Scent Stories - Moon Dust (2014)

Scent Stories - Moon Dust by MiN New York
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Scent Stories - Moon Dust is a popular limited perfume by MiN New York for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-smoky. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCoriander, Mineral accord, Carrot seed
Heart Notes Heart NotesFlintstone, Ozone, Tobacco
Base Notes Base NotesBenzoin, Soil, Black musk



7.6 (33 Ratings)


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8.3 (35 Ratings)
Submitted by Joe, last update on 04.12.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    12
From Neil Armstrong's preserving jar
Dear Buzz,
it's amazing. It's been many decades since we were both up there in the moon dust. Maybe you remember that when we took the soil samples I also had a preserving jar from grandmother Caroline with me. She had said that I should bring her something from the moon, which I did, although I remember that the filling was quite cumbersome because of the clumsy gloves. After I gave it to her, she obviously kept it for me, but never opened it. Now she is no longer with us and in her estate this preserving jar appeared again. I looked at the dust and the stones in it for a long time before I decided to open the glass in her honour. Since her scents had always meant as much to me as they did, I was sure she would have wanted me to discover the scent of the moon in her place.
What I smelled at first was quite amazing. Do you know the smell of smoke from flintstones, that little cloud that sometimes rises when you press a lighter? Imagine that scent mixed with the hot asphalt in Death Valley, then you know what I mean. During the landing with the Eagle we must have ignited the stones and minerals quite properly and the soil samples must have taken a bit too close to the landing ferry, otherwise I cannot explain this smell to myself. Even more astonishing, however, is the fact that, quite remotely, I could also perceive something greenish and spicy, almost like coriander, but I still have no explanation for this. Should the Russians have been there before us and tried to plant herbs on the moon? Or had Granny Caroline previously kept coriander in the glass?
Buzz, I couldn't keep my nose off the glass, for many hours I sat over it and first noticed something earthy-resiny next to the other smells, deep and warm, almost a little powdery. Can you imagine that once there were trees on the moon? Scientifically, I suppose that's out of the question. Maybe the sample reacted with the oxygen of my living room, with my leather sofa, but the longer I smelled it, the deeper, darker, more leathery, almost a bit musky animal scent became. And some spicy tobacco I thought I could also see this rough semi-finished product that the Dutchman had always smoked at Mission Control in Houston.
This fragrance was great, although it did not flow overwhelmingly strongly from the glass, so it filled my living room for several hours, rough, dark, mysterious. How much I regret not having had more preserving jars with me at the time. That's just what I wanted to tell you, my friend. See you soon, your
Neil Armstrong

(With thanks to Yukiko, who gave me this fragrance as a surprise in an exchange)
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Bois de MiN
Nothing more and nothing less than Naomi Goodsir’s Bois d’ascèse – or a similar “dry synthetic contemporary smoky” scent - with a sprinkle of resins (and maybe violet too? I smell something powdery). Basically a hypotetical “Bois d’Ascèse Amber”. Warmer, more “medicinal” than that, but that’s it. Now, this at least smells nice (which, for my experience with this line, is a win already), albeit showing the same feel of “unsubstantial, rushed incompleteness” of other MiN scents... but I don’t see any plausible reasons for spending nearly twice the price of Bois d’ascèse to get a minimal variation out of it.


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Wearable weirdness
I miss fragrances like Moon Dust in the big collections that constantly show up in the launches, This type of fragrance may cause a little bit of a estrangement at first, but a thing that i have learned is that we only grew in knowledge and appreciation getting out of the comfort zone, but that is possible to get out of it connecting the exotic to the wearable. Inspired in the astronaut descriptions of what would be the Moon aroma, Moond Ust is a mixture of smells that refer to spent gunpowder, coal and mineral/ozonic tones. If this seems like a perfect inspiration for a Comme des Garcons perfume, it seems that MiN antecipated that and created something that would be a perfect member of the Odeur collection, something familiarly strange and at the same time cozy and wearable. In my view, Moon Dust makes me think of earth, burnt rubber, smoky tobacco and i'd also add a very dark vegetal aura,which reminds me of the oregano aroma, one of the most dingy herbal smells i have seen so far. At firs, Moon Dust has this explosion of dark and dusty tones, that bit by bit acquire lightness and show their little mineral side, that for me reminds me the smell of a heated lamp. At the background, i see something of subtle sweet aroma which gives me a cozy impression, something that has a almondy and sweet nuance that works very well here in softening the hard edges of the composition with a musk that completes the cozy aura being neither clean nor dirty. I don't know if it was possible to wear nitro-musks in this one (they would fit like a glove the project, considering they were discovered from experiments with nitro compounds related to powder fabrication), but if they are use it's just a touch, due the restrictions, to close the concept proposed. This is for me so far the standout of this collection for a person like me that has tried so many new things with a impression that even in niche what has been delivered to the final consumer is more of the same

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