Cioccolato Amaro e Patchouly 2009

Cioccolato Amaro e Patchouly by Massimiliano – Il Profumiere
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Cioccolato Amaro e Patchouly is a popular perfume by Massimiliano – Il Profumiere for women and men and was released in 2009. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Lemon, Bergamot, Chocolate, Pink pepper, Lily, Spices, Copaiba balsam, Cardamom, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber



8.5 (24 Ratings)


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7.2 (21 Ratings)
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Chocolate scent again! Now don't freak out again...!
Hello, snoopers!
I thought it was time again to make you all dribble here, and really so that the "mouthwash" runs down like a waterfall as soon as you open your mouth. ... hmm... somehow that sounds disgusting, doesn't it? But if you could smell this scent here, then you would surely understand how I mean this :D

Because today I come to Cioccolato Amaro e Patchouly from Massimilliano! That's right, I'm introducing a chocolate scent again! But don't stone me if the timing is just bad, if you were planning to finally do some diet and/or sport again to get rid of the pounds you thought you had accumulated in winter, just to make a better figure for spring. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that you look pretty cute as usual with the few pounds more secure! Well, wasn't that nice? Are you still trying to stone me?
But of course you do, because after all, you're all heartless beasts here!!! :DD


But don't forget one thing: there's no chocolate for heartless beasts! Mu ha ha ha ha!

So, I think I've talked enough again, and since I know that you can hardly hold back the word chocolate anyway, I'll come straight to the description of the fragrance!

The fragrance:
It smells like chocolate right from the start. And it was really after a bar of milk chocolate, which was apparently just made so that people could really bite into it, just like I would like to bite into ladies, and... oh, you know what I mean :D
No seriously, the chocolate scent is very authentic, which you really like, so this chocolate powdery-sweet scent.
A dash of lemon seems to be in the background and in keeping with the rest of the fragrance, this lemon does not smell like a citrus fruit, as we know it from citric scents, but more like this liquid lemon aroma, which is used, for example, for baking.
Earthy patchouli is also present in the background. Patchouli often disturbs me in fragrances, but here this smell at least smells quite weak, so it's not bad any more. Strangely enough, many perfumers seem to think that chocolate and patchouli belong together, because I have sniffed a few scents with chocolate notes wherever patchouli was. But I don't want to drift now, so let's move on. But now there is not much more to say about the further course of the fragrance.
Because only about later do the citric and earthy notes largely disappear again. Then it still smells of chocolate, and it stays that way without changing much. Towards the end, the chocolate scent becomes at most only a little more powdery and gentle, which could be due to the balsam, but until the end it smells like pure chocolate.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is pretty good, so for a while you'll be really smelly and don't have to get soo close to it. Also the shelf life is quite okay, because the fragrance lasts over ten hours and more. But beware on the clothes, with chocolate scents I often have the feeling that such scents on the clothes seem to last for weeks...

The bottle:
With its brown tone, the bottle looks like a pharmacist's bottle or an old rum bottle and thus has something retro-like about it. Also the label seems to be trimmed to old, which fits very well with the rest. The lid is chrome-plated and on the neck hangs a small rope with the name of the fragrance. A beautiful bottle!

What do you want me to say? The smell here smells like chocolate. And despite the many other scents that are described here and which you can possibly smell a little at the beginning, the scent smells like said actually only of chocolate and therefore very very tasty. And I think you ladies might like this fragrance very much.

Because a smart man once said, "Men like chocolate, but women love it." Of course, it is also possible that this man was myself who said that and probably just invented it. Since I already talk a lot of shit, I don't know what I've already given of myself. But nevertheless the saying seems to be correct somehow. I've never met a woman who wasn't into chocolate before. Ask a guy if he'd like some chocolate. He will certainly answer "yes!"... so far so good. Ask a woman if she wants chocolate. Of course she will answer with "yes!", too, but with the difference that the term "chocolate" makes her eyes huge and at the same time gives her a sparkling shine, almost like these big-eyed (but admittedly also cute) anime girls! :D And if you don't hand over the chocolate then the man only says: "Dude... what are you kidding me for?", while the woman first screams, then pulls out her claws and beats the coveted piece out of you!! That's brutal! D

Be that as it may, the big question that arises with such a fragrance is, of course, what such a fragrance could be used for. And do you even want to smell almost only of chocolate? Sure, it's delicious and all, but it smells less like a perfume. I think such a fragrance is more meant for leisure time, that you spray it on now and then and enjoy its great fragrance. And since the fragrance is unisex, it makes me very easy to bite on the ladies for a change, yes, I would have to try it out * sigh* :DD
Anyway, it's worth a test, but strictly speaking it doesn't differ much from most fragrances, which also smell almost like chocolate.

And that's it then again from me, have a nice evening and eat a bar of chocolate, if you have got now ravenous appetite :D
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