, soft and sensitive", mostly female associated characteristics (without any gender clichés) are found in the encyclopedia as a possibility of interpretation. On the other hand, however, also "quiet, leisurely and light"; together with and especially less promising attributes for a fragrance. This one is meant as a unisex scent and is definitely wearable by both sexes after the first impression.
I think it meets the criteria of both translation directions, because the nutmeg note combined with the sweetness of vanilla gives the fragrance a very lovely feminine touch from start to finish. The musk provides a shower gel freshness, completely far away from any animal note, which musk is quite capable of producing.
Coriander, juniper and woods, which are supposed to give spice and a little bit of astringency, are only to be guessed at at the edges and quite subtly, they give some depth to the bright scents. At no point of the drydown does the fragrance become really bitter and herbaceous, it remains silvery bright, it remains a "gentle water" - too gentle for me. I like the scents of well-being that feel like a cuddly soft woollen blanket that lulls you with its tenderness. However, this one is so completely without depth, without change, without innovation. Please do not misinterpret, the scents seem valuable and well composed, but just too "tame". Therefore GFSilver from MFK is both at the same time: a kind, but too quiet water.
If I had to recommend him to a woman (again without gender bias). Portable to bright colors in late spring to late summer on sunny, bright days.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
A stretchy fragrance
The bright "Gentle Fluidity" from MFK is a musk treasure in the Silbersee, a juniper flatterer with a feel-good guarantee. Completely unisex, completely Kurkdjian, even without white bloods. Summer rain meets turtleneck sweater, foggy veil kisses fruity understatement, grey meets purple. A cloud of cuddle alarms with a sexy "there's more to it" feeling. Juicy and moist, crisp and round.

MFK stands for excellent blends without scratching and biting - this is no exception. The juniper currently seems to be experiencing an olfactory renaissance, especially in men's fragrances - this is certainly one of the yardsticks in the relationship. Good but no sheep, sweet but not without drive, gentle and relaxed. Could be used as a signature. Especially when you're into powdery-oily musk-snutschers.

Flacon: handy and minimalist. Still great! Only some in my collection seem to "lick"...
Sillage: delicate but not very delicate. All day, no night.
Shelf life: 8 hours I had pleasure in it.

Conclusion: typically magical MFK tenderness meets hip Barbershop Ambroxan vibes - very wearable, very sexy, very for everyone. The latter is meant more as a compliment than as a disadvantage. "Gentle Fluidity is a transparently fluffy juniper treasure. Fine and maybe mine soon. Synthetics done right. Even if still a long way away from the MFK tip
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9.0 9.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Green Irish tweed vibe without the stinging vervain? Yeah, why not?
First of all, I love GIT, I just have the bad luck my wife doesn't like him! What's the matter with you? I suspect the vervain in the top note that stupidly lasts quite long.
I wasn't really looking for an alternative, but I came across the gentleman Fluidity by chance, so to speak.
And I have to say, yes, it creates (at least for me) a GIT Vibe! And that without the stinging vervain to the start.
Finally a fresh scent that starts without bergamot and is fresh and very clean in another way!
I clearly notice the juniper and a kind of spiciness to start with, I suspect pepper or nutmeg.
After some time the woods join in, and despite the completely different notes than in GIT he produces this vibe with me.
Great fragrance, but not at the called list price.
Abr for 120€ you can access it.
H/S are above average for a fragrance of its kind.
For me the first portable MFK on the market.

All GIT users and owners can only guess try it out!
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8.0 5.0 6.0 5.5/10

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... Cool Water meets Aventus...
Cool Water meets Aventus

I'm leaning back right now and I gotta yawn. I'm waiting for the day when they'll really bring something new to the market. Something you haven't smelt yet, or at least something that brings out all the splendour and richness of facets, like Habit Rouge. Always all these flankers - just a little turned on the wheel - and brought out as a new fragrance. Honestly, it bothers me.
It also annoys me that people jump on a train all the time to get a piece of the cake. Well, now some will think it's normal, like clothes. One year "green" is the colour, the next season "all" wear "grey". I don't like this. Shouldn't or can't everyone wear what they want? Do we always have to give in to a trend of not being recognized in this society out of concern, or worse still, of having our fingers pointed at us?
Does it have to be a Galaxy or I Phone? Why not a Nokia 3210? - oh yes right - has no Whats App - we will always push somewhere in one direction.... I'm out of it. I'm going to stand there! I deserve to be loved the way I am and when I wear pink sweaters and brown trousers. What's the difference?

Was it a time Iso E super where everyone tried to copy the Molecule 01 from Geza Schön or the time with Ambroxan and and and and for a while.
Same with Dior Sauvage... every second smells like that little water on the street. Just like with Aventus. It just annoys me, better yet, it stinks to me already. The only thing I can bear is to get it cheap somewhere and even then I wouldn't buy it. This bird is currently being shot by Viking of Creed. It's unbelievable. But here my horns are slowly growing and the impertinence and audacity knows no bounds these days.

I don't know how Francis created that scent. He probably had a long working day and couldn't get anything done. In the end he tried to pour all possible leftovers and samples together? I don't know, I don't know. Shouldn't he be able to do better? Didn't he create THE fragrance of the 90s with Le Male? Wasn't it the same one that was completely unique and new? That's right Can he still do that, or should we rest on our laurels? Does this size really have to try to get something out of the cake, as already mentioned? in the hope that it will go down well? Excuse me dear Francis, for me it went all the way back.

Cool Water meets Aventus. And he can't touch either of them! If one perceives the classic, pubescent shower gel scent at the beginning, the typical Cool Water DNA follows relatively quickly and then the Aventus pan is pulled over the head pretty much the same way or shortly afterwards.
The consolation here is unfortunately only a little musk to finish off.
Smells like a cheap 20% fragrance, but costs about 170€ at 70ml!!! The Sillage and durability are underground.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. To me, the worst this house has produced in recent years. The only constant is the price... which seems to be rising steadily.

Thanks and please next, I want another wow effect!

He won't be here!

Even the sample I will have to give away, in the hope that I will not be mobbed like I could give something like this to a friend:-).

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8.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    53
Modern devil stuff
One reads again and again about this fragrance "Shower gel"

This is also very often shredded over the mainstream comb and that is understandable. There are also inexpensive variants, which you can get in stores. So everyone's right?

Well, I say, it depends on what you expect. I consider myself to be a quite simple perfume nose and don't have to be able to smell the hibiscus, which was plucked by small children's hands west of Entenhausen on a sunny April day.
I must like a scent, no matter what is in it.
I realize for myself that a favorite fragrance is slowly crystallizing and this is this one. Something modern. I old man like something modern.

Why shouldn't I? One likes the classic scents, the other likes heavy flowery scents, yet others prefer chypre and yet another very sweet scents.

Spicy Fresh was and is so my direction and gladly also with a swab fruit, therefore I was and am also glad about the coming season. I also think my winter scents are all great and Tobacco Vanilla in the snow was already very cool and almost perfect, but this feeling to spray something fresh on is already the bummer.

I was surprised myself that I liked Percival from PdM so much and thought that they are too similar here, but in the second test I have to deny that. Direction yes , but fragrances no.

Both are spicy fresh, but the Gentle Fluidity has a slightly different basis. Here again completely different smells are quoted. I also recognize a hint of Aventus, a little Sauvage and the juniper berry is well expressed. There is no bubblegum like in Invictus, which differs clearly from cheaper products.
The scent is cool, slightly smoky with a light basic sweetness and certainly has a lot of artificial substances in it, because if you think the scent is gone after a few hours, you should ask your surroundings, they will still be able to perceive the scent well.
He doesn't change much, he stays clean, quite woody, with the spices just a little angular and very pleasant to wear, especially now in spring. Business as well as leisure goes with both.

Yep all this is not new now, but in my nose very well done and processed, so that I like the fragrance very much.
But I wouldn't reduce this entire fragrance to shower gel. On the one hand there are clearly closer scents to the shower gel and on the other hand no shower gel has given me such a beautiful feeling as when spraying on various scents. I find this one even elegant, which I wouldn't say of a Dylan Blue. There are differences already.
Also priced and I have to say that everyone has to decide for himself what he is willing to pay for a fragrance.
That some complain about the price because the fragrance wouldn't justify that I personally don't understand.
Not every scent can contain real Kiswahili cow fart.

Nevertheless, all this is modern and successful and everyone wants to earn a little from it, which is understandable on the one hand and boring for many on the other. I understand that perfectly. You have to look carefully. Who has generally nothing left for this smell direction, can save himself all, who is interested, must smell through itself to determine for itself, which it should be then.

It's never been any different. Example pleasing?
In the 90s, RTL came up with the idea of successfully including a talk show in its program. Great ratings didn't cause other stations to broadcast anything great against it, so it was a good series or show. No, the other stations also put your talk show on TV and you could zap from one show to the next for hours. Everyone wanted something from the cake.

Some looked none, some all and some only those they really liked.

Another example?
Count how many different dance combos there were in the 90s. One rapper plus 1 singer.
I'll start...Snap...

Everything will always be milked until there is something new and there will always be people who are totally into it. I said no to both of them back then. By the odors today, I'm the one who says yes. But not all of them.

MFK has probably simply reacted and brought his association of a modern fragrance to the market and before you jump to conclusions, you should at least have a look at it. I think it's very good. I don't say shower gel anymore either. When I spray this direction on myself, I treat myself to a Schoorki!

Of course I also like variety, but also in this direction there are them.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    18
Terre Sauvage in musk mode with a hint of walnut
A Francis Kurkdjian must also adapt to market conditions or observe what is hot in the world of fragrances and, if necessary, let himself be brought to the man or woman, unless he wants to be regarded as an olfactory idealist without sales.

Probably with APOM, Lumiere pour Homme, Grand Soir, Oud Satin Mood and Absolue pour Soir he has brought his sheep into the dry, but the one or other success can't hurt.

And so Gentle fluidity (the one with the silver cap) offers a little familiar from other bestsellers, but with its own handwriting. At least from the start I feel extraordinarily strongly reminded of the fresh citric-woody note of Terre d´Hermès, paired with a light dash of Sauvage. And if I am not deceived, even a little Aventus is quoted.

It sparkles and sprays like a cannon but quickly calms down and glides gently into a light creamy mode with lots of musk and coriander seeds, which makes me think more of the carrot seed vibe like in Mark Birley for Men.

Yes, even the juniper berry finds enough space to present itself and forms with the woods an appealing basis for the melodious sound. Especially when a swab of vanilla is added a little later. All in all, this seems a bit nutty at the back, although officially there are only linear ones.

With the unconventional Gentle fluidity, Kurkdjian sets off on new paths without leaving his line, at least the creation fits the MFK cosmos and is guaranteed to find many friends. The first few minutes are really terrific, then it doesn't get quite as spectacular, but at least this eau de parfum gives you a good feeling - and that's what it's all about.
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9.0 8.0 9.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    27
Take two!? (from the silverback edition!)
From a recently read interview with F. Kurkdjian, I have good memories that he claimed to be a zero in marketing matters by himself. For this he would have a right hand, he writes, which in my view conjures in Martketing-Metier as he himself does with some of his recipes.

With a parallel release of two Flankers of themselves, who will cause mispurchases with their indirectly proportional upper and lower case letters, one confuses, so it seems, also those who sing the song "another Flanker" with every new release.

I read about layers in the run-up to both gentle waters. The Gold & Silver Fluid thing should be able to layer. As you know, you can layer anything, but nothing is written about how the result smells.
And first of all, I wouldn't do it. Too bad about the treasure in the silver lake.

To dupe Kurkdjian's Gentle-Goldmarie: "Spraying is silver, (ver)souken is gold!" Sometimes, behind Goldglanz simply hides a charred plastic vanilla that is poured out of tubs over a finished composition, like action artists do.

Under action art I would also locate the naming of the pyramid this time. Somehow someone in the house MFK lost a bet and had to dare to invent a pyramid, which has nothing to do with the smell. Ingredients snippets were taken stochastically from a hat.

Therefore I have for you today primarily a smell picture, which shows itself with the smell inspection each time anew. I see a snow-covered mountain top (representative of the clean parts) in spring, where green snow-free spots (fine spicy parts) show up. And in the first 10 minutes I also see a stopover with high-proof alcohol (with my own note), which I'm not used to with MFK fragrances.

It would also be a pity about every strip of paper. MFK's Silver-Surfer "Gentle fluidity" doesn't like paper. Fragrance course is delayed by hours and remains behind its possibilities. And you should also give the scent a good 10 minutes on the skin until it has sorted itself out. In this time often already 5 statements are written!

If I had to frame the scent in ingredients, the recipe would look like this:

A mountain full of beta-Damascenone (provides for green-spicy, floral, fruity facets with a range from currant to rose) Significantly more than is contained in Aventus. A hint of jasmine to underline the soft floral sweetness (between head and heart note a few discreet but still treacherous indollic waves blink through) and towards the base the composition is dunked in radiant half cream musk and gives wings with ambroxan.

From the test on the paper I can still contribute a drop of lemony which goes down on the skin in the alcohol mist. Also a treacherous stubborn scent of ISO-E-Super remains when the good substance has long evaporated.

No mountains will be moved here. It begins green-alcoholic, changes into green-floral-lovely-spicy-aromatic and ends with the grandiose heart note being let out of the air again and the remaining green-spicy falls into a sheet of musk.

Purely from the pyramid, that has to be mentioned, I would have expected a completely different scent. Something finely spicy woody maybe. But the perfumer has already caused a surprise and caught me at the left nostril.

Juniper waters, with any belt of kitchen spices that suffocate in artificial wood, are plentiful even in the niche. Chemistry is not a unique selling proposition of the "mainstream", which is always going to
Characterization of a fragrance. I can't discover anything generic with the best will in the world, and if "freshness" alone makes this impression, that's the way it should be. The mean thing is, Oriental themes also exist in the mainstream. Be it as it may, I haven't yet found a fragrance that works with directly comparable proportions on ingredients like this one, not even at MFK itself.

For a fragrance with little movement, I think the result is very successful. It would have been even better if I had frozen the heart note and saved it in the base, or had really gone the way of accentuated wood (preferably dusty or chipy). To my advantage the mentioned vanilla was at least not used in my bottling (probably everything for the golden bottles went on!)

Conclusion: A wonderfully round, easy to wear green body, which appears through subtly used variety and is thus a pleasant companion for him and her in the warmer season. His performance also makes him a reliable companion and I gladly accept the chemistry used for this. But I do have one point of criticism. There was a moment when my nose communicates with me, all well and good, but now I need recovery. "Effortlessly clean," is my euphemism for this. And this aspect I do not want to remain guilty despite my praise for this fragrance.

An especially opulent filling "Gentle fluidity" was provided to me by @Flanker. Thank you!

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9.0 9.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Very helpful Review    15
Continued follows...
Hello everyone,
i've been a silent reader here for quite a while now and I have to say you have created a great community/platform here. Since I discovered you I have spent soooooo many hours browsing and reading your partly exaggerated (in a positive sense) comments.
The creativity of some users here is simply impressive!

P.S. My first commi.

For a few days now I've been thinking again about what fragrance could be added next to my (still) small and modest collection.
Since spring is just around the corner, I have put some "fresh" fragrances on my watchlist, which will now be tested bit by bit, such as Bigarade Concentrée, Bergamote 22, Nio, Uden and XJ 1861 by Xerjoff, and a few creeds.
There I was now today in the Breuningerland Stuttgart and was allowed to let off steam a little bit, and/or have me at my said watch list made. Today Silver Mountain Water, Virgin Island Water and Millesime Imperial were in focus, which had to be tested on paper to get a small picture.
That should be it for today, too.
But then while slowly leaving the perfume department I stopped briefly in front of the MFK showcase, and just wanted to see what they have all from Mr. MFK, there came the next moment already a very nice saleswoman to me and asked if I needed help... I told her briefly that at the moment I am still undecided which "fresh" smell I want to get next, with the view of Amyris, because I knew that he should also go in such a "fresh" direction. She said immediately after: Here, I got this new and told something about gin and fresh... and in the same train, she sprayed it on my paper. I have to admit, Gf has done me the favor today. This cool and woody fresh has somehow drawn me directly into her spell. Hardly sweet, maybe. Minimal. Very masculine. For the short sniffing unit on paper I found it very good, but I would like to have tested it more extensively on my skin before I decide on a bottle. If the course does not drift too much and the H+S MFK have character... then a bottle will most probably be granted for the coming warm seasons.

Oh no, I'm not a fragrance expert or I'm (still) finding it difficult to filter out the individual components, and I'll never write such great stories as the one or the other here... but I am a passionate perfume wearer and very happy to learn about the components of filtering, especially since the registration here and the resulting entry into the niche world :) .

I save the evaluation until the skin test was carried out at least 2 times...

And I'm sorry that the fragrance itself has been neglected!

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8.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

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Very helpful Review    6
The Mainstream of the Special
The silver gentleman fluidity is partly synthetic mainstream, one hears and reads. Not exactly a seal of quality for a niche fragrance of this price range and origin. So what's to think? A little excursion for entertainment in between: I had ordered both GF on the net as paid fillings for testing. The golden one was perceived as very beautiful, but for me not really fitting, because too clearly feminine. The silver edition was important to me, and there I experienced a surprise: powdery, fresh, slightly woody, the bottling came along, that didn't fit the golden sister and the fragrance pyramid at all. Nevertheless, I was impressed and expressed this in a (meanwhile deleted) statement. But I got suspicious, the simultaneous test with universalis forte brought too many parallels, so I wrote the online shop again and got a new filling sent. And it became clear that they had actually made a mistake. So much for that.
And now what about the synthetic mainstream? The mainstream is already a bit accurate. However, I would choose the property pleasingly without any negative emphasis. Pleasing, but special: That's the core of Gentle fluidity for me. The described woody freshness is strongly present right at the beginning. That may cry out as artificial whoever wants. I find the freshness very noble and spicy and not cheap at all because of its clear woody and less aquatic impact. A pleasantly spicy fruitiness follows - I suspect from the juniper berry - and finally for Kurkdjian a very moderate vanilla sweetness. The woody freshness is always present. It is interesting that others perceived the scent of me as green-fresh. Interesting because I do not experience GF silver green with myself at all.
Durability and sillage are - as so often with Kurkdjian - very neat, but without being too pushy.
After only one and a half days in possession I have already received more than a handful of spontaneous positive feedback on Gentle fluidity.
Likeable and special at the same time - it could be, that Gentle fluidity in my (internal) highscore list could move on a medal rank!
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9.0 7.0 7.0 6.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    8
The Fluidity of the Fragrance Genres
In fact, Maison Francis Kurkdjian is known for relatively linear, transparent fragrances that are kept simple rather than relying on many fragrances. I would have expected the same basic concept with Gentle fluidity and gentle Fluidity (an unfavorable naming and spelling, I think) - but with a different weighting of the individual notes. The silver variant was conceived as the fresher and more stereotypical male of both. Due to the classification of the fragrance types I became curious and since the first statements speak mainly of aquatic shower gel notes and spicy fresh orientation, I had my expectations...

Basically I can say that these categories are not wrong, but here they are combined much less harmoniously than Francis Kurkdjian had expected. At the beginning Gentle fluidity still looks quite nice, because immediately an aromatic freshness reveals itself, which is characterized in particular by the juniper berry. Unfortunately I perceive the coriander note as rather soapy and besides a discreetly fruity component it's above all the shallow, generic 'woods' (the perfumer doesn't even bother to give more concrete/imaginative details) and the MFK-typical musk which produce a rather unbalanced mixture. The aquatic side of the fragrance, if I am not mistaken, is characterized by dihydromyrcenol, which is contained in the classics Cool Water, Green Irish Tweed and Acqua di Giò, and therefore also comes a little green, herbaceous. However, I would not speak here of a decidedly aquatic perfume. In my opinion, a real sweetness can only be guessed at, but is sufficient to round off the chaotic overall picture. The indicated vanilla does not appear in my perception fortunately at all, but a slight bitterness, which probably originates from nutmeg and woods.

What remains is a potpourri of different genres that doesn't convince me. In the shower gel category I can also take a cheap fragrance like Versaces Dylan Blue, because there I get at least what I expected and can't complain about the price-performance ratio either. Better aromatic, woody creations can be found just as easily. Gentle fluidity loses its freshness over time and thus also one of its few plus points.
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10.0 7.0 8.0 9.5/10

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MFK new release without Jasmin!
MFK launches a fragrance without jasmine and/or orange blossom? That makes you curious!

The opening is quite aquatic-fresh and probably very pleasing for most European noses, because it is an almost familiar and positive opening. For the partly overused perfume nose, patterns may creep in during testing. It can happen that one is so biased that the thought of Sauvage or even Invictus is strikingly sketched in one's mind's eye, whereby their EDT prelude is clearly more dominant with synthetic kangaroo cojones.

The start of Gentle Fluidity remains more pleasing and natural. Although I do not assume that Kurkdjian's goal was to sketch a gentle sea breeze. Here we are still moving in a clearly synthetic, but well done, environment.

On a test strip at this point the development should have almost arrived at its goal and therefore the request: Test on living object (please no animals or infants).

The freshness fades with time, which is the case with almost all MFKs for my feeling. I think I can guess Muscat in the meantime and woods can also play a role, but I think they are still on a more abstract level.

Together with the prelude and the herbli (I was reminded of vervain in the meantime), a male scent emerges for my nostrils, which could be a little too quiet and/or special for the broad masses and is much too suitable for everyday use for niche lovers. The projection is good, but doesn't knock you out of your socks (luckily).

The bottom line is a down-to-earth, good fragrance with a signature character and slightly synthetic features. I wouldn't want to wear it to sports. Due to its development and moderate projection it even goes well with the suit.

If you want a very special, loud, extravagant scent, you can save time and money.
Would you like to limit your fragrance collection to a few pieces and look for a fragrance that is suitable for everyday use with its own character? Test recommendation!
Have you already had enough of MFK fragrances? Test recommendation! There is no orange blossom or jasmine in here ;-)

Have fun & greetings,
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Emorandeira 9 hours ago
Aventus without the pinneaple or vodka on the rocks but less powerful. Nice smell, Woody & fresh, perfect for daily use. Average performance

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