J'ai fait un rêve clair J'ai fait un rêve elle 2010

J'ai fait un rêve clair / J'ai fait un rêve elle by Majda Bekkali
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J'ai fait un rêve clair is a popular perfume by Majda Bekkali for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-woody. It is still available to purchase.
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Dorothée Piot

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesElemi resinElemi resin
Blackcurrant leafBlackcurrant leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossomOrange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesCastoreumCastoreum
White cedarwoodWhite cedarwood
Gaiac woodGaiac wood



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5.978 Ratings


8.677 Ratings
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Carole King: Tapestry - 1971
Like if you'd placed an order in the universe
and the universe once again says yes to you,
fulfils the order and even assumes the costs.
You wake up in the morning,
smiling and saying "charming."
And you know,
that today and for the next forty years,
at least, the king of your life will be
( for women applies here: Queens ).
The morning, the day, the week, the year belong to you,
the second and minutes,
the millions of deep breaths
and also the tears and laughter lines.
And all the upsets of body, mind and soul.

Yeah, that too, every medal has two sides,
who says A must also say B,
and the jug goes to the well until it breaks.

Everything that is has its equivalent
in the opposite world,
without day no night,
and without night no stars.

These insights do not cause pain,
and being pure in heart is no longer a struggle -
because you know it was a long way to get here -
over Daktari and Bonanza up to Carmen Nebel.

A view into the mirror, into the water, into the crystal,
and you know life means well to you Yesterday as today.

The hair gets fuller again,
wrinkles less
even the pounds purzeln
and ally themselves with the calories to your benefit.

You're wearing dress size S,
again People call you young man/ Fräulein,
and you feel again the puppy protection, which you once had.

Carmen says, "Cheer up, kid," and "
"It'll be all right" and:
"every beginning holds a spell"
and you nod and now you know exactly,
why you're in love with her... well, a little.
This perfume: an Immergeher if you are a friend of life
and life is your friend.
Creamy, with incredibly fine and ethereal flowers,
soothing and also, yes: adult.
Why it's not unisex,
does not reveal itself to me.
I'll just give it up for ALL -
Let's get ´mal a little revolutionary,
not to say anarchic, be:
Fragrances for All!
More sensual pleasure for all!

I remember the album "Tapestry" by Carole King,
the cover and the music pieces radiate a mood,
that Un Reve has for me too:
relaxed, damped, soft-drawn,
timeless and powerful: from the 70s until today.
I have all my senses together:
sitting on a swing,
tied up in heaven above,
i know it goes a little higher -
not so it's higher,
but because of the tingling in your stomach.

My goodness, it's beautiful !
Carole King sings:
<font color="#ffff00">-=You´ve=- proudly presents Beautiful.
I agree with both of them about "J'ai fait un rêve clair."
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Non-Obvious, but Familiar
When I went over the edge into perfume mania, this was one of my first buys, after sampling it. I've since learned it contains a number of the notes I really enjoy, elemi especially, a citrusy/spicy resin from a Philippine tree of the same name. Its use here stands out in the oddly musky/spicy top note, sweetened by neroli. The heart is simple orange blossom, but the base is a symphony of woods, the related florals Jasmine and Ylang ylang, and animalic notes. Together they create a non-obvious entry into familar territory, like entering a ballroom from an opening in the floor while wearing a designer gown. Unexpected. Turns heads. They've seen stunning gowns before, but not this way. J'ai fait un rêve means, I have a dream. Don't see "clair" anywhere on the bottle or on the website, so I think that's a mistake. It's an original and inviting way of presenting Jasmine and Orange Blossom.
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