Vermelho by Maira Jung

Vermelho 2003

16.10.2014 - 03:51 PM

Wonderful discovery!

I recently went on holiday to Brazil and discovered this fantastic scent. Someone standing next to me whilst at the bar smelled absolutely divine and I just had to ask him what he was wearing, the answer was Flo * Vermelho by Maira Jung. I'm sure this has to be Brazil's best kept secret. After returning back to the UK I discovered a supplier the only one over here called Roulier White based in London, the sales assistant advised that Maira has created this perfume after her Grandfather used to make the original at their home which soon became the family signiture scent. I must admit this Vermelho is much better in my opinion, very fruity yet subtle and fresh hard to describe although their is a fruit in it that only grows in the higher regions of Brazil this could add to it's unique quality. I found the original very nice quite a strong Lavender smell completely different from Vermelho. A huge thank you to Maira, after many years of searching for a versatile unique smelling signiture scent it finally arrived quite by chance.

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