Style by M. Micallef
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7.4 / 10 30 Ratings
Style is a perfume by M. Micallef for men and was released in 2012. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 22.09.2019.
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Stylish Oriental
Cardamom, resins, spices, leather, wood (I get more cedar than sandalwood initially), lavender, nutmeg, something “candied” (kind of fruity, but dry). Surprisingly, as the compositions look quite different on paper, initially Style reminds me quite a lot of Horoof Otriyah by Arabian Oud, which by chance I wore quite a lot recently, as much as some vague references to a couple of Cacharel scents of the past – notably Pour Homme and Nemo. Style is basically a smoky, spicy Oriental scent with a velvety-woody vein, and slightly sweet in a dark, dusty way. Lot of whiffs and scents melt here: aromatic woods, flowers (jasmine), spices, leather, resins, smoke, sweet “candied” hints... kind of a “suk” ambiance. Very well blended in my opinion, as you get a really thick, harmonic blend in which you’ll have quite a hard time picking the notes individually. It’s dark, but in a peculiar and unconventional way – which I just can not explain. A sort of exotic, natural, “brownish” kind of dark. The patchouli, initially I don’t get much of it, while shortly it emerges more clearly together with incense and jasmine. Soon this becomes the prominent “triad”, always on leather and resins. The patchouli here is unconventional as well: not much earthy and (partially) without its signature sort of “non-sweet cocoa beans” smell; rather “leafy” instead, and quite bitter. And so becomes the scent: more and more sour, bitter and woodier-leafier as time passes – losing a bit of resinous-spicy sweetness. At this stage, which is basically the drydown, it also reminded me a bit of Noir by Reminiscence. Really nice overall, solid and rich, although unworthy the price tag (Horoof, which is kind of similar to this, costs half of this; and so does Noir by Reminiscence).

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