Replica - Funfair Evening (2012)

Replica - Funfair Evening by Maison Margiela
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Replica - Funfair Evening is a perfume by Maison Margiela for women and was released in 2012. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPetitgrain, Star anise, Sweet apple, Neroli, Pear ester
Heart Notes Heart NotesMoroccan rose, Tuberose, Egyptian orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesAmbrox, White musk, Tahitian vanilla, Caramel



7.3 (74 Ratings)


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6.9 (64 Ratings)
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Very helpful Review    7
Hmm... a cotton candy would do well now...! :D
Once again I am here... and I hope you will enjoy another comment. I should insult all those who are rolling their eyes again... but we have Christmas (or at least almost) and there I am a bit more peaceful, he he he.

Today I come to a carnival fragrance, which fits well to the festive mood, because you can smell such sweet scents at Christmas markets, too, even if it should be another kind of sweetness than cotton candy (e.g. more candied stuff), what you smell at the Christmas market then. No matter, market is market and both kinds are a lot of fun, whereby I prefer the Christmas markets (of course... :D)! :))

Soo... as already indicated I now come to a fair scent from the replica series of Maison Margiela. The replicas are perfumes designed to reproduce the scents of different moments and situations in life that are perceived during these moments. Therefore these fragrances usually carry names like Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning or By the Fireplace. And this one is called Funfair Evening, where you have to remember that you are at a nice fair and have a lot of fun,... or get angry again, spend 100 Euro on tickets and only got an eraser with them :D

The fragrance:
Somehow I still can't perceive any of the scents listed in the top note here. Because first I smell a gigantic fragrance cloud full of cotton candy notes, which admittedly smell really tasty and sweet.
Only then, little by little, can I perceive some of the other fragrances. The first scent that emerges from the scent cloud is unfortunately a scent that you personally don't like so much: aniseed. I think anise always has a slightly pungent aroma that is simply not pleasant. Fortunately, it is not so strong here, but still it can be smelled for a while at the beginning. Then you can smell light neroli, which is much more pleasant and makes the fragrance a little heavier.
From the flowers you can smell the tuberoses more, because you can smell a more sweet scent. The musk also provides a further sweetness, which you can smell even better than the candyfloss sweetness or the tuberose. With the roses I have difficulties here, and no, this is exceptionally not because of my often alarmingly bad flower knowledge (because roses I can at least normally always recognize well! :D), but because they are simply weak or all the sweet smells overlay the roses.
Towards the base it still smells as usual, so the scent is sweet (now also caramel), powdery and soft, the anise is (fortunately) mostly gone and the sweet and powdery scents are now gradually coming more and more from the vanilla, which of course is again right at the end the main scent. A beautiful fragrance!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite strong in the beginning because of the many sweet notes, but the scent is generally rather mediocre, perhaps a little stronger than mediocre. So you don't have to get quite so close, which is good, because you can still smell the scent reasonably good on one if it should run past you. But it's still not a firecracker.
Also the shelf life has landed with about six or seven hours in the middle range, which I still find quite okay.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical, clear and filled with light blue scented liquid. On the front there is a large label, which gives the impression that it has been typewritten. And in addition to names, there is also other information such as fragrance direction, bottling location or fragrance type. The neck has been wrapped by a rope or rope and looks somehow marine, and there is no lid. A simple but quite interesting bottle.

Hmm... the whole sugary-sweet (but beautiful, not sticky and crushing) scent reminded me of cotton candy all the time. I mean, of course, the scent is supposed to reflect a fair visit in a portable olfactory way, but I wouldn't have thought that's why the water would run into my mouth like that... cotton candy... boah, I don't even remember the last time I fed cotton candy! All I know is it was really delicious! D

And since we're at tasty: Yes, I think the scent must be very tasty for you ladies. And hey, I hadn't written anything like this in a long time, had I? Then I'm sure I can use the other word again: Biteable! Yes, the scent makes you biteable too... hmmm.... which is certainly so delicious :)))

Therefore, it is definitely a test value. Because it smells super and is for me above all a great smell to go out or an evening smell, which should always have a nice effect. I would actually use it more on cooler days in autumn or winter, but I think it goes well on warmer days as it is not so heavy. Yep, give him a test!

Well then, I wish you now a nice evening and see you soon :)
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7.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    31
Fair without carnival
Originally: Funfair Evening / Faire Abend
Provenance & Period: Santa Monica 1994
Fragrande Description: Sweet gentle pleasure
Style Description: Perfume for women
Maison Margiela

This is the 3rd fragrance of the replica series which I got to know intensively and the first one which is not unisex but should be for women.
Well, a fair, no matter where it takes place, is for me no pure woman thing, therefore I am already a little surprised.
My olfactory memories of fairgrounds are also a little different. I remember this dry ice on the bumper cars, papier-mâché in ghost trains, old leather on the seats, bratwurst and fried fish.

Well, if you had put this in the bottle and developed a scent from it, it would have been called At the Frittenranch, or something similar.

But here they concentrated on one thing.
To the sugar stalls, where you can get sweets without end, candied apples, or chocolate fruits.
Also these scents I have him memory, if one passes by these stalls and has this smell of liquorice and salmiak in the nose, this one has caught here.

The fragrance starts with candied apple and lots of aniseed. That you have to think of liquorice is obvious. But that doesn't yell at anyone, it is actually soft and soft.

There are also flowers at the fair, if you put a rose for your sweetheart with an air rifle, but they stay well-groomed in the background. Especially the rose is always easy to perceive.

Therefore the fragrance skips the indicated heart note for me and further sweets with vanilla and above all caramel follow. However, aniseed dominates at all times. Musk makes the whole thing a little fluffier. But the caramel is very nice if it joins it. I find that very suitable to the anise.

Altogether one runs c.a. 6-7h on this fair around and from my point of view also a man can, if he stands on anise and what can begin with liquorice. Since the scent is actually not loud, you can wear it whenever you want.
Nothing's buzzing here.

I would have imagined a fair fragrance to be a little louder and more varied, but the fragrance itself is not bad.
I now say goodbye to the winter break as far as writing comments is concerned and thought I'd conclude by writing for those who don't like to read stories because I have a heart for everyone. After Christmas, but by 2019 at the latest, we will surely continue with Wilma, Mr. Spangler and hopefully many new ideas.

I would like to thank Cocinera for the rehearsal and all my readers, friends and those who endure me for a very interesting, exciting and funny time here at Parfumo and wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance.

Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays.

Your S.
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6.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
Fairground at the Santa Monica Pier in 1994
I venture to doubt that Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud and Marie Salamagne were really at the Santa Monica Pier in 1994. In 1990 the pier was restored and only in 1996 the Pacific Park was opened, which is still today the permanent fairground on the Santa Monica Pier. I've never been there before and can only start from the fairs I used to go to. "Earlier" is probably the first reason why I think the fragrance is more for young women. Romantic people getting their gal to shoot them a teddy bear or something.

The official website tells me what exactly I have in mind. Laughter and playful melodies, colourful neon lights in the darkness, the smell of sweets. And was the test the same for me?

First, I was presented with a candied apple. A very intense scent, predominant for 15 to 20 minutes, until the rose and tuberose are loudly heard. Where the flowers are supposed to be on the pier doesn't open up to me. So it's probably the flashing neon lights. (Why didn't I see Banause do that?) If I were to describe the fragrance with a color, it would be pink. A steady and not blinking pink. The Ambrox is very weak, but I get more sweets, vanilla and caramel in the base note. The pier with its proximity to the sea doesn't show up. It could also be any other fair and probably I just don't have enough imagination to imagine any flashing lights. I myself found "Replica - Funfair Evening" not gourmand. Maybe because of the flowers, or the Ambrox or the Petitgrain or because of everything together.

Yeah, I like the scent. But somehow he doesn't really suit me. He's too sweet and nice and... young. I define youth as follows: 40 year old women are still young. 52 year old I am no longer young. And pink! I borrowed a pink jacket for a trip to Iceland because I didn't have a sensible jacket for the climatic conditions. My sight in the pink jacket with the orange hair made eyes water. I'll keep the bottling anyway. She doesn't eat bread. But I'm not gonna get a bottle.

The family testers found the perfume "delicious" or said "mja", which should express approval. Which means they liked it a lot. Even on me!

If you like La Vie est Belle, you certainly like "Replica - Funfair Evening". And that's not an insult.

The Sillage is so lala, it goes. The shelf life is very good but after 8 hours the fragrance is really reduced to vanilla. I don't think you can complain about the price. Or... you can always complain, but it wouldn't be justified.

I can't imagine "Replica - Funfair Evening" on men, but the family testers are more tolerant. What man would want to wrap himself in a pink veil of perfume? But okay, I'm just olfactory intolerant. Gender thing or whatever it's called. You can probably wear the perfume all year round on a daily basis. But not to sport, because sport is known to be murder
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31 Reviews
Childhood memories :)
This takes alot of stick but to me it is actually reminiscent of walking around the fair that came to town once a year as a kid. The sweet smell of toffee apples, candy floss, I sense some anis, caramel and marsh mellows, wafts of delights you would buy on your way home after riding the dodger and waltzer! The lightness of it makes me feel I'm back on that field, at that fair and to me thats priceless.

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