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Exultat is a popular perfume by Maria Candida Gentile for women and men and was released in 2009. The scent is woody-floral. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBrazilian bitter orange, Brazilian lime, Sicilian orange, Somalian frankincense
Heart Notes Heart NotesViolet, Violet leaf
Base Notes Base NotesPrecious woods, Texas cedar, Haitian vetiver



7.9 (100 Ratings)


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6.6 (64 Ratings)
Submitted by Inala, last update on 14.07.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    10
A powdery wedding
Hello Hello :)
Here I am again and tell you today something about Exultat of Maria Candida Gentile. And I'm babbling again, it could be a longer text as always. Just a little hint!

Anyway, according to the description, this fragrance was inspired by weddings in churches. The perfumer had the idea for this fragrance after visiting a church in Rome. At Italian weddings the families are supposed to clean the linen cloth with ash and lavender. Add to this the scents of the church, typically frankincense and myrrh (in this case vetiver with myrrh) and other spiritual scents such as violets, and you have a fragrance reminiscent of weddings.

As a Turk, I don't know much about such Christian wedding ceremonies. But I have to admit that I am not very familiar with Turkish ceremonies either, at least as far as weddings are concerned. However, I grew up mostly in Germany and therefore know Turkish weddings mostly only as they are celebrated in Germany, and they always happen that way: There is always a festival hall rented and one drives with one (presumably for many really annoying), not stopping and honking motorcade there :D
Hm, in Turkey there are also motorcade, but you can hardly hear them, because there are apparently extra loud "davul und zurna", which drown out everything. You don't know what that is? Well, then look it up :DD

What's bad is that the motorcade now even stops in the middle of the street, even when the lights are green, to shoot SELFIES, i.e. on the car street!!! That even annoys us Turks ourselves, or even some of us. If you knew how my father curses at the top of his voice!!! The funny thing is that he curses in Turkish, although he speaks more German! D

Well, and then you go through the usual stages of the wedding:
Welcoming guests; dancing (with a wooden spoon and Halay without end); watching the bride and her parents cry bitterly bitterly (hüngür hüngür), but five minutes later can hardly wait to get out of the dust with all the money and gifts. And if you're not the groom yourself, towards the end of the wedding your mother comes up to you and tells you that you could be the next one to get married, of course including all the complicated rules of conduct and rituals until you can get married at all, of which I haven't even told you here! And I have just torn everything even only KURZ and left out many even, otherwise my text would have turned out still substantially longer ... So much I would not like to do to you now also not so much, therefore I come now finally times to the smell description :D

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a sweet and powdery scent that makes me think of iris at first, but only a few moments later it turns out to be violets. In addition, there is intensive incense, which makes the fragrance airier. The actual top note with the citrus scents only begins afterwards, from which one can smell lime and orange, but not in the actual scent cloud, which still smells sweet and powdery, but more close to the sprayed place.
Soon these citric scents fade away again. Then the fragrance smells only soft and soft and also sweetish of violets and frankincense with light, woody notes. The sweet smells like vanilla from time to time, by the way.
In the base, the fragrance is even more powdery, but also nicely warm and woody. Now you can also see the cedar from the woods. The violets are now better recognizable again, so that you don't have to think about vanilla so much, but it wouldn't have mattered what it smells like, as I personally find both vanilla and violets as a fragrance very beautiful.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
I find the Sillage quite good at the beginning, but the scent weakens a bit quickly, so that the charisma can mainly be described as mediocre, well, perhaps a ticking better than mediocrity.
The shelf life is once again ten hours and better, as is usually the case with this type of fragrance.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular (actually octagonal) and filled with yellowish scented liquid. It has a large label on the front with a pink background and golden frame, on which you can see the logo as well as the names. The lid is gold plated and cylindrical. Somewhat unspectacular, but quite nice, especially because the label also seems elaborate and is not just a simple sticker.

Soo... actually you could say "Hmm... another sweet powdery scent!" now, and you'd be right about that too. One or two fragrances of my last few commissioners actually had a very similar fragrance to this one and I had also rated these fragrances very similar. But what can you do when the fragrance smells almost the same? That's not why he's bad.

As I said before, the fragrance is very gentle with its powdery and sweet and also airy scents and just looks beautiful. It may be marked as unisex, but I think it's more of a women's fragrance. It fits well in autumn and winter, but also in spring. Usable it can also be used for many purposes. Whether as a low dosed working scent (because of that low, because powdery scents could get on the nerves of some apparently in the long run...), as a leisure scent or as a cuddly scent,... hm, especially for the night after the wedding, which is said to be unique... umm...! Well, like I said, I was never married, so I can't confirm that :DD

Well, a look at the scent here can be worth it, because the scent is very beautiful! Yes, try it, and don't worry, if you can't find it, because it smells the same as all other well made fragrances of this kind (... I should probably create lists with similar smelling fragrances,... but since hardly anyone likes me here, I'm not worth the effort, ätsch! :DD).

Well then, have a nice evening! Until then :)
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Sensual sacral incense
The frankincense in Exultat is outstanding and probably one of the best out there. It reminds me of a sacral incense, but not overly so. The violet and it's leafs are stunning with just a tiny pinch of sweetness and the woods are soft and warm. The citrus gives it a lighter touch, but Exultat isn't a light scent. It's also very sensual. I think Exultat is more feminine than unisex and best in somewhat colder weather conditions. Longevity is above average and sillage is modest.

Maria Candida Gentile is a very gifted perfumer. Her scents are really complicated, high quality, unusual and extremely well crafted. I assure you: after a few wearings Exultat will probably become one of your most favourite scents.
5.0 8.0 8.0 7.0/10

469 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Incenso "sacro e profano": A very wearable incense-scent
Maria Candida Gentile is a gorgeous perfume-house I discovered on my last trip to Italy. I was looking for an incense-based fragrance which I can actually wear and which doesn't end up as an "ambiance-spray" for use around Christmas-time.
"Exultat", needless to say, does contain loads of high-quality incense (from Somalia, as I was told) and Maria Candida Gentile took her initial inspiration for this outstanding fragrance from her attendance of a mass at the Church of "San Lorenzo in Lucina" situated in the centre of Rome.
When the first blast of incense has evaporated, the fragrance becomes softer and very wearable with the help of violet leafs and vetiver. You can also perceive a "down-to-earth" lavender-note in the heart. As the shop-assistant in Venice explained to me, this accord is reminiscent of the Italian tradition of sprinkling some "acqua profumato" consisting of lavender and other herbs on a bride's linen before her wedding.
"Exultat" is a very special fragrance, profound and mysterious, intertwining aspects of the unspeakable sacred and the tangible material world in a very skillfull way.
Sillage is above average. I'd recommend this fragrance for evening use and for both genders, btw.

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