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Avaritia by Memoize
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Avaritia is a new perfume by Memoize for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is green-citrusy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesOrange, Bergamot, Mugwort, Geranium
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Cedar
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Musk, Amberwood, Sandalwood



8.3 (3 Ratings)


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7.0 (2 Ratings)


8.3 (6 Ratings)
Submitted by AmyAmy, last update on 02.04.2019
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Greatly helpful Review   

As the corruption officer of the Pillepalle authorities, I already have a really fancy job. It would probably be comparable to the request for tenders for materials, but it differs slightly. After the whole moral disaster with the "We won't let ourselves be corrupted", we asked ourselves: Why not? Big changes followed, but it wasn't so hard to get everyone on board - and let's be honest, everyone has their price. You too. At any rate, employee satisfaction has risen sharply for us, I assure you. As the corruption officer, I maintain the wish lists of the employees and, distributed fairly among all, obtain the corresponding offers. We're not as expensive as you might think. I, for example, look forward positively to offers of chocolates and perfumes.

Here, "Avaritia" (latin for greed, how fitting), one should gladly give it to me. I wouldn't buy it myself, but thanks to Mr. A. there are already enough beautiful patchouli fragrances in our collection. But since greed can't be slowed down by objective reasons... Oh, you know.

"Black Avaritia" is not a further development to "Avaritia". These are completely different compositions, whereby "Avaritia" can be assigned to the patchouli fragrances in a fully maintained form.

The introduction immediately reminds me of the smell of these stubborn paranut shells, where when you try to crack the nuts, you rather take away a strain on your hand than get to the contents. The scent of the orange can be recognized very nicely directly on the test site and fits very well into the dark, strong nut aroma, but unfortunately it is somewhat lost in the overall perception. The light herbaceous nuances also.

For this the rose geranium - I would have thought it to be a real rose - sets itself free well in the midst of the patchouli. Both the scent of the "roses" and the patchouli form the middle part of the course. No, there are no similarities to Noir de Noir by Tom Ford.

Jasmine and wood are occasionally used in "Avaritia", but they never become apparent or even change their scent. The perfume is and remains a patchouli fragrance, despite side impressions. The shelf life is impressive over the whole day and the Sillage I would estimate as medium strong. Even you can perceive the scent well per se.

I like it when Patchouli fakes a nutty flavor. Even though the smell may seem a little rough for over two hours, "Avaritia" turns into a flatterer with a very pleasant and soft patchouulin note. The "rose" comes into its own well and I find it advantageous that the jasmine and the wood remain quite quiet. However, VERY GREER, I would have liked to smell more of the orange. My perception seems a little limited there. Avaritia" does not necessarily represent a new and imaginative patchouli variation, but an above-average solid, comprehensively elegant and very beautiful one.
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