Skin Bracer (1931)

Skin Bracer by Mennen
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Skin Bracer is a popular perfume by Mennen for men and was released in 1931. The scent is fresh-green. It is still in production.

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No better way to face the day
By chance I discovered the metallic-green cardboard in the After Shave shelf of a drugstore during my holidays.
That's crazy: that's my dad's After Shave!

At the end of the 90s my father worked together with young Americans in gastronomy. "Official language" was English. They shared an interest in vintage cars, music, the American lifestyle and didn't take themselves too seriously, laughed a lot. To this day it seems to have been the best time of his life when he talks about these days. At his request, a colleague brought him a bottle of After Shave from the supermarket for Americans stationed in Germany. A transparent plastic bottle with a black screw cap. Looks like nothing special for now... Today it is all the more so.

I remember exactly how my father smelled back then. But when I was a kid, I didn't realize he smelled like After Shave. The smell was: simply he.
As a little child I loved to sit on the washstand and watch my father shave his face in the steaming, warm bath after taking a shower. "How much I'd love to be a man later, I could be as great as my dad." He winked at me, let his big hands run full under the tap and washed his face with hot water. The water pearls dripped from his blond eyelashes. The towel followed.
The final step was the clapping application of the after shave to the cheeks, neck and neck. I can hear it until today when I think about it.

Mennen Skin Bracer smelled intensely sweet, then as now.
I find it hard to take it apart. Because it's one in my olfactory memory. A scent. A smell.
Immediately after the application on the skin something massive is to be noticed. Herbaceous somehow. Lavender? Lavender may be in it, too. In any case, menthol is there that you can smell and "feel". The After Shave lies wonderfully cool on the skin. Vanilla is the main actor in Skin Bracer.... sweet and very present, but never cheap. I also mean to smell tonka bean, amber and this green note that doesn't open up to me. Something mossy, angular. It only lingers a moment. Almond could also be in it - something that smells like "care" and is very gentle. I can also make out a citric, sweet note. Grapefruit?
At first Mennen Skin Bracer is very intense and strong. That will resolve itself in the first ten minutes (unfortunately). The further course is exclusively sweet and powdery. I associate baby powder.
As a woman, I like to wear it today, too. I don't think he's clearly male. I have to say that I have always liked men's fragrances and therefore I do not necessarily have to be agreed with. Unfortunately, after a short time I no longer perceive it in myself. I have to go to the forearm with my nose to smell it again. But it's an aftershave and not an eau de parfum...
At my father he still smelled after hours at a distance of 2-3 meters. Was Skin Bracer the victim of a reformulation? My father recently denied my suspicion
Two years ago I gave my father a new bottle.
Now there are two in the bathroom. The same, almost empty bottle from that time and "mine". I am happy for my father that he can use his Mennen After Shave more often again. If it gets empty, he now knows that he will be able to get his scent from good days without any problems.
So for my dad it's "Mennen - No better way to face the day" again - like in the commercial.

I love you, Daddy.
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