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The British luxury fragrance house Miller Harris owes its existence to the passion of top perfumer Lyn Harris. Born in Scotland, she naturally learned her craft in Paris. After her training, the fragrance designer also gained practical experience at the brand Robertet. Her focus was initially on scented candles but was significantly expanded - thanks to her partner Christophe Michel - from the year 2000 with the founding of the label Miller Harris. Room fragrances, cosmetics, and hair care products as well as creams and lotions were added.

The brand Miller Harris gained international attention from 2010 onwards after the former First Lady Michelle Obama received the brand's scented candles as a gift. In the years that followed, Harris and Michel developed other unusual fragrances and flavors, still occasionally co-developing with the fragrance label "Robertet." During the COVID-19 peak in 2020, Miller Harris also showed a socially responsible side by distributing its hand wash products to vulnerable people across the Kingdom.

The individual lines of the fragrance house are always based on natural aroma. Each Eau de Parfum intends to tell a story from old and new London with its unique scent. For example, "Wanderer" and "Lost" intend to expand on the city's gardens and parks, while "Tee Tonique" refers to tea leaves, morning dew, and lemons. By the way, the most successful fragrance of "Miller Harris" is the sweetly colorful "Scherzo".

You can find Miller Harris products in over a dozen stores worldwide (including two in London), and its website.
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