Mauboussin pour Lui Time Out by Mauboussin

Mauboussin pour Lui Time Out 2015

06.05.2021 - 08:06 PM

Summer in a bottle

Every time I spray him on my skin I have the same feeling: It's summertime!
Nice blend, very fresh and clean.Great and dominate marine notes,less citrus,fine lavender followed by gentle spicy-woody accords.I could also detect a dose of nutmeg and a splash of blackcurrant but I can not recognize any sage(the smell of sage, blackcurrant,myrtle and pine is characteristic of Samos island,the Greek island I come from,so I could not go wrong with these smells).
The scent is a little bit linear(I have no problem with this) and create a sense of an elegant fresh shower gel.There are similarities with Kenzo pour Homme and Versace Man Eau FraƮche but Mauboussin PLTO has it's own character.The longevity is not bad at all (minimum 6 hours on my skin) and sillage is decent.Last but not least,all the ladies I know like him.
In my opinion for less than 20 euros it is a bargain!

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