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Wildfire by Malbrum
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8.1 / 10 76 Ratings
Wildfire is a popular perfume by Malbrum for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-smoky. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Michael, last update on 08.01.2023.
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1 in-depth fragrance description
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Dear Dolphins...
.... you can't do that!
How do you imagine that?
What are you thinking?
Do you seriously think I'm married to a Russian oligarch?
A British media tycoon?
A Greek shipowner?
An Argentinean building lion?
Do you think that?
You must have.
Otherwise you wouldn't be putting that stuff together for the Norwegians.
The tiger I have not even sprayed on, because I was enough to sniff the top of the bottle and another person.
Because it was already clear to me that this one is not a bit worse than WILDFIRE.
And I have to buy them both. So at least these two.
Do you understand?
I mean, if it was, then okay.
But your colleague from Canada, the Frollein Waddington, she is also a fluent bee and wants to eliminate my bank account additionally with HUMMINGBIRD and CIVET.
I know: other employer, not your circus, not your monkeys.
À propos monkeys: with MACAQUE I don't even make friends -> danger of obsession!
And Mrs. Dr. Covey hasn't got anything to do with BAT now, which I would completely refuse.
On the contrary. So, uh, I dream really great with it and that's why I would have to buy the OWN.
I give myself the best arguments, even fully clever!
But back to you, Delphine:
I would have expected a little more female solidarity there.
And to any of you great girls who create my body and soul scents,
i must appeal!
I mean, Christine, the nail, she's out.
Archives 69 is from 2011, that can't be undone now.
Signora Giacobetti: also too long in the shop.
And all the Goutal ladies, too, you can't change But you?
You can simply stop causing me pain with olfactory crews of my heart!
Do you even know what it's like to sniff out a scent that not only reveals a whole new solar system, but turns your inner self outwards? Exposing you with all your emotions?
That makes your brain almost implode?
Well, that was now marginally exaggerated and very striking, but how else am I supposed to bring you closer to my dichotomy?
All of you ladies rule the world in terms of fragrance technology, hold the dominion, are the Queens of Fucking Everything and I will have to marry the oligarchs finally and unbelievably un-feminist so that we can get rid of the monetary problem of our great love???

I'll do it for you, not a thing!

I have to.
You'll continue to work for the Norwegian ecos anyway, they are really cute.
And you're gonna keep making good feelers for me.
But: can we agree that you can come up with something regarding your optics?
Otherwise we will be mistaken by someone for twin sisters or even completely confused.
And then you would be sitting alone and bored in the 3,900 sqm villa in Novosibirsk or Gütersloh.
The oligarch is never there, he oligarchs safely around the world.
But between you and me,
i think oligarchs are boring anyway and have a really bad taste in music and movies.

#The most heavenly campfire in the world
#Antidepressant in liquid form
#Jubilant screaming

P.S.: what's inside your WILD FIRE, you know that yourself. And everyone else here can read, ne?
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