Sillage Royal (2017) by Manos Gerakinis

Sillage Royal 2017

Version from 2017
23.05.2022 - 05:26 PM

Love rose, spicy with saffron, smoky with resins

Manos Gerakinis Sillage Royal is the 2017 re-release of an earlier 2014 release, a warm, woody, floral blend that features rose fairly prominently, with resins, saffron, patchouli, and woods, with a slight smoky angle but not too prominently. It feels like a really nice smoky rose/oud-type fragrance that’s done with care and nuance. I like it as an option for cool weather situations, very elegant, but familiar in the genre, also. While it does not quite make the impression that Quintessence does, Sillage Royal is still so obviously well-crafted and arguably slightly safer and less dense, so even though I do not regard Quintessence as challenging per se, Sillage Royal is nonetheless a little easier to wear, for what it’s worth, while still performing well. As rose-enriched fragrances go, I would probably lean toward Rose Poetique over Sillage Royal, but they’re quite different fragrances, overall.

Sillage Royal is priced at $255 for 100ml, with a travel size of $60 for 10ml, sold at great boutiques like Perfumology, which has been the main way I’ve learned about and tried out the Manos Gerakinis catalogue.

7 out of 10
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