Noir - Freesia & Honey by Marks & Spencer

Noir - Freesia & Honey

26.04.2014 - 12:23 AM


I have to admit that Noir Freesia & Honey has me very confused. I'm not sure why this is named "Noir". There really isn't anything dark about it. It seems more suitable to the daytime that the dark of night. I had high hopes for this as I love freesia and honey and really wanted a lovely floral with sweet honey highlights.

It is an extremely linear fragrance. Upon first application I smelt nectarines. I didn't get any sense of freesia or honey. This smells fruity, exactly like a nectarine. But, even though I love eating nectarines, this wasn't very pleasant for me. I think it is because it gave me the impression of a warm, squishy nectarine that was overripe, not a fresh, firm fruit. I waited for it to drydown and hoped that I would get something more from it but, unfortunately, I didn't. It remained the same and just got fainter after about 4 hours when I had to wash it off as I'd truly had enough.

I hate writing a negative review and would say that it may well be lovely on some, but perhaps my chemistry didn't agree with it. This is discontinued, however, if you get the opportunity to buy it definitely try before you commit to it.

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