masculin Pluriel (2014)

masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
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masculin Pluriel is a popular perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian for men and was released in 2014. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Provençal lavender absolute, Leather, Virginia cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver



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Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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Very helpful Review    9
Little complex masculine immerger
I tested this masculin pluriel several months ago. With a little delay a comment is added. MFK is one of my favourite niche brands. You just get a lot of quality for a not utopian price like some other brands from this sector.
Beside many unisex scents there are also 4 men scents in the assortment of MFK as well as this masculin Pluriel. APOM pH, Lumiere Noire pH and Amyris pH. All fragrances I like extremely, but all of them have a unisex touch. This pluriel, on the other hand, is the only MFK that is thoroughly masculine. The masculin in the title he has rightly.

The bottle is like all of this brand very noble. I love these uniform flacons, which really leave a great impression in the collection. The price is unfortunately quite high, since it gets these smells mostly only in 70ml and pays for it starting from 120 euros upwards Masculin Pluriel is primarily a lavender fragrance. A not always unproblematic note if you don't want to smell old-fashioned. For me, the MFKs stand above all for modernity. Here, too. For the very young gentlemen this is rather nothing in my opinion, but this pleasant masculine lavender note already makes an impression. This fragrance has a touch of Barber shop and is very masculine designed. Leather and cedar are also well perceptible here and go well with this slightly sweetened and spicy lavender. The fragrance is very balanced and harmonious. It has many facets something. The design is quite monotonous and only a little like most MKFs, which I like very much.
In my opinion it fits best on masculine men from 30+ and rather less something for playful boys. He may not be an alpha mark, but he's already exuding self-confidence. In addition, style and elegance that suits many occasions. I don't get the big wow, but I like to smell it more often. Ideal for men who don't want to dance out of line like the colorful cow and want to carry around a solid masculine tart scent. I can only recommend this one.
The performance is also very good like all MFKs. He should survive an entire working day, even if the Sillage becomes weaker after a few hours. Nevertheless: The scent is well perceptible in any case.

For me, a fragrance I like very much. He can't make it on my wish/shopping list for now. In five to ten years? Who knows? Who knows?
Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 6.5/10
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Greatly helpful Review    18
A few lines
Dear Francis,

how's it going? I hope well.
You, I wanted to write you a few lines about how I find the perfume here, I hope you have a moment to spare.
You have inspired me in the past with various creations such as Grand Soir, or Oud Satin Mood, so that I had now applied your Masculin Pluriel to me in the hope that this would also inspire me.
However, I had to realize that he and I don't go together.

How I would like to write, that what is fresh in my nose at the beginning is actually perceived as fresh and clean by me
I actually have difficulty describing what my impression was, most likely it would describe cold. Clinical cold, emotionless and sterile.

I know this was certainly not intended, but this is my feeling. Your lavender, which you let go of after spraying me, is strangely dusty, yet somehow bright in its colour, here somehow the grey already fits as the basic colour.

How I would like to write you that your fragrance will take a positive turn.

However, after a short while I notice something like light leather, but the lavender still dominates, still quite dusty. It is joined by cedar and above all vetiver. For a moment it gets fresher and a little sweet.
But unfortunately it gets even mustier after a short time, yes that sounds hard, I am sorry to tell you that too, but I have this perception. This is probably due to the addition of Patchouli.

At first I just thought it would get powdery, generally I think it's nice, but too dense unfortunately means dusty dry.

Your fragrance lasts a long time, which I always think is great, but especially here in the drydown the dusty/muffy one is the most penetrating.
Your fragrance has many fans and you would smell it out between many others, that's also a high art with you, so I find it a pity that it doesn't really appeal to me.

If many people say that he is a fresh evergreen, a clean man, then I can only sign this to a limited extent, because I personally lack the clarity to do so. However, he doesn't catch on, is inconspicuous and not at all masculine as you called him.

How I would like to write you something more positive about the scent, like many others, but our noses are just too different and I hope you don't take that away from me
Certainly I will write next time again something great to one of your fragrances, because actually you have it full on it.

Until then

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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Did you diesel the dog?
it sounded from the mouth of my acquaintance, after I had made a common nap with my AmBulldog lady. The whole 4 hours since I had created this almost perfect masterpiece. What a scent! Best opening I've ever had. Damn masculine, charming and very sexy. Actually, this one should be called Duro. A scent like foreplay. Crackling tension, wild fantasies. But never obtrusive, but very intimate but with a clear concern. With ulterior motives. A seamless harmony between "I want you right now" and "let's get the most out of it". Yes, there are certain similarities to my favourite fragrance Voyage dHermes, but this fragrance takes me off the right forest path through the thicket to a brilliant, insatiable nymph that awaits me there. My first Kurkdijan, and certainly not my last...
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Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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Very helpful Review    12
The fragrance for Monday morning
I don't sleep well right now. And if I mean bad, it's like a disaster. Actually I belong to the genus "I can sleep always and everywhere".

The fact that I don't sleep so intoxicatingly from Sunday to Monday is due to the fact that I'm not tired. But at the moment the weather is causing me a lot more trouble, even though I have moved my bedroom to the basement. This sultriness is unbearable and felt every night I go showering.

To digest my irritated mood in the morning I developed my Monday ritual.
Take a cold shower, put on masculin pluriel and have a decent breakfast.
I take myself the necessary time and let the specially created aura work in correctly.

Masculin Pluriel is already unagitated as my previous speaker has aptly described. However, the cleanliness and the care that it radiates have not yet found their way into my life.
It's the continuation of the shower. You take the brief and invigorating freshness with you from the shower. It invigorates and stimulates the senses. A little pick-me-up I'd say.
Especially the lavender stands out here and is supported by vetiver. This in turn has earthy support which must come from the Patchouli.

This scenario accompanies me until noon and then ends. One is well perceptible and the fine water gets one or the other positive feedback.

One thing I might have to change soon: If the weather stays like this, I will soon have a weekly ritual and MP accompanies me every day!

A great fragrance!
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Scent 7.5/10
The old is New Again
This scent has been done many times before, it falls under the category of barber shop maybe?
Sure, it's been done before but how well has it been done before? Sort of like the electric-car, there have been many electric cars over the years but Tesla has really done a good job of putting one together have they not?

So it goes that MFK has done rather well with the best ingredients and brought back an old fashion sense to a higher level.

Lavender indeed, if you crave a good lavender then here is your fix.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 2.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 5.5/10
Glorious aftershave?
Gets a pair of razor blades, go and shave your teen oily skin then use your "aftershave" given with your adidas, nivea, axe, nike.. cologne pack to calm your face. Remember that smell. And you got it. You can save your money.
Now trying to be serious.. We have a mesmerizing start kind of sweet lavender combined with with a classical vibe of a clean smell typical of men that I described previously, and I think it sounds familiar to many of us. Then dries into an almost transparent vetiver, one of the cleanest I´ve ever smelled to be a vetiver, mixed with a soapy feel engaged with a minimun dose of lavender and even less doses of patchouli just to create a fake sweet vibe that pretends to renovate the entire classical scratchy masculine soapy clean character that emerges of this perfume. I think this could be the magic of this perfume. I can see this is an easy to criticize fragrance at first, for me at the moment is a big pass indeed. But I have my doubts. It seems the kind of fragrance that could be a star for daily use that begin to understand the more that you wear. Something like a Green Irish Tweed effect. For some people is only an expensive cool water, others think is one of the best perfumes ever created with a subtle nuances of glory that few fragrances have (I am in that group). Who knows, but for me at the moment this fragrance can be resumed in the first three lines. If I had to compare it with another fragrance, one that comes to my mind is Honour man by Amouage, is not exactly a similar but we have that kind of clean vetiver with a manly feeling. Obviously toned down in this case and without any peppery and typical east traces in the mix.


Hajuvana 2 years ago
An airy nu-gère (think Invasion Barbare Sport). Prosaic in a good, classy way (I'd rather smell 'nice' than 'niche'). Impressive longevity.+3

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