Tendre est la Nuit (2013)

Tendre est la Nuit by Majda Bekkali
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Tendre est la Nuit is a popular perfume by Majda Bekkali for women and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesImmortelle, Ambrette, Carrot seed, Cabreúva
Heart Notes Heart NotesArtemisia, Pepper, Sichuan pepper, Benzoin
Base Notes Base NotesLeather, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Frankincense, Patchouli, Castoreum



7.8 (68 Ratings)


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9.2 (65 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    12
an attempt at homage
... intended for a small but big man who had to leave the stage of his eventful life on Monday at the age of 94: Charles Aznavour!
Just recently returned from great tour, full of plans and still very lively: so he will remain in our memory!
His chansons will continue to accompany us: whether "Du lässt Dich geh'n", with which he tried in the early sixties to wake up many lazy women and remind them that each of them is beautiful and adorable, up to the duet with his daughter Katia, who recently accompanied this elegant gentleman on stage: "Je Voyage".
This chanson is about what it's like to hang silver-haired on a bench, pondering the thoughts that may have passed by last spring and letting things go, travelling into the past "without luggage, with the help of pictures, dreams and thoughts". (FAZ, feuilleton - October 2, 2018)

"Tendre est la Nuit" - that could very well be the title of a chanson; sung by Charles Aznavour I can imagine this "Tender is the night" very well.
So here I try to dedicate an appropriate scent comment to this man, whose voice also accompanied my life for a very long time.
Is this presumptuous? I might! But it's worth a try!

A fragrance, like a night full of tenderness!
Already in the top note a certain daring is shown:
Immortelle - the straw flowers with their own, slightly dusty scent, which survive even long periods of dryness (even in these bound folklore bouquets) without any problems, open this appearance.
Always a little weird, they meet carrot and Ambrettesamen here: Bisameibisch and carrots - someone dares to do something! But it all fits together.
This unique composition is interestingly combined with the oil of the balsam tree (Cabreuva).
An overture that impresses me, but also alienates me a little: where does this night lead me? Will I get lost in it?
It is still a little cool and brittle; but that will change soon.
Pepper - fiery pepper of different nuances and spicy benzoin resin bring the first flames to this fragrance: it begins to radiate a warmth to which one can devote oneself without hesitation.
Artemisia adds a surprising herbal spice (one moment I am reminded of a tea infusion).
Still "Tendre est la Nuit" is warm and tender, invites you to cuddle and only gently touches the senses.
It reminds of the familiar closeness of the beloved!
Leather and beaver horny awaken sensuality: this night suddenly pulsates with restrained eroticism.
Hot and cold showers alternate, the skin becomes rosy - the eyes shine: the willingness to devotion grows!
Oak moss brings green-spicy depth, grounding for a moment the flickering passion and paving the way for three of the great fragrances of the perfume world: curtain up!
Golden floating patchouli, slightly scratchy, strong labdanum and incense: this is how "Tendre est la Nuit" strides towards its most beautiful perfection!
The dream of a tenderness that connects heaven and earth - from the velvety sunset to the red-hot appearance of dawn!
The durability of which survives the night: from the coolness of the nightfall to the deep velvety darkness of the night - full of heat and desire - to the light that reflects the dawn and the quietly awakening life.
This is how I feel the scent of this nocturnal tenderness.

Unfortunately I can't write chansons; not even a lame Schlager.
But "Tendre est la Nuit" is a love song that this unique chansonnier Charles Aznavour might have been able to capture in sounds and words!
So, to say goodbye, standing ovations and a soft "Adieu!" - he remains unforgotten!
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