Black to Black by Mancera

Black to Black

02.04.2022 - 03:42 PM
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Definition of Beast Mode

I had a 2019 formulation and this is by far the strongest and the loudest fragrance I owned. With Black to Black 1 spray goes a long way. I only apply it on my neck because it projects and projects and can be too strong. It's a room filler. If you wanna assert your dominance and be the loudest in the room, this is your weapon, it will cut through all other fragrances. Absolute beast mode.

As for the scent its rose dominant scent and it will continue that way for the first 3-4 hour mark until the oud and other darker notes comes to play.

Eventually had it let it go because it was almost too strong for my own sake.

Not everyone's cup of tea, sample first.
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