Macho Brun by Maryāj

Macho Brun

19.04.2018 - 07:17 PM

Amazing leathery, floral and fruity. Amazing

If you love fresh car seats leather smell. You are in luck. Its just amazing good leathery, smoky like some one mixed oud with ash tray sigar smell. For the price a must have in your collection. Day night office wear. Non offensive. 12+ longevity. Crazy. One down side. Bottle is pretty cheap. 10/10. Only $10. Highly recommended

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MossawirMossawir 4 years ago
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Najdia 80% Clone of Rasasi Hawas
This is very powerful clone of Rasasi Hawas. Rasasi hawas is more aquatic and floral. Najdia is more Leafy and jungle vibe. but both share the same DNA. both smell same on the dry down but you can feel the difference when you smell it really...

MossawirMossawir 4 years ago
L'Aventure - Al Haramain / الحرمين

L'Aventure its creed aventus clone. get it fast
Its a great Creed Aventus Clone. if you find a better deal then Clud De Nuit intense men buy it.. you will not regret it. Opening is Not smooth as Creed Aventus but its better then CDNIM. get it if you want cheap alternative...