Quintessence by Manos Gerakinis

Quintessence 2017

20.05.2022 - 04:03 PM

Spicy, resinous symphony with sweet bits--classy and high-performing.

Sampling Manos Gerakinis Quintessence, a 2020 release of an earlier 2015 release, according to information online, via a sample from Perfumology, who has been my window into this great resurgent brand.

Quintessence is as bold as its name suggests, a spicy, resinous, semi-sweet ensemble that both feels classy and attention-drawing, as it’s an intense, almost alluring experience while being dense and strong and super appropriate for cooler weather situations since it can surely cut through the cold.

The top notes of cloves, saffron, and black pepper constitute a diversity of spices that prevent the fragrance from seeming too warm or too cool (a feat of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, for example), which makes it easier to experience the pungency while not being so smooth as to not appreciate the spiciness. The dry down involves a variety of resins, woods, and vanilla, somewhere between the smoky/creamy/semi-sweet aspects of benzoin and the darker/animalic/medical aspects of oud, all with a bit of a smoky incense vibe, as well. Despite the very noticeably spicy top notes, ultimately the resins take over.

Quintessence is clearly very rich, and frankly feels opulent, so it’s no shock that it’s on the higher end of the brand’s pricing, with a full bottle size of $350 for 100ml but a great travel size available as well, at $70 for 10ml, available at great boutiques like Perfumology. I’m torn between thinking I could wear this every day in the winter and wanting to be something that I save for special occasions, a juxtaposition that usually bodes well for the fragrance’s utility, since everyone can find some sort of use for it. Definitely try before you buy, but do try it. I waited too long to try my sample.

8 out of 10
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